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Hey there, writers!! Our community of fitbabesclub.com is now welcoming voices from all the spheres out there that can enrich our blog and community with important and relevant health-related articles. You can send your write-ups on health and fitness to us, and we will publish them if they are aligned with our purposes, thoughts, and views.

Here at Fit babes Club lifestyle journal, we try to empower girls by sharing our insights and experience, so the transition from adolescence to adulthood is as smooth and as easy as it possibly can be. We know you are out there with your unique insight on beauty, fitness, and lifestyle, and we want you on board with us so you, too, can help out and contribute to the girls and women of the world.
Our community is completely based on women’s health and fitness, and we try our best to spread as much knowledge as we can regarding that. And ours is an ever-growing community, and we have a growing base of followers and readers. So, if you send your write-ups to us and get them published on ‘fitbabesclub.com’, you will have great exposure and the opportunity to reach an audience of huge size and caliber.

This is how we are providing a really amazing opportunity for writers who have an interest in writing health and fitness-related blogs or articles, especially for women, to have a big platform where they can have a chance to flourish their writings and share their thoughts, views, and knowledge with the world. Don’t hesitate to send us your write-ups on fitness and health for publishing, and you will get paid too. You can discuss the payment by contacting us. And remember, quality is always our primary concern. We prioritize the quality of our blogs more than anything; quantity doesn’t matter at all.

Email us at write@fitbabesclub.com

What Do We Publish?

Fitbabesclub.com is completely focused on different educational stories and blogs, lifestyle content based on women health and fitness. So, we are looking for that kind of write-up and writers that can write those with proper intensity and originality. As a writer, you will need to share the secrets behind being phenomenally fit and healthy with your readers. 

You can send write-ups about how a certain person can go through different skincare items to take care of their skin or how someone can use light therapy to get energy and other benefits. Also, you can write reviews about different healthcare items and products, such as protein shakes that help to grow your body and muscles or items that are good for skin or fat burner items.

We like to work with individual authors regarding the write-ups, and you don’t need to be a part of us to write for us. You can just write content or blog on your chosen topic that aligns with our specific subjects and then send it to us for publishing. You can be anyone, and we don’t care who you are. If the quality of your content is good, we will publish it without any hesitation. We need the writeups, not the whereabouts of the writer. So, you can also send write-ups anonymously if you don’t want to be seen or known. You can also write content about specific health or fitness-related products and promote them using our site. We have no problem publishing promotional content for good health care products.

Topics You Can Cover

  • Beauty
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Heath & Fitness Research Findings and Case Studies
  • Entertainment
  • Mental Health
  • Fashion
  • Healthy Food and Snacks
  • Diets
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle

Things You Should Follow While Writing for Our SIte

Write Unique and Distinctive Content

As people are always looking for fresh ideas and stories that can inspire them to go through certain processes that will help them to maintain their health, you will need to write unique and distinctive content. If your content is unique and can make people engage with the article, you will have more viewership, and the content will be successful. An out-of-the-box idea can blow people’s minds, and they tend to take actions according to those. If your idea and content are unique and out of the box, we are very much looking forward to publishing your content.

To get an idea about what kind of topics you can choose, you can go through our website and see and analyze the content that gets more priority while publishing. Then you can have a fresh idea about how we are advancing with our site and how you need to write content, and what kind of content you need to write to get it published here.

Write Simple Content that can Increase Curiosity among Readers

Initially, you might think about complex and big ideas that can educate people a lot, such as ‘how metabolism is connected to your weight and health’. But people don’t find much interest in articles on heavy subjects. Instead, they tend to read simple articles such as ‘6 easy tips to lose weight after pregnancy, ‘makeup essentials to keep in your makeup bag’, ‘7 effective tips to burn your belly fat SUPER FAST’ etc. 

For writing this simple kind of content, all you need to do is conduct deep research about your topic and then tell the story or educate your audience in the simplest way possible through your content. People will get curious about the things you say and will also understand them easily, as they will be able to relate more with the simpler content.

Use Examples in Your Write-Ups

You need to use examples of how a particular health product or certain fitness guide or tips have helped many people to gain their expected results. Thus the readers will be able to relate more to a real-life scenario and be more inspired to follow your words.

Sponsored Posts

We also accept sponsored posts, like if you want to promote your healthcare and fitness products by publishing promotional content about them on our site, we will accept those. But the promotion will have to be trustworthy. And review content is more welcome than direct promotional content, as a particularly good review about your product works as promotional content itself.

Add Relevant and Eye-Catching Pictures

You can add as many pictures or links as you like, but they’ll have to be relevant and aligned with the content. Inserting pictures can help to catch the attention of the readers more. But the pictures have to be your own, or they need to be copyright-free if you collect them from the internet.

Things You Can’t Do 

Too Much Promotion

You should always remember that different publishing content as a guest writer is a way of showing your expertise and sharing your knowledge with the readers on a particular subject, health, and fitness, in this regard. The purpose is never promoting certain products, even though we allow promoting to some extent. But you should refrain from promoting certain products too much, writing gentle, positive reviews about them are allowed.

Sending Already Published Content

We will not publish content when completely similar content has already been published on the website; making just a few changes won’t work.

Sending Copied Content

We will not publish content that you completely copied from other sites or plagiarized content. That is a serious violation of the policy of our site, so you can’t do so at any cost.

Guidelines about Style, Tone, and Formatting that You Need to Follow

You need to follow some rules about font, formatting, writing style, etc., while writing content for our site. These are-

  • The size of the article does not matter as long as the word count is around 1000 words.
  • Font: Overall font: Arial, size 12, Title (36, Bold)
  • In the title and heading, the first letter in all words should be capitalized except stop words. Use subheadings (H2, H3, H4……)
  • Full self-explanatory sentences for subheadings if possible
  • Avoid profanities, misinformation, plagiarism (applies to media as well), copyright infringement, and tabooed topics.
  • If you use backlinks, then ensure the quality of the link destination.
  • Do not submit in niche/topics that are irrelevant to our blog.
  • Inducing thoughts of self-harm, violence, and hate will not be tolerated.
  • We will accept a max number of 2 – 3 backlinks if we deem it acceptable for our blog.
  • Don’t use & sign on the title. Use ‘and’ spelled out.
  • We prefer simple sentences. Avoid passive and complex sentences.
  • Each paragraph should not exceed 5 sentences, preferably less
  • Image:(Featured image should be 1200px wide) + ( Product Image should be 800 x 800 px)
  • VIdeos: Resolutions should be (240p), (360p), (480p), (720p), (1080p), (1440p) and (2160p).
  • GIFs: No longer than 15 seconds and should be 480p or higher.
  • Article Body Structure: (Needs resources and readability score should be between 60 to 75.) + (Don’t Make the paragraph bodies congested, as it contributes to bounce rate) + (Use as many subheadings as need) + (Disclaimer when it’s due)
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