Yoga for back pain: Soothe back pain in 5 minutes

Yoga for back pain

Back pain is everything known as torturous pain. It can make you scream your lungs out in pain if proper care is not taken on the correct time. Back pain does not even let you walk or sit or lie properly.

Every person is familiar with the word back pain. Just put it is also known as the severe pain in the back which have a massive amount of negative impact and hindrance on your daily lifestyle and in your workplace as well.

If you want to know a little bit more amount of information regarding back pain then to be put simply, back pain occurs when there are any problems in your spinal cord. Now the problem in your spinal cord also got some source. It is due to the imposture of the body and even for sitting for an extended period.

You can always go for medication but sometimes those supplements can have some negative impact on your health.

Now, there is a natural remedy to soothe your back pain in 5 minutes or less than that. That is yoga. Yoga for back pain is no less than a miracle. It helps to relieve back pain, helps to have normal breathing, stability, and perfect posture.

It also helps to cure conditions like hypertension, asthma, indigestion and depressions and anxieties even.

So, let us now know about yoga which will help to soothe back pain in 5 minutes or less.

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Yoga for Back Pain:

Yoga for Back Pain
Yoga for Back Pain

Doing yoga regularly for at least 1-3 minutes will helps to relieve pain instantly. There are types of yoga also known as gentle yoga because they help to soothe pain almost immediately.

Another question is when you think you should start with your yoga? The answer will be if you think that your back pain is lasting for almost 72 hours then you should immediately start with the gentle yoga.

Now we should see the types of yoga which must be performed for immediate soothing of the back pain.

1. Cat/Cow:

Caw Pose Yoga
Cow Pose Yoga

This one is one of the most effective yoga for not only back pain relief but also for perfect posture. The stretch also helps with the neutral spine. The process should be that at first you should bend on all fours and put your wrist in a position over the shoulders and the hips over the knees.

Secondly, inhale slowly and while exhaling, move your spine in around position and put your head on the floor like it has been dropped. Not funny literally. It is called cat posture.

Then, inhale again while putting the head and chest on an upward position. This should be done for at least 1-3 minutes and you will be able to see the effects almost immediately. In the cat/cow yoga moving the up the spine in the round, position helps to improve your posture. And moving the head and chest quickens the types of blood circulation and removes other pains from the body and of course, soothes your back pain.

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2. Child’s Pose:

Childs pose yoga
childs pose yoga

It is better than the previous one as it has an immediate outcome for the back pain. Child’s Pose yoga not only helps with soothing back pain but also helps to keep your blood pressure in control.

For the process, firstly, kneel on a mat. A yoga mat is highly recommended otherwise any other regular mat will do. After you have kneeled there should be the distance between hips and the feet should be placed together behind. Take a deep breath and inhale. While exhaling, the torso should be over the thighs and the distance should be equal.

Secondly, try to draw the ribs away from the tailbone as much as possible and try to keep the crown of the head away from the shoulders. This for elongating neck and spine for proper blood circulation.

Lastly, keep your forehead in the ground and the arms should be separated or stretched. Stay in that position for 2 minutes. You will see positive results sooner than you think.

3. Standing Forward Bend:

Standing Forward Bend
Standing Forward Bend

Another useful yoga technique that is sure to relieve your back pain in less than 3 minutes. Perfect for curing back pain and for good posture.

First of all, stand on the mat like normal but the feet and shoulder width should equal or approximate. Stand straightly on the mat at first.

Secondly, try to straighten the legs as much as possible and after that make the torso hang down. After that, keep the shoulders in a relaxed position, tuck the chin at the distance of the chest and extend the head toward the floor for elongating the spine. Do this for at least 3 minutes. Your back pain will vanish in thin air.

Yoga is not something very easy, and I completely understand that. But once you get the hang of it, you will get the most favorable result as your back pain is sure to fade away sooner than you think.



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