8 Effective Tips For Losing Wight After 60s

losing weight after 60

Losing weight at the age of 60 is hard, but not impossible. In this article, we will tell you how to lose weight for women over 60. 

There are plenty of women who are trying to do weight loss over 60. While doing so is incredibly tough, it is important to know that it is absolutely achievable. There are a number of factors that make it difficult to do weight loss for women over 60. There is nature playing havoc with your metabolism, you may not have as much energy as you used to.

You may be more inclined to lead a much more relaxed life. But it is important to know that you still have quite a good few years ahead of you. Losing weight is a big part of that equation, especially if you are too overweight. You may have to work a bit more creatively to lose weight over 60. But just know that it is very much worth the effort in the end.

While possessing numerous health benefits, will not magically shrink you down two dress sizes. 

You must be wondering if there is an alternative to these methods; well the good news is that there are such alternatives. You have probably not heard of it through the media. There isn’t much scope to make money and do business with just common sense. 

The answer lies in the basics and the fact is you have to get back to those basics. Rather than trying a fad new diet or weight-loss trend, it will be much more beneficial to you if you make small changes to your lifestyle that will mean you consume fewer calories and burn more calories. 

So, let’s get on with the specific tips on how to lose weight for women over 60!


Ditch the car keys and walk. As much you possibly can instead of driving to everywhere that you need to go to. If you absolutely have to drive, you should park the car as far away from the store. Walk the entire distance to the shop. A much better idea and way to lose weight for women is ditch the car completely and get a bike. Biking is an excellent way to stay fit, in shape, and lose weight. Walking is the best low-impact exercise.

No Big Portions

If you are eating larger portions of food, it is most definitely contributing to extra pounds on your body. It is as simple as that. There are still women around the world who hear the voice of their disapproving parents when they eat. It usually tells them to finish their meals to save all the starving children in the world. This results in people eating everything on the plates regardless of whether they are hungry or not.

There is a solution to this problem that will satisfy both you and the voices of your parents. Just buy a smaller plate. You can eat a lot less and still not feel guilty about leaving food on the plate. It may sound absurdly simple but it works and it works well. 

Less TV

The habit of watching TV is a sure fire way to gaining weight. First, when watching TV we are stationed in one place, either sitting or lying down, and this prevents us from moving and losing weight. Secondly, TV time equals food time. The activity just attracts food devouring like flames attract moths. Just try to consume only one peanut and you will soon know that that is not humanly possible. 

The best idea to this conundrum might be to ditch the TV altogether completely. You should make a promise to yourself that you will not eat while watching TV. Your body and your brain will be very pleased with this decision, trust us. 

2021 has been a particularly rough year. The roller coaster of emotions does not show any signs of stopping anytime soon. The coronavirus has us staying idle and staying put a lot more than we usually would. It is completely understandable if you are less active than you were pre Corona. Netflix and other streaming services subscription is going through the roof. If you are feeling guilty about your media devouring obsessions, just know that you are not alone. That there are literally millions of people around the world who are facing the same problem. 

The best idea is to give yourself a specific amount of time that you can use for watching TV. Also stick to that plan. Make sure you are strict about sticking to the plans you have or otherwise you will start feeling guilty and may inadvertently do a lot more damage to both your peace of mind and your stomach. 

No High Heeled Shoes

We are being totally serious when we say do not wear high heeled shoes. We also love to look stylish. But when you are wearing high heeled shoes you are less likely to walk. The shoes are so incredibly uncomfortable. You would want to swap those pairs of high heels with a much more comfortable and made for walking shoes. 

You should ideally be aiming to walk every day. Even if it is for just a short period of time you should still put in those minutes. You can try listening to audiobooks when you walk. They can be an excellent addition to your walking routine and help beat the monotony of walking by yourself. Not only will you get your daily walk in this way, you can also possibly learn something from the podcasts. Walking can also involve just enjoying the magnificence of nature. Just take a walk along your favorite natural scenery routes or maybe just go to the park? You can even try walking with a friend – while maintaining social distancing measures of course.

Try out some comfortable walking shoes. There is a wide variety available in the market. When shopping for walking shoes make sure that it has the following features in it.

  • Motion Control: This is the amount of stability a show will provide when the wearer is walking. A stable shoe is required for walking properly with good posture and form. Remember good posture and form is especially important when walking for the senior citizens as they are more prone to injuries from walking or just about any physical exertion. A shoe that is stable will provide good support for the ankles and arches when you walk and it will adjust the motion of the heels accordingly so as to lessen stress and impact on the heels. If you are the type who overpronates, cushioned motion control will be especially beneficial to you. 
  • Breathable and Lightweight: What materials the shoe is made from is a very important factor when it comes to their suitability as a walking shoe. With walking shoes, you would want the shoe to be made up of materials that make it breathable and is also not too heavy, i.e. lightweight. If you have a condition of the foot or even bunions that are painful, having a shoe that is comfortable to walk in is of prime essence. If you suffer from these conditions, a walking shoe made of soft and flexible materials that does not put any unnecessary pressure on the areas of the foot affected is also very important. 
  • Proper Cushioning and support: Any walking shoe that is worth its price will be one that provides ample cushioning and support. These two things are a must for any shoe to be considered a good walking shoe and especially when it is designed for elderly women, these two factors play a much larger role. The walking shoe that you are getting should ideally provide a lot of cushioning that absorbs any shocks felt when walking. On top of that, the shoe must reduce the amount of stress that is put on the fit and it should also be a comfortable fit. A good walking shoe will have enough support from the outsole and as well the midsole. This will ensure that there is minimal strain put on your feet and the lower limbs and that you are comfortable when you are walking. 

If you are in search of a good pair of walking shoes, look no further than the Orthofeet Serene. These orthopedic shoes are especially made with the elderly in mind and have been designed to give the senior citizens the best possible walking experience. It provides a wide range of features in it that make it the ideal shoes for walking while giving the user a very relaxed, comfortable and good looking walking experience. 

No Two for One Deals

Supermarkets are very good at understanding the psychology of their customers and getting them to buy much more food than they will need. It is a master of making people buy stuff that they did not even know that they wanted to get. The trick is to understand that these extra things you get on every shopping trip is not worth it and that you do not actually need them by any stretch of the imagination. Do not fall for the very common “two for one” deals. While at the time it may seem like you are saving money by getting the extra cookies, understand that it is not worth the long term impact it will have not only on your body but your sense of self esteem as well. It is a much better idea to buy a small piece of really high-quality indulgence (maybe a small deluxe chocolate?) then it is to buy and eat a bulk Oreos pack.

A lot of people complain about eating healthy being an expensive method to eat. But, if they were to pay a bit closer attention to the amount of food that they waste, it will soon become clear that the problem lies in the food choices that they make and that eating healthy is not really that expensive. It is common sense that eating healthy means eating less of the more “expensive” food items available. When you pursue a healthy diet, you can in fact save a lot of money rather than waste it. Also, you have to factor in the price of illness that you are saving when you are eating healthy. If you factor those costs in, you will soon realize that eating healthy is very much worth the investment and that it pays back a multitude of times when you consider the invaluable price of being healthy and fit. 

No More Baggy Pants

If you are committed to losing weight after 60, the first thing to remember is that there is absolutely no room for complacency for you. It is absolutely fine and dandy to love yourself the way that you are and also maintain a healthy body image but it is a completely different case to completely let yourself go and be on the long slide to a drastically unhealthier lifestyle. 

A big part of staying healthy and fit at any age is to care about how you look – even if it is just for your own sake. Rather than choosing to lead life in shapeless, ill fitting clothes, it will be a much better idea to invest in a few well tailored outfits that fit you properly. When we think we look good, we are automatically more invested in maintaining that good look. When we see ourselves in the mirror and we like what we see, we will start to realize that the looks that we do have are completely worth the effort in maintenance. 

Another important reason why you might want to avoid ill-fitted, baggy clothing is because when you wear them you do not realise if you have gained weight or not. These clothes are designed to accommodate a lot more of you when you put them on. There is a lot more space in them to accommodate a bit more of you if you do happen to put on weight. If you do not realize that you are putting on weight, you will not be motivated enough to do something about it and take some action to lose the undesired weight. 

No Snacking

If you are the type of person who has a tough time keeping unhealthy foods at bay, you may want to consider going into what is called the “border control” mode. What this implies is basically that no unhealthy food that may be deemed as junk food, shall not pass through the “border” of your house. 

It may be difficult to resist the temptation to eat a piece of chocolate cake and the task is made even more difficult if you are the kind of person who eats due to emotional reasons. If you are this type of person, you will know exactly how much easier it is to avoid temptation than to resist it. So let no junk food pass through your home. Just declare a war on snacks and unhealthy junk foods. Do not let them into your home, whatever the cost may be. If you are sharing your home with others, let them know of your intentions and your goals so that they can also be mindful. 

Avoid Restaurant Foods

While we have been doing this anyways lately because of the lockdown and restrictions in indoor public spaces, we will be going back to normal life and will be dining out again very soon. 

If you are serious about losing weight at the age of 60, a very drastic thing to consider may be to stop eating your meals at restaurants. Cook fresh food at home and eat that food. Not only will you be saving a ton of money but you can also start getting the true joys of cooking your own meals and trying out new recipes.

If you still do eat at restaurants, take half of the food back home and eat it later on. This actually works, try it. 

Losing weight after 60 is difficult, that much is very painfully obvious but it is not impossible to achieve. You just have to make a few changes to your habits and lifestyle. 

You can always try using some of these anti-aging eye creams to really see a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does metabolism get worse with age?

Ans: Yes, studies show that metabolism tends to slow down with age. The aging of internal components, losing muscle mass, and being less active contributes to a sluggish metabolism.

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