What is Barre Fitness : Complete Guide

Barre fitness

What is Barre Fitness:

Barre fitness was first introduced by a German Ballet dancer, Lotte Berk in 1959. Barre classes are not like typical workout sessions; it’s way more than that. It is a combination of ballet moves and yoga, which means you get to do both at the same time.

Barre fitness is a special kind of exercise that can be conducted in gyms or studios specially designed for this exercise. Barre is a prop that is worn during the exercise to stay poised as the exercises rely more on “isometric strength training.

How Does Barre Fitness Work? – What Makes It Different?

Barre practicing in class

Although yoga, Pilates, or other exercises are equally beneficial for your health, barre fitness is so far the best among all these because it is actually a combination of all these exercises.

Moreover, you will not feel bored while doing this exercise because it is not like the monotonous workout sessions where you have to repeat the same exercise for hours. Unlike most of the other exercises, this contains moves that are inspired by ballet dance, which enables you to learn the basic moves of ballet too.

What Makes Barre So Special?

All about barre fitness

The reason why you can’t continue doing routine workout sessions is probably that you lose motivation. But Barre is the kind of workout that will help you to stick to it till the end simply because it’s fun and very effective. The movements and steps used here are quite stimulating but in a very lenient way. This helps you to love your workout, and anything you love to do will surely bring better results.

What is Barre Fitness Class & How to Join?

barre fitness class

Barre workouts are a special hybrid form of a workout inspired by ballet moves and barre fitness classes are usually conducted in studios where you need to ensure your spot by booking a mat. Each barre fitness class is different from each other. So pick up a studio according to your choice and make sure you do it two to three weeks before the classes begin. You have to get yourself admitted by this time.

However, you don’t need to hurry at all because, in Barre, no spot is bad! That means you don’t need to be concerned about your position in the class. You can sit at any position in the room and can still follow the instructor.

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Do You Need a Uniform to Join these Classes?

ballet dress and outfit

Well, this completely depends on which studio you have chosen because it varies from one studio to another. On the other hand, one thing is for sure; you are not allowed to wear your shoes inside the class. Some of the studios may ask you to wear socks, or some may ask you to wear wraps.

Likewise, you might be wondering which supermarkets should you visit to buy these. The good news is, you don’t need to take extra hassle for buying these. The required footwear for your classes is available in your respective studios. All you need to do is, buy these at the time of signing up for the classes.

Consequently, don’t worry about the clothes you will be asked to wear because there are no strict restrictions on that. The instructors may ask you to wear the clothes that fit your body so that they can clearly notice any changes in your body during the workout session.

Is There Any Need for Tools for Barre Exercise?

barre exercise tools

Although Barre focuses more on the movement of your body, it may require some lightweight exercising tools as well. But the best part is, you can choose these on your own. So, when the instructors ask you to do any weight lifting, make sure you choose the right tool.

Remember, you don’t need to lift the heaviest weights for the exercises since it doesn’t matter how many heavy tools you can lift at a time. What actually matters is that you need to maintain an appropriate form.

Therefore, instead of lifting heavy weights at a time, try swapping the heavier ones with the lighter ones and vice versa. This technique will help you out from getting exhausted during the exercise.

Don’t forget to take help from the regulators. Exercising has a great impact on your body, and a slight mistake can bring the worst consequences. So, put concentration on every detail your regulator provides and never hesitate to ask for help.

What are the Benefits of Barre Exercise?

barre exercise benefits

Barre has countless benefits for your health, but one of the advantages of this exercise is that it will give you immense pleasure and excitement. Hence, you will feel encouraged to continue this exercise for this reason.

Accordingly, Barre will not only help you to lose weight, but it will also improve your posture. It will help you to develop a toned and fit body, strengthen your muscles, burn extra calories, and what not!

Moreover, Barre will also help you to grow strong to fight against Osteoporosis. It helps to improve your mental health as well. In Barre, you need to put concentration on every small detail which will enhance your concentration power. Exercising regularly will enable you to strengthen your memory.

You can also control your stress level if this exercise is performed on a regular basis. You will become capable of relaxing more than before. Your bones’ stability will also increase if you keep this exercise in your daily routine.

Can You Take Barre Exercise at Home?

barre exercise at home

Of course, you can. For this purpose, you will only need a mat and a bar. Barre exercise requires minimal exercising tools, so you can skip them if you want to. But you must manage a bar which you can buy from the nearest super shop.

You can do the exercise on your bare feet, but it is advisable to wear socks with grips during the exercise. A bar, a mat, good music and you are good to go!

Your level of dedication or devotion towards any workout directly depends on the fact of how much you like it. In case of any other workout, you have the chance to feel tired and bored, which will eventually end up in leaving the gym for good. However, Cardio Barre is so easy that you can do it staying at your home.

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How to Make Yourself Ready for the Classes

barre exercise mind setup

On the very first day of the class, you are advised to arrive as early as possible. After that, meet your instructor and share your complications such as pregnancy, heart disease, etc. Roam around, and try to make friends. A friendly environment will help you to continue the classes regularly.

Buy the costumes that your studio expects you to wear. Put them on before the class begins. Exercising continuously may become exhausting for you. In that case, you are advised to take a bath before starting.

How Many Calories Do You Burn in Barre Fitness?

By this time, you have understood that this exercise differs a lot from the conventional exercises. Undoubtedly, this exercise will give your muscles a tough time, but if you think that it will burn a ton of calories, this exercise is not for you.

Along with ballet moves, this exercise, to be more specific, pure Barre will ask you to do some squats or plies. The amount of calories you will burn totally depends on the movements your instructor has chosen for you.

However, if your weight is not more than 150 pounds, it is possible to burn about 255 calories in an hour class. Again, if your exercise involves more calisthenics and Pilates, you will probably lose more than 265 calories within an hour.

Likewise, several factors also control the calorie burn during your fitness class, which includes your weight too. You will probably burn more than 295 calories if your body weighed 175 pounds, and 312 calories if your weight is 125 pounds instead.

Remember that Barre is not a fast track method for losing weight. In that sense, no matter how you design your exercise routine, you won’t burn a significant amount of body fat.

Is Barre Good for Losing Weight?

Barre Weight Loss

There are a number of reasons why Barre is a great option for losing weight. Unlike typical gyms, this fitness program doesn’t require heavy machines for losing weight. Hence, it reduces the chance of getting injured.
Accordingly, machines put heavy pressure on your muscles, and thus, body parts gradually lose stabilization. But in Barre workout, movements are quite simple. Your body gets the chance to burn calories by maintaining its stabilization.

Then again, if you are trying to opt for Barre only to lose weight, it would not be a wise move. You will lose some calories for sure, but you will probably not get the expected result.

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Is Barre Good for Toning?

Toned Female Body

A toned look is what we all desire for; slenderness in the body, ideal muscle size with the perfect mass. A Barre workout will help you to get all of them.

Barre is more effective than most of the other methods for body toning. As no heavy equipment is required, this strategy is one of the most dread free techniques of exercising. Moreover, the movements taught in the studios are so easy that you can even practice them at home.

By doing even the smallest movements, you can put your focus only on the chubbier part of your body. As you get to choose the exercises for shaping that particular part of your body, this exercise is the best way to tone up that part of your body.

Nothing can shape your body the way Barre workout will; it will make your butt look uplifted, legs, and arms are more pointed than ever.

Is Barre Fitness Effective?

Barre Workout

Barre fitness does impart to weight loss because, during the classes, you are snapping down muscle to build firmness. Besides, a Barre class is conducted in a special way. Your muscles are always in pressure, and therefore, they need to restore the lost energy.

Again, to make sure that this energy has been supplied, your body has to burn carbohydrates and fat should be broken down in the process. Thus, you will burn calories.

On the other hand, the more muscles you have, the more the energy is consumed by your body, which results in weight loss. Moreover, the ballet movements and cardio workout burn a good number of calories and dissolve extra fat. In this way, Barre exercises sculpt slender muscles and fade your body fat away.

Types of Barre Exercises

• Cardio Barre Workout

Cardio Barre WorkoutIf you look forward to improving your heart and lung health, cardio Barre workout is perfect for you. It will allow you to gain a healthy heart condition along with a noticeable transformation of your body.

However, continuous exercise may become stressful for your body, but cardio will enable your body to endure more physical stress. In an intense Barre workout session, cardio workouts play the most vital role in burning calories.

• Floor Work

Floor work is also included in the Barre exercise. This exercise is essential for improving the posture of the body. As this exercise allows you to keep your body upright, your muscles become stronger. Floor work is highly effective because it doesn’t engage any type of machinery or artificial equipment.

Accordingly, it builds thin muscles in the body, and as it puts a lot of pressure on the body, a notable amount of fat is taken off the body.

• Ballet

Barre Ballet Workout

This is one of the reasons why Barre has become unique and different. Barre is the only exercise where ballet moves are also taught. This strategy makes the process more interesting and easier.

• Upper Body

Upper Body Workout

This exercise consists of strength training. Mass of muscles and bones are developed through this exercise, and more stability is ensured. Strength training makes this exercise more effective than others.

Some General Instructions

To attend Barre classes, you need to be 14 years old or more. Anyone below this age is not eligible for taking Barre classes.

Both men and women can take part in Barre fitness classes. Pregnant women can also be a part of such a fitness program. However, some studios have a separate schedule for women.

Before you start exercising, make sure that your body, especially your legs, are clean. It’s your responsibility to keep the exercise floor and the mats clean.

Drawbacks of Barre Fitness

You will not get the scope to achieve functional strength if you continue Barre classes regularly. This is because Barre often doesn’t include exercises like squats and lunges.

Squats allow your body to use multiple muscles at a time. This makes your body more functional, brings balance in the heart rate, and gives your body the strength it needs to carry out the regular activities.

Although Barre fitness program will promise you a better heart condition, you should still visit your doctor regularly for a cardio checkup. You should not expect much from this fitness schedule as doing Barre only is not enough for your heart.


So, what does Barre fitness sound to you now? Is it just a regular workout or something extra or beyond that? Hopefully, you have realized that it is something practical and worthy. So if you want to enjoy these health benefits, don’t forget to book your seat in the nearest barre studio.

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