Post Workout Activities to Encourage Mindfulness and Slow Living

post workout activities

If health is wealth as they put it, nothing quite boosts your “overall wealth” more than having a regular and consistent workout routine. Not only does it help you stay physically fit while giving you a more appealing body, but it also has numerous benefits to your mental and emotional wellness.

This is especially if your exercises are followed up with practices that encourage mindfulness while relieving the common anxieties of life ­– things that encourage a simpler, slower, and more sustainable life.

So, what activities can encourage mindfulness and slow living?

1. Deep Breathing Exercises 

Deep breathing is a simple yet effective way to help keep your mind calm and centered. As far as science is concerned, tons of evidence shows that deep breathing has many benefits, including alleviating depression, relieving anxiety, promoting relaxation, and even improving sleep health. Most importantly, it’s among the exercises you can do to promote mindfulness.

And after a tiresome workout session, deep breathing exercises can go a long way in aiding post-workout recovery. A few minutes of taking deep breaths after exercise can help soothe and energize your muscles while getting rid of the carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other elements of fatigue left behind after strenuous exercise.

2. Flower Arranging 

A flower arrangement can give you an instant boost of energy and relaxation, especially when done in the living area. Just like the way the fresh flowers breathe life into nature, the flowers will breathe life into your living space and your mind.

The captivating colors and fragrances of various flowers can do wonders to your physical and mental energy after some time in the gym or on the track. Moreover, making a flower arrangement is also a great way to slow down, connect with nature, and interact with your environment.

And if you can’t make your own, you can always order some pre-arranged blooms from a trusted flower delivery service.

3. Listening to Relaxing Music 

Listening to relaxing music can take you off your everyday routine, and get your mind on a different track. While upbeat music can help improve your workout performance, listening to relaxing songs after the session can be a fantastic way to slow down, clear your head, and enjoy a moment of peace.

This is why it makes a great supplement to mindfulness practices. And if you’d appreciate the thought of getting some quality shut-eye, relaxing music can be a good way to promote sleep.

4. Reading A Book 

You might have heard or read somewhere that exercising can help you read more, improve your focus, and even balloon your memory. But what if someone told you the opposite is also true? Well, you shouldn’t doubt them!

Reading books is a great way to immerse yourself in a new world and create a bond with yourself. When you read, you are more likely to think deeply about and reflect upon different ideas. It helps take your mind off the everyday worries, doubts, and emotional upsets.

Especially if you’re reading an interesting topic, it helps you unwind and relieve stress while gaining new knowledge and entertaining your brain.

Activities That Promote Slow Living 

The list of things you can do to support your slow life is literally endless. Besides relaxing, you can consider things like gardening, cooking, walking, cleaning, or even decluttering your space around the home.

The best part is that most if not all of these can help promote your fitness in a way, and can be done after a rewarding workout session.

What’s the best way to enjoy a healthy and balanced lifestyle? If you guessed right, that’s the one that includes some exercise and relaxation as well. And if you’re more into living a slow life and practicing mindfulness, the above post-workout activities should be worth your while.