How to Fix Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems

magnetic resistance exercise bike problems

Exercise bikes are the most common exercise equipment that is found in the household, health clubs, and professional gyms.

Nowadays, they have become more popular as these are some of the best low-impact cardio machines you can find. These bikes can help you to quickly lose weight and stay fit.

They are beneficial for blood circulation, joint pain, and long term injuries. The best thing is you can find the best exercise bike under 300 also.

An exercise bike comes with some issues, especially the magnetic resistance one that you need to know. Therefore, we will talk about some usual magnetic resistance exercise bike problems. Also, you can find how to repair the magnetic resistance for exercise bikes from this article. So stay with us to know the issues and reduce the risk of such exercise bike problems.

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems

These exercise bikes are a bit more costly than the other bikes, and these exercise bike repairs can be complicated. Whenever any problem occurs, they usually require professional help. Here are some common issues that many people face with Magnetic resistance exercise bikes.

The most common problem that happens with every type of exercise bike is loose bolts and screws. Magnetic resistance spin bikes operate using the flywheel but without any belt. The bike’s flywheel interferes with two separate magnets. This interference leads the user to use more force while paddling. But with loose bolts and screws, the magnet’s placement shifts.

When the magnets misplace, the resistance of the bikes will change. This is another issue of the magnetic resistance exercise bikes. With misplacing magnets, it started losing the resistance. A minor change in the gearbox’s tension cable can cause the magnetic bar to change.

How to Repair the Magnetic Resistance for Exercise Bikes?

Both upright bikes and recumbent bikes can have magnetic resistance issues. Here, in this section, we will show how to repair the magnetic resistance for exercise bikes?

Fixing upright magnetic resistance exercise bike

Fixing Upright Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot the upright bike’s magnetic resistance issues. 

  • Replace Display Panel Batteries: At first, disconnect the bike’s power cord from the electrical outlet. Replace the display panels battery if the bike is battery powered. Use a wrench or screwdriver for removing the bolts and screws that secure the cover of the flywheel.
  • Remove Flywheel Cover and Pedal Cranks: To expose the flywheel, pull out each cover to the side. Hold the flywheel and start rotating clockwise the pedal cranks and unsent them from the internal pulley. Then set the cranks aside by removing them. After that, remove the covers of the flywheel.
  • Remove and Replace Magnetic Unit: For removing the pulley, nuts use a ratchet and socket. Then twist the pulley and slip off the pulley’s V-belt and the magnetic unit. Check properly if the belt got damaged and needed any replacement or not. Remove the magnetic unit nut that secures it and then replace it.
  • Reinstall V-Belt and Pedal Cranks: In this stage, reinstall the Magnetic resistance exercise bikes-belt on the pulley and the magnetic. Make a replacement of the nut that secures the pulley. Properly position the covers on the flywheels on each side. Rotate the pedal cranks clockwise and reattach them. After that, reattach the covers of the flywheel.

Fixing Recumbent Exercise Bikes Magnetic Resistance Issues

The below tips can help you if your recumbent magnetic resistance exercise bike not working.

  • Locate Hub Sensor Battery Pack: Set the chain guard aside by loosening the bolts. Then locate the hub sensor battery pack by rotating the flywheel. Keep rotating until the battery pack is visible to you. 
  • Replace the Batteries: Find out the insulated wire leads from the unit’s connection. Check them to see if they are burned or intact. If they get burned, then you have to replace them. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the battery pack’s cap, replace the batteries, and reattach it.
  • Loosen the Speed Sensor Unit: You can find the speed sensor near the pedal sprocket. By using a hex wrench, remove the nut from the sensor. Pull out the speed sensor and access the battery cap.
  • Reinstall Speed Sensor and Chain Guard: Replace the cap and install a new battery. Reattach the nut after reinstalling the speed sensor. Finally, tighten the bolts and screws after attaching the chain guard.  

Maintenance Tips for Exercise Bikes

Exercise bike’s magnetic issues can be resolved or prevented with proper maintenance. You can follow the below tips to maintain the exercise bikes.

  • While cleaning the unit, use soft cloths and never use any petroleum-based material or abrasive liquid.
  • Confirm that the pedals are steadily placed on the exercise bike and not loosen.
  • Check out the sensor’s accuracy.
  • Lubricate the flywheel, motor, and pedals frequently. The durability and life cycle mostly depend on them.
  • Adjust the belt tension at least once or twice a week.
  • Test the straps regularly.
  • To prevent dust build-up and grease on the bike, clean it thoroughly. After using, every day wipes the bike with a soft cloth.

Magnetic Resistance for Exercise Bike

Magnetic resistance creates resistance in exercise bikes by using the magnetic field. This magnetic field is generated by internal batteries or by an electrical circuit and pedaling action. By altering the magnetic field’s intensity, a control panel is used for adjusting resistance. Most upright exercise bikes use magnetic units.

On the other side, recumbent bikes use sensors on the pedal cranks and flywheel to generate magnetic poles. These bikes come in different ranges like you can have the best exercise bike under 300 also. Magnetic resistance exercise bikes don’t use too many moving parts. Thus, they are becoming more popular among the health freaks. Also, because of fewer moving parts, they last for a longer period of time.


Undoubtedly, the best exercise bikes under 300 dollars are the most demanded in the market right now. Though it comes with some cons, you can’t deny all the convenience of these bikes. We showed how to repair the magnetic resistance for exercise bikes in this article.

You can solve or prevent the common magnetic resistance exercise bike problems by following the above steps. Don’t forget to check the warranty also the terms and conditions of the warranty. Also, follow the manual guideline whenever such issues occur.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What resistance should I use on an exercise bike?

Ans: On a “flatland” or even surface, maintain a cadence of 80 to 100 RPMs; whereas on “hills,” the cadence can be 60 to 80 RPMs. Lower the resistance if you’re having trouble maintaining 60 RPMs.

Q. Are magnetic resistance bikes good?

Ans: Magnetic resistance bikes have more stable resistance and a greater ability to change the total resistance level. For high-intensity workouts, magnetic resistance systems are perfect. They might be more expensive upfront, but their reliability and lack of maintenance make them an excellent long-term investment.

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