8 Trendy Weight Loss Diets

Weight Loss Diets

There is almost always a new diet being touted as the real way to lose weight. Many diets have similarities. Most of them want you to avoid processed food and sugar in favor of eating “clean.” Clean can involve eating anything from solely plant-based food to meat-based food. It just depends on the diet. Let’s look at some of these weight-loss diet trends that people are searching for today.

The Juice Diet

The Juice DietThe way the juice diet works is that proponents claim you can go on a “juice fast” for up to 30 days or even more. They often use vegetable-heavy juice recipes over high fruit versions due to the problem with ingesting too much sugar at once causing blood sugar issues.

The idea is to get the nutrition in the body without overworking the digestive system so that the body can rest. This can often be a good choice for someone suffering from food addictions and is often marketed as a “reset.” It’s probably best to add a green juice to each day rather than make that your only choice.

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The Low-Carb Diet

 Low-Carb DietThere are many names for the low-carb diet, from paleo to keto. The point of the low-carb diet is to avoid processed food that is high in processed, no-nutrition carbohydrates. The diet involves eating a lot of non-starchy veggies and a moderate amount of grass-fed or free-range meat, and it’s usually high in healthy fats. The idea is to cause your body to “go into ketosis” so that you can burn more fat off your body.

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The High-Starch Low-Fat Diet

Low Fat DietThis diet is often vegan-based. This means that nothing comes from animals at all, not even as additions to the diet. You can eat all the plant foods freely without limitation, but you must stay away from processed food, sugar, and added fat. For example, you can eat an avocado, but you don’t add avocado oil to food. There is nothing unhealthy about this diet, but there are some unhealthy versions that promote eating large quantities of sugar.

Intermittent Fasting Diet

Intermittent Fasting DietThis intermittent fasting diet is getting a lot of attention lately. The way it works is that you limit the times you can eat to only an eight-hour period each day. However, during those times you can supposedly eat anything. The caution here is that you really should stick to healthy clean food, avoiding processed food and high-fat and high-sugar food. To know more you can also check this diet reviews.

The Raw Food Diet

Raw Food DietThis vegan diet allows the people on it to eat unlimited amounts of unprocessed low-fat fruit and vegetables. This is a highly fruit-centered diet because without eating a lot of fruit, especially higher fat ones like bananas, you won’t get enough calories. For this reason, you will drop weight fast on this diet as long as you don’t get carried away with high-fat smoothies and gourmet raw recipes.

The Autoimmune Protocol

meat-based dietThis diet is a lot more complicated, but it is essentially a low-carb, meat-based diet. It is much stricter in that you don’t eat dairy products at all, including cheese. You’ll drink a lot of bone broth, and drink ghee in your coffee on this diet. It purports to help people with their autoimmune illnesses, and there are scientific studies to back it up. But like a lot of diets, it does get lost in translation. Be sure to get the right books and information to learn how to do this diet right.

Food Replacement Diet

Food Replacement DietThis type of diet is all about eating shakes and meal replacements. This is not one of the healthiest choices for diets, but some people have experienced some good health benefits by losing weight. If you really need to lose weight fast, you may want to do this one under the supervision of a doctor, since you can have trouble with blood sugar issues with some of the shakes out there.

Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers DietProbably one of the healthiest, most balanced, and best-known diet choices, Weight Watchers is nutrition based and science-based, and you can still eat a variety of food heavy on the produce. You can join Weight Watchers online and offline. The support the groups offer adds to the success of the diet, but the main thing is that it’s easy to follow because it’s so simple. Avoid processed food, avoid unhealthy fat, eat lots of produce and drink your water.

The thing to remember when you choose a diet is to choose one that offers balanced nutrition while also acknowledging the role calories plays in your ability to lose weight. Also, avoid anyone who pushes the fad versions of any of these diets. Each one can be healthy if done correctly and under the supervision of a health care professional.

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