Yoga & Aerobics

Yoga and aerobics both have a great effect on our body, mind, and soul. Both help you to increase muscle strength and flexibility. Some other health benefits of yoga include: Improving bone health, increasing blood flow, boosting the immune system, etc. Learn all about different yoga asanas and poses, aerobics tips and tutorials. We are here to guide you through your yoga and aerobics journey.

barre exercise benefits

Barre Fitness Classes- Pick The Class Suitable For You

Barre workouts are a special hybrid form of a workout inspired by ballet moves. It also combines elements from

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Yoga workout for Beginners

7 Yoga Workouts for Beginners

We know how challenging can be trying out new things; Yoga, for instance, is one of those activities that appear regularly on dusty New Year’s resolutions. However,

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Yoga for back pain

Yoga for back pain: Soothe back pain in 5 minutes

Back pain is everything known as torturous pain. It can make you scream your lungs out in pain if

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