4 Effective Methods of Weight Loss for Women in their 20s

weight loss methods for women in their 20s

If you’re a woman in your 20s, odds are that you’re juggling a lot of responsibilities. From balancing work and school to taking care of yourself and your loved ones, it can be hard to make time for your health. But maintaining a healthy weight is important at any age, and it’s especially crucial for women in their 20s.

So, it is important to take some initiatives for losing weight during the 20s, as the 20s are a great time for women to get rid of unhealthy practices, and develop healthy habits that will keep their weight as well as their fitness in check. This article will be of massive help to you in that regard.

Why is Weight Loss Important for Women in Their 20s?

The 20s are a really important time in life for any person. In fact, it can be stated as the most important time, as people are in their prime during this age range. This is also a transitional phase for both men and women, as they live in the homes they grew up in around this age, and get serious with their characters, and so much more! In general, people start living a new life during this age, and it takes a huge toll on their usual lifestyles and other things.

Maintaining a proper weight and keeping fit is not an easy task at any time in life. You’ll have to make proper efforts in losing extra weight and gaining proper fitness. But during your prime time, it is easier for you to shape your body the way you want. 

Your body can take massive changes during this time, without causing you many troubles. However as women, in fact, everyone in general, go through massive transitions during this period, it gets really difficult to go through weight loss journeys. But it is really important to carry on with it, as it can become more difficult for women to do it when they are in their 30s or 40s.

When a woman reaches her 30s, her muscles begin to decline naturally, and the rate is from 3 to 5 percent per decade, as per the president of the Obesity Medicine Association. And you can’t keep up with the same workouts, as they won’t help in losing weight anymore. 

Women need to lose weight during their 20s. Also, if a woman gets pregnant, it becomes more important to lose weight to have proper fitness after the pregnancy period.

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Weight Loss for Young Women- DOs and DON’Ts

Maintaining a proper weight loss journey isn’t something easy. You’ll need to do many things, and many things that you can’t do at all. So, here is a list of things that you’ll have to do and things that you can’t do. 


Changes in Your Diet

There is a specific rate of calorie intake per day that can highly increase the BMI of a woman and can move it from a normal BMI rate of 23 to a nearly obese rate of 29. According to the estimation of researchers, if the calorie intake gets gradually increased to 370 calories per day will do the trick for a person. It is prohibited to eat any sugary items. And you will need to totally cut foods rich in fats and high-carbs. Instead, you’ll need to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, and get more lean proteins and whole-wheat carbs too. 

Get Enough Sleep

It is essential to get enough sleep for your weight loss journey. It might be challenging to get enough sleep with your busy schedule and with all the tasks you need to take care of, and you might be able to function well despite little sleep but make sure to get enough rest if you want to lose weight and gain proper fitness.

Believe in Yourself

You might think that it’s not much of a strategy, but believing in yourself can do many tricks during your weight loss journey. Losing weight and keeping things that way depends greatly on a person’s  thinking and attitude. If you think that achieving your target weight means the end of the journey, then it won’t last, and you’ll start gaining weight again. Also, if you think of yourself as unworthy of losing weight, you won’t succeed in losing weight. So, it’s important to believe in yourself.

Long-Term Lifestyle Changes

You’ll need to bring in massive and long-term lifestyle changes to your lifestyle, such as the things you do, and the things you eat. If you don’t change your diet and lifestyle, your changes in weight won’t last. It is important to remember that your weight loss journey is not over when you reach the goal, instead, you’ll have to keep on with the journey so that you can maintain the weight. And for that, lifestyle changes are necessary. Fixing your sleep cycle, and changing your food habits can do half the trick. Also, making the habit of exercising, and quitting or reducing smoking and drinking can be of massive help. 


Lose Muscle 

Your muscles will always help you with your metabolism, and you need them to shape a healthy body. So, you mustn’t lose any muscles as that can slow your metabolism, and as a result, you’ll put on fat a lot faster. So, it’s best if you avoid fad diets, long-duration cardio workouts, low-calorie diets, quick weight loss schemes, and exercises that cause muscle loss.

Eat Processed Junk Foods

Junk foods are always fascinating, but they will obviously make you gain weight a lot faster than any other food, and you will never be able to lose weight and reach your goal if you keep eating junk foods. So, it’s important to totally cut junk foods off. The same thing goes for the processed junk foods you get to have a quick snack.

Take Sugar

Like junk foods, sugary foods can also hamper your weight loss journey, as consuming sugar can effectively take part in increasing your weight, and you’ll fail in your weight loss journey as a result. 

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

There are some things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have already mentioned that you will need a refined diet, and you’ll need to cut off high-carb foods, and foods rich in fat. Also, you’ll have to abandon eating junk foods and processed foods. Make sure to get enough lean meat and low-carbs for your diet, along with fruits and vegetables. Also, keep your calorie intake in check. 

Apart from that, make sure to exercise every day, as it helps keep a person fit. Also, make sure to get enough sleep and remain adequately hydrated. Do not stop having your meals to lose weight; make sure to eat properly. It’s best to leave smoking and drinking, as they can cause numerous complications for your health. And finally, stick to your weight loss and fitness gaining plan all the time so that you can keep maintaining your desired weight and proper fitness.

How to Maintain Health After Weight Loss

This is kind of a burning question for people who are going through a weight loss journey. However, the answer is really simple. One just needs to be consistent in going on with the lifestyle that they were following throughout their weight loss journey. Many women think that if they keep on with their low-calorie intake, it can damage their metabolism, so they start eating like normal times again. But poor calorie control can cause more damage than reduced metabolism, so it’s important to keep going with the diet you maintain while trying to lose weight. 

But most importantly, getting a proper change in your lifestyle will help you maintain your health after losing weight. You will need to exercise regularly, drink condensed protein and fibers, and stay properly hydrated. You’ll also need to get enough sleep, as nothing helps your health more than proper sleep. A proper change in lifestyle will help you with maintaining health after weight loss.

Final Words

It is vital for women in their 20s to remain fit, as this is the prime of their life, and nothing matters more than a healthy and fit life. As everything depends on the well-being of a person, these tips mentioned above for weight loss for women in their 20s can be of great help. These will help maintain a proper weight and also get on with a healthy lifestyle. Remember, weight loss is not a one-time event; it’s a lifelong journey. Be patient, be persistent, and be proud of every small victory. Congratulations on making the commitment to better health!

A fit lifestyle will positively affect every other aspect of a woman’s life, and on the other hand, being overweight can cause numerous complications. So, it would help if you made reasonable efforts to lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can a 20 year old lose weight fast ?

Ans: Losing weight can be difficult, but it is not impossible. A 20-year-old can lose weight safely and effectively by following a healthy diet and exercise regime. It is important to set realistic goals and to be patient, as weight loss does not happen overnight. Drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods are all important steps in maintaining a healthy diet. Regular exercise is also key; aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day. If you stick to a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you will see results over time.

Q. Can walking reduce tummy fat?

Ans: It’s true if you walk for one hour at an average speed of 6.5 km/hr. you will burn up to 300 calories, but you can’t spot-reduce fat. Walking can be helpful in reducing the overall fat of your body.

Q. How to calculate the percentage of weight loss?

Ans: The percentage of weight loss can be calculated using body mass index (BMI) which is calculated with your height and weight. Based on BMI percentage you can measure your progress.

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