Uncovering the Truth: Do MixSupps Products Deliver Results?

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When walking into a store or going on the web to get a dietary supplement, it can be overwhelming to see how many different products are available to you. As someone who understands the science behind product formulations and proper dosing, it’s easy for me to look at the back of a product and tell immediately if it is good. To be quite frank, most products on the market aren’t that great. No matter how pretty the packaging is, how the product tastes, or how attractive the marketing is, at the end of the day the product has to do what it says. When I came across MixSupps products and looked at the ingredients and doses, I was intrigued to give them a test run myself. When trying out any product, I like to run it for at least two weeks, notating exactly what I feel and concluding if it actually does what it says it’s supposed to do. With respect to MixSupps products, they work. Here’s a breakdown of all 3 products and how they can work for you!

energy mood booster

Ganbaru Energy

A natural energy booster is a product I have sought after for years, trying out tons of different products making that claim with no luck in finding one that worked. I can confidently say that after giving Ganbaru its test run that I’ve finally found that product.

●     Calories: If you’re someone who’s tracking their daily caloric intake, you’ll be happy to know that Ganbaru contains only 5 calories and zero sugar!

●     What’s Ganbaru feel like?: A natural energy booster? Absolutely. Noticeable effects are clean sustained energy with zero crash, a boost of mental focus, and endurance when performing physical activity. On a side note, you may experience a fush or tingling sensation on your skin. This is a normal side effect of Beta-Alanine and not harmful in any way.

●     How long does it take Ganbaru to kick in?: Anywhere from 15-20 minutes for mental focus, and 20-30 minutes for a natural energy boost.

●     Ganbaru VS Energy Best Sellers: Most energy products rely on high doses of caffeine and other stimulants to give their customers an energy boost. The downside of this is pushing your body into adrenal fatigue, making you need even more stimulants actually to feel anything which can become dangerous. Ganbaru being a natural energy booster working with your body at the cellular level provides a clean and safe energy with no adrenal fatigue side effects.

one shot water amplifier

One-Shot Water Amplifier

Not drinking enough water daily is something that most people are guilty of, and electrolyte products help aid people in getting in the vital nutrients their bodies need to function and stay hydrated.

●     Calories: With zero sugar, each pack of One-Shot contains only 10 calories, 9 of which are from beneficial fiber.

●     Ingredients: Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium to restore your electrolyte balance. A blend of Beta-Glucans, Vitamin D, and Zinc to improve your body’s immune functions, and an added bonus of as much fiber as a serving of leading fiber supplements.

●     What’s One-Shot feel like?: It’s hard to explain, but when your body is properly hydrated you feel better. More energy throughout the day, clearer thinking, and better recovery after workouts.

●     One-Shot VS Electrolyte Best Sellers: The top sellers in this product category tend to be higher in sodium, causing a bloating sensation. Some of them even contain added sugar, but still, they have a salty taste to them despite that. One-Shot contains the perfect amount of sodium, so no bloating at all. To top that off, it also has a powerful immunity boost and fiber, making it a 3-in-1 product that outshines its competition.

Little Sh!ts

Getting in the right amount of fiber daily is hard, especially for kids. Little Sh!ts makes that easy with a great tasting and easy dosing product that’ll help little ones and adults get in their daily amount of fiber.

●     Calories: Each serving of Little Sh!ts contains 10 calories and zero sugar. Dosing is anywhere from 1-4 servings per individual’s age and tolerance.

●     Ingredients: A blend of Fiber and Magnesium in the perfect dose to provide constipation relief and overall gut health.

●     What’s Little Sh!ts feel like?: Little Sh!ts blend of fiber and magnesium makes going #2 smooth sailing and gentle on the stomach. Another plus is magnesium helping with calming the nerves and also being a great sleep aid.

●     How long does it take Little Sh!ts to kick in?: The combo of water, fiber, and magnesium will rehydrate your gut and bring relief within 30mins – 6hrs. I personally take the full adult serving of 4 scoops, but have clients that find it works best with a little less.

mixsupps little sh!ts

●     Little Sh!ts VS Gut Health Best Sellers: Most products in this category contain herbal laxatives causing bloating, cramping, and dehydration. Not the desired effects anyone wants. On top of that, competitor products tend to be chalky, taste bad, or are in capsule form which means you’d have to take 10-20 capsules to get an adequate amount of fiber. Little Sh!ts allows you to get in the perfect amount of daily fiber and magnesium in a great tasting, easy mixing drink that even kids look forward to!

At the end of running all three of these products for 2 weeks, I can conclude that they do exactly what they say they’re supposed to do. So if you’re looking for a natural energy boost, hydration/immunity or gut health, Mixsupps has exactly what you’re looking for! Grab yours today and experience the benefits for yourself at mixsupps.com.

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