7 Yoga Workouts for Beginners

Yoga workout for Beginners

We know how challenging can be trying out new things; Yoga, for instance, is one of those activities that appear regularly on dusty New Year’s resolutions. However, regardless of this common fear when trying new things, yoga, in particular, is still one of the healthiest exercises for people looking to get in shape.

In that sense, Yoga has everything one could need: It shakes the body, makes the blood circulate, rouses the metabolism, and increases fat burning. That’s why in this post we’ve committed to the task of creating a list of the best yoga workouts for beginners, with poses to lose weight quickly, handy for busy schedules – and tested by ourselves:

NOTE: This compilation of workouts is suitable for any fitness level. The trials will increase in difficulty and effort but remaining accessible for beginners. However, we recommend that the passage between them be measured, in order to give your body time to adapt.

Yoga Workout for Beginners

Can’t sleep? – Better Sleep Workout

Yoga for better sleep
Better Sleep Yoga

This trial is one of our favorites. The “better sleep” workout is not only praised for its instantaneity (all positions last 20 seconds); it has been tested and recommended by many people with sleep disorders.

Suggested to do before going to bed, it consists of the following steps:

1.         First, you will do the hero’s pose for 20 seconds; then.

2.         20 seconds of the child’s pose.

3.         20 seconds of the upward dog pose.

4.         20 seconds of the camel pose.

5.         20 seconds of the butterfly fold.

6.         20 seconds of the supine twist.

7.         20 seconds of the bridge.

8.         20 seconds of knees-to-chest.

9.         Finally, 20 seconds of the corpse pose.

These postures should be done without resting between them; you can repeat the series as many times as you want.

Balance Workout – Poses for Balance and Stability

Balance Yoga Workout
Balance yoga exercises

This is, perhaps, the most useful workout for beginners: Controlling one’s balance is a fundamental skill to execute any yoga posture, so this routine is a great aid for the performance of other trials.

You will do every exercise for 30 seconds, 15 seconds each position.

1.         First, you’ll set yourself on a standard tree pose with reach (15 seconds) – next, switch to a tree pose with reach on half squat (15 seconds); then.

2.         You’ll do a side leg raise (15 seconds) – next, switch to a forward leg raise, and hold (15 seconds).

3.         Finally, 15 seconds of balancing on a single leg – next, switch to Warrior III pose for 15 seconds.

“Solid Base” – High Performance Workout for Abs

Yoga workout for Abs
Workout for Abs

This exercise is a little bit more advanced. You’ll be tired at the end, but it’ll make you burn more fat quicker. The “Solid Base” workout is fitting for people looking to develop core strength (it’s very useful for beginners as well):

1.         You will do pulsing squats for 60 seconds; then.

2.         60 seconds of pulsing split lunges.

3.         60 seconds of pulsing leg squats.

4.         60 seconds of pulsing back kicks.

5.         60 seconds of pulsing Sumo squats.

6.         Finally, 60 seconds of front-to-side extensions.

Good Morning Workout

Morning Yoga Workout
Morning Yoga

This easy workout for beginners is a perfect exercise to do at the beginning of the day. Fast and simple – It can be done loosely in 10 minutes.

1.         First, you’ll do a deep lunge with a twist on one side for 20 seconds; then.

2,         20 seconds of the downward dog pose.

3.         20 seconds of the upward dog.

4.         20 seconds of the cat pose.

5.         20 seconds of the cow pose.

6.         And 20 seconds of the pigeon pose; rest, and repeat the sequence on the other side (only for the deep lunge with a twist).

This exercise is a safe choice for either starting or boosting your energy during the day: Releases the body’s tension, stimulates it and helps the mind to focus. Do this exercise 5 days a week, and you will start to see results almost immediately.

Office Yoga Workout

Office Yoga Workout

A savior table for desktop rats: This handy yoga workout for beginners is a proper choice for people with greater difficulty to get away from the computer; as you don’t have to stop work to do it.

1.         First, you’ll do a cat stretch for 20 seconds; then.

2.         You will perform 20 seconds of a lower back stretch.

3.         20 seconds of the crescent pose.

4.         20 seconds of a chair twist; then, stand up and do.

5.         20 seconds of an upward salute.

6.         And 20 seconds of a forward bend.

Back Pain Relief Workout

Yoga for Pain Relief
Back Pain Relief Workout

The “Back Pain Relief” is excellent for people that suffer from chronic back pain, like pregnant women, tall people, and desktop workers.

1.         First, you will do a forward bend for 20 seconds; then.

2.         20 seconds of warrior I.

3.         20 seconds of warrior II.

4.         20 seconds of a triangle pose.

5.         20 seconds of a side stretch.

6.         20 seconds of a revolving triangle.

7.         20 seconds of a half moon.

8.         20 seconds of warrior III.

9.         And finally, 20 seconds of an extended big toe hold; rest, and repeat the series switching sides.

Regardless of being a long workout, this simple exercise means an instant relief for back discomfort; as it relaxes the muscles of the lower back and stretches the spine.

Big bonus: it’ll keep you protected from future pains.

The “Runners” yoga workout isn’t just good for joggers, but for any other athletes as well. Idyllic to lose weight and increase resistance, the sequence of wide-ranging positions is the big challenge of this exercise, which puts all muscles on the body to work under a single routine:

Runners’ Yoga Workout

Runners Yoga Workout
Runners’ Yoga Workout

1.         First, you’ll put yourself in a runner’s lunge posture for 40 seconds; then.

2.         40 seconds of a crescent lunge.

3.         40 seconds of a triangle pose; then.

4.         20 seconds of the dolphin pose.

5.         20 seconds of the camel pose.

6.         20 seconds of the bridge pose.

7.         20 seconds of the hollow hold

8.         20 seconds of a forward bend.

9.         Finally, 40 seconds of a supine twist.

(Conclusion): Is Yoga Hard for Beginners?

Ultimately, it’s worth remembering these relevant guidelines:

  • Exercising is always great, but doing it in the morning is even better: It rouses your metabolism and helps you burn more fat at repose for the rest of the day. The most important thing is doing it with discipline, and so every day will become easier.

Beyond mere exercise, remember that yoga is above all, more likely a way of being than a routine of poses. The most helpful things this lifestyle bring us go from controlling our breathing, to master our attention, learn how to be present, and love the now.


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