Premier Protein Shake Review

Premier Protein Shake Review


Premier Protein Shake Review
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5
Type: Ready to Drink
Protein Source: Milk, Whey & Casein Protein
Cost Per Fl. Oz: $0.18

I always had a tough time drinking protein shakes for its bland taste and the scary price tag. Another thing that bothered me was how most protein shakes come calorie-packed and the fat content is relatively high as well. But Premier Protein Shake is none of those things.

In my personal opinion, consuming below 300 calories from a drink is acceptable if the overall positive effects outweigh the negative. If the ‘said’ drink comes with great health benefits, along with even greater taste, then don’t wait around. Get yourself the deal you deserve.

Variants Premier Protein Shake Review

FlavorProtein Content Price
Chocolate (11.5 fl. oz.)30gCheck Price
Caramel (11.5 fl. oz.)30gCheck Price
Vanilla(11.5 fl. oz.)30gCheck Price
Bananas & Cream (11.5 fl. oz.)30gCheck Price
Orange Mango (11.5 fl. oz.)20gCheck Price
Peach (16.9 fl. oz)20gCheck Price
Raspberry (16.9 fl. oz)20gCheck Price
Tropical Punch (16.9 fl. oz)20gCheck Price

Product Overview

Premier protein shakes are the elixir of healthy drinks. You get a large serving of all the right nutrients & minerals that will aid you in reinforcing the muscles after you workout. All these health benefits, without stacking up on calories. The few limited calories that come with the Premier Protein Powders and shakes are of low fat content.

Personally, I found the taste of most Premier Protein Shakes to be just as good as any other milkshake, while some being so good that I caved in and ordered a whole bunch, so I could have them as post-meal & post- workout dessert. Plus, they have a wide variety of flavors to pick from.

Premier Protein received “American Master of Taste Gold Medal” for ‘SUPERIOR TASTING’ by Chefs In America in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for its lack of prep time, multiple flavors and the great taste.

Premier Protein Shake is extracted from milk during cheese making process. Its dairy source makes it a high quality protein source.

This brand of milk protein comes with low sugar & fat content, so most of the calories of Premier Protein Shake comes from milk protein mostly.


Premier Protein come in various forms and shapes. They have their own line of protein powder, protein shakes and chocolate bars.

However, the protein shakes come in 2 different types, one clear and juice-like with tropical fruit flavors, the other one is a basic milkshake type.

premier protein shake review


  • Prices start from as low as $0.16 per serving.
  • Great Nutritional Content (160 CALORIES, 1g SUGAR, 24 VITAMINs & MINERALs, LOW fat)
  • A wide variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Very easy to find & buy.
  • Shaker team Community.
  • Tastes just as good as gourmet shakes.
  • Portable packs that you can carry around anywhere.


  • Protein powders aren’t regulated by the FDA.
  • Can’t replace all meals with just Premier Protein Shake.
  • Not very useful if the user is getting plenty of lean protein from an external source.
  • The fiber content in Premier Protein Shake is chicory root and wood pulp(completely safe but is known to cause gas on rare occasions for over-consumption).
  • May not be the best option for people with lactose intolerance.

Rated Reviews

Overall, premier protein shake received positive reviews all over the world. It is specially a hit in online giants like amazon, Walmart and costco. Only about 3% of the customers were not fully satisfied with the Premier Protein Shake products for having a mild taste. It is probably because of the low fat content, but every drink that I had felt and tasted great, especially after a sweaty, heart-pounding workout. You can read about core powder protein review.


To sum it all up, Premier Protein Shake is one of the best in the market that received fairly positive recognition and won awards. If you have a sweet tooth, train on the regular, and like milk shakes, or even have a tight budget, then Premier Protein Shakes are just a couple of clicks away.

Disclaimer: Premier Protein Shake is a registered trademark of Premier Nutrition Corp in the United States.

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  1. Hey, Great analysis. I have tried premier protein powder in my shake. I really liked it mild flavor but my kids don’t like it as they like sweeter things.

    But overall a good protein shake!!!


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