How to Use Smartwatch without Phone

how to use smartwatch without phone

A smartwatch is a wearable computer in the form of a wristwatch; modern smartwatches provide a local touchscreen interface for daily use, while an associated smartphone app provides for management and telemetry (such as long-term biomonitoring). If your smartwatch doesn’t have a built-in cellular chip, it needs to be connected to your phone to work. Here’s how to use a smartwatch without a phone.

Still, you will be able to use some smartwatches without a smartphone. Usually, the smartwatches that you will be able to use without a smartphone are higher-end models. They will require a micro-SIM to operate, which means that these smartwatches won’t need to tether to another device to communicate with other devices. Instead, it will do it over a cellular network. 

smartwatch and smartphone

Even though you will be able to operate some smartwatches without having a phone nearby, you might still often need a phone to set your watch up and install various apps on it. Then, it will translate to a product that will work independently without a smartphone but still will require some assistance from one from time to time. Other similar products like running watches or dedicated GPS watches have smart features but can’t operate without a smartphone. But you can do so with a smartwatch that runs by using a micro-SIM, as you will be able to do many things without needing a smartphone.

Things To Do On a Smartwatch without Smartphones

These days quite a lot of features have been added to smartwatches for their users, and if you want to find out which of these features will work well without a smartphone, then you are in luck. A lot of essential smartwatch features like texting, music streaming or playing, fitness tracking, voice commands, etc., can be done easily on your smartwatch without keeping it connected to your smartphone. However, you might still need some sort of other device while using some of these features. For instance, if you want to stream or play music on your smartwatch or you want to access the voice command option, you will need to attach a headphone or microphone to your smartwatch to do so. 

The features you will be able to access without the use of a smartphone will highly depend on your smartwatch’s model and brand. If you go for the ‘Apple Watch Series’, you will have a lot of standalone features. When it comes to smartwatches, Apple has the pioneer and top innovator in this industry. You won’t need a 24/7 iPhone connection in order to take calls, listen to music while on the go, and track your activities. 

Texting and Calling On A Smartwatch

In order to send texts and make calls via your smartwatch without the support of a smartphone, you will need to have three things. They are-

  • Having access to a network
  • Headphone or/ and a speaker
  • A microphone

As some smartwatches these days come with all these built-in features, you might be able to use your smartwatches without needing any additional devices like a Bluetooth headset. Some other smartwatches will only support the network functions, so you will need to have a pair of headphones for this. When it comes to texting, you can accomplish this for the most part by using the voice-to-text feature. But you will need a cellular network to access this feature. You will have to rely on the network access of your smartphone to do so. If you are using an Apple watch, you might be able to receive and send texts with iMessage simply by having access to a wi-fi network. 

It’s fortunate that you can have access to a cellular network with your smartwatch with micro-SIM technology. Smartwatches that will have the micro-SIM technology will have a small slot on their side that will fit this specific type of SIM. You’ll also need to add your smartwatch to your cellular plan most of the time.

Smartwatch for Kid without Phone

A smartwatch for kids without phones is a great way to keep track of their whereabouts and ensure they’re safe. These devices can be worn by children of all ages and feature GPS tracking, two-way calling, and other safety features. Some smartwatches even come equipped with games and other kid-friendly features to keep them entertained.

Can Your Smartphone be Replaced with Your Smartwatch?

You might find the chance of ditching your smartphone totally amusing, but you might face some downsides to using a wearable only. You must always consider one thing no matter how powerful a smartwatch or any other wearable device is; they always get constrained by their size. Smartphones might be big, but they keep coming with the latest features and technology. Smartwatches can’t compete at all with smartphones when it comes to having power and showcasing it. 

Why You Still Might Want a Smart Watch?

While it’s a better choice to stick to a smartphone, there are some other reasons that you should consider before thinking about ditching your smartphone. After considering these, you might want to keep having your smartphone. Firstly, a smartwatch can stay charged for only around 8 hours when it’s connected to a cellular network. As you won’t be able to charge them without taking them off, it can a great inconvenience. Secondly, they lack a lot of functions and features that a smartphone usually has. 

Also, it doesn’t matter how standalone your smartwatch is. You’ll still need a smartphone to add music, apps, etc., and access health and fitness analytics. Even with Apple, you might have to download a paired app on your phone, despite Apple adding direct downloads features to their smartwatches.

Final Words

These days smartwatches come with a lot of features and functions, and they can become an essential part of your life by helping you text, call, and access various apps without using your smartphone. They will reduce your reliance on smartphones significantly. You can use your smartwatch independently for a lot of things, and you won’t need to go near your smartphone while doing those. However, they don’t still work as a full replacement for smartphones, as there is still a long way to go for these devices. Smartphones are still miles ahead when it comes to various features and functionalities, so it’s better that you stick to your smartphone for the time being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to Use Smartwatch Without Phone Near?

Ans: It depends on the specific smartwatch and what features it offers. Some smartwatches can be used without a phone nearby, while others require a Bluetooth connection to a phone in order to function.

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