NEXT Power Climber Bike Review: Best Bike for Mountain Climbers

next power climber bike review

NEXT is an amazing American bicycle brand famous for its aesthetic and high-design bikes. 

NEXT Power Climber dual-suspension bikes include NEXT Power Climber 26, NEXT 24 Gauntlet Bike, and NEXT Avalon Comfort Bike. These are some of the best versions of NEXT Power Climber, and you won’t regret using them. 

So, here in this blog, our experts have shortlisted and explained some of the best NEXT Power Climbers with dual suspension. 

Top Next Power Climber Dual Suspension Bikes You Can Choose

1. NEXT Power Climber 26 (For Men)

NEXT Power Climber 26 Men’s is a unique men’s mountain bike. Dynacraft BSC owns the All-American Bicycle brand NEXT. Moreover, NEXT is also a renowned brand for its attractive yet economical bicycles that include features that are only available on more expensive bicycles.

The NEXT Power Climber 26’’ combines these features in a stunning design. Moreover, there are 18 speeds with twist shift in front and rear V brakes, a quick-release seat post for hassle-free seat height adjustment, and your option of anesthetic red or sleek black color. 

This robust and sleek Men’s Mountain Bike is equally at home on the mountains and city streets. The NEXT Power Climber is built for off-road conditions, including gravel roads, dirt trails, and steep descents.

The Power Climber Mountain Bike is built to last, unlike the usual fare. The Men’s mountain bike also has a smooth front suspension fork, making it suitable for trail and street riding. If you enjoy MTB off-road cycling or just want a more exciting way to commute, this feature-rich full suspension mountain bike is for you.

Front and rear V brakes provide reliable stopping power. Its 18 speeds provide the control and power needed for every slope and terrain. The NEXT 18 gear mountain bike is built tough from alloy and steel. Your favorite ride will have a comfortable seat and suspension.

Best Mountain Bike
NEXT Power Climber 26
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Great choice for both trail and street riding.
  • Equipped with a smooth-riding front-suspension fork.
  • 18 speeds that give you the incremental power and control
  • The steel and alloy construction
  • A cushioned seat and full suspension
  • If you select Site to Store delivery, your bike(s) will not be assembled upon pickup.

2. NEXT Power Climber 26’’ (For Women)

The 26′′ NEXT power climber bike is the perfect set of wheels for someone who likes to go on long trips. This sturdy mountain bike has a strong silver aluminum frame with black, purple, and white details, making it very durable and robust. Moreover, this 26-inch bike has a padded saddle and front fork suspension to ensure you have a good ride. Even a Shimano grip shifter with front and rear v-brakes also comes with these wheels.

That’s not all; the bike even offers a bump-eating dual-suspension set-up that makes it easy to ride on rough ground. Furthermore, this bicycle also has lightweight and robust alloy rims with cantilever brakes making it an ideal bicycle for anyone. 

3. NEXT 24’’ Gauntlet Bike (For Girls) 

The NEXT Girls’ Gauntlet Bike is suitable for girls more than 13 years of age. It even has a more durable dual-suspension steel frame. Moreover, this mountain bike’s turquoise color scheme and dual-suspension frame and fork combination stand out.

This 24-inch bike is also applicable for kids who want to ride and have the best experience with cycling. It has a durable dual-suspension steel frame with 18 speeds and grips on the pedals and handlebars. Furthermore, this 24′′ bike has impressive looks and can even perform well. 

Alloy linear-pull brakes on the front and back make it an ideal choice for children. Women 5.4” and under can easily ride this bike since the bike’s frame makes it ideal for the height of their legs, making it easier for them to pedal.

To experience the best bicycle ride, you need to have a comfortable posture to enjoy the most out of your riding experience. 

Best Soft Grip
Dynacraft NEXT Girl's 18-Speed Dual Suspension Gauntlet Bike
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Aesthetic
  • Dual suspension
  • Shimano Grip Shift
  • V brakes
  • Vibrant orange color 
  • None found

4. NEXT Avalon Comfort Bike ( Women’s Bike)

The 26′′ Avalon Women’s Cruiser Bike by NEXT is great for new riders or cycling enthusiasts looking for a relaxed ride. The upright riding position and front and rear suspension make long journeys appear fun and small. 

Moreover, the powerful linear pull-brakes keep things in check for a smooth ride. Even the model fits numerous lifestyles giving you one of the best riding experiences. 

It’s perfect for short trips like going to work or college. This bicycle is also best enjoyed while cruising along a beach. The Avalon Men’s Cruiser Bike features a dual-suspension frame, a fully adjustable alloy stem for the upright riding position, and smooth-rolling street tires, making the entire riding experience enjoyable.

The quick-release seat clamp allows riders to customize their seating positions. Front and rear suspension eliminate any unwanted bumps. In short, the bike is one of the best for enthusiastic bike riders

Best Comfort Bike
NEXT Avalon Comfort Bike
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Perfect for novice riders or those who want to enjoy a leisurely ride.
  • The Shimano seven-speed gear system ensures a smooth ride.
  • Quick-release seat clamp lets riders adjust seating positions to their own personal comfort level.
  • The front and rear suspension provide a smooth ride.
  • The smooth-rolling street tires offer perfect friction for all surfaces.
  • The bike may be too slow for some riders.
  • The seat might be uncomfortable for some riders.
  • The bike may be difficult to assemble for some people.

Among all other popular models, the next power climber 24 is probably one of the best investments you can make.

Bottom Line

The NEXT Power Climber dual suspension bikes are fun to ride, and they can be an ideal option for any bicycle enthusiast. Moreover, with the NEXT Power Climber bikes mentioned above, you won’t need to search anywhere else. You can easily select these bikes for a better and more fun biking experience.

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