How to Use Palm Massager Properly

palm massager

A palm massager allows your hand muscles to relax and release serotonin for your overall well-being. This is one of the core devices to use at home and the best alternatives to hand massage therapy from expensive therapy centers. In this article, we will discuss how you can use a palm massager in effective ways.

Place the nodes of your palm massager on your hands or any other muscles you like. Then turn on the device to have therapeutic benefits. If your device supports multiple massage modes, you can change the mode to find your desired massage advantages.

How to Use Your Palm Massager

There are various types and models of massagers. Each device features different nodes and massage modes. Here we will give you a generalized idea of how you can use a handheld palm massager effectively:

  • Clean the massage nodes with hand sanitizer. 
  • Plug your device in an electrical outlet and place them on a flat dry surface.
  • Turn on your device to receive massages. Some devices will need to be pressed and held for getting massages. Some devices will shut off automatically after certain minutes.
  • Set them accordingly if your device has different modes, customizable vibration, or speed functions; set them accordingly.
  • Turn off the device once your massage session ends. If you want, place the nodes in the different body areas and repeat the whole process.

How to Maintain Safety

Safety is one of the primary concerns while using a palm massager. Here are a few ways you can maintain safety:

  • Unplug your massage device after using it and keep it unplugged while cleaning
  • Use your palm massager in open areas or indoors 
  • Keep your device away from any water body, especially while using the device
  • Make sure to supervise while using the device near disabled person and children
  • Under any circumstances, do not let children operate a palm massager
  • Use the designated adapter that comes with the device
  • Keep the device unplugged from the power outlet when not in use
how to use palm massager properly

How to Store Your Palm Massager

If you are not regularly using your palm massager, make sure to store it for future use properly. While storing your device, keep these things in mind:

  • Store your device in a cool and dry place
  • Cover your device properly to avoid dust to settle
  • Avoid extreme heat 
  • Keep it away from children’s reach
  • Make sure to keep your device away from other similar devices to avoid danger


Accidents can happen at any time if you are not careful. So, here are a few tips to avoid accidents and other mishaps:

  • Never use your palm massager on inflamed, swollen, or broken skin areas
  • Avoid using the device in areas where you are experiencing pain for unexplainable reasons
  • Do not use a palm massager under the following circumstances if not advised by a doctor:
    • Benign or malignant tumors
    • Phlebitis
    • Open flesh wounds
    • Tumors
    • Undetermined calf pain
    • Hemorrhages
    • Bruises
    • Thrombosis
  • Do not use a palm massager as an alternative to medical applications or in anybody area where there are possibilities of adverse effects
  • Consult a doctor before using a palm massager if you have the following conditions:
    • Pregnancy
    • Diabetes
    • Any chronic illness
  • Don’t take a nap during the massage session
  • Palm massager is dangerous for children. Keep the device away from their reach
  • Don’t use the device as a head massager
  • Keep the massage nodes clean all the time
  • Keep the device unplugged whenever you are not using it

Maintenance and Cleaning Your Palm Massager

If you want your palm massager to last longer, it is crucial that you take proper maintenance of your device. Regular cleaning can go a long way in keeping your device lasting longer. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your palm massager:

  • Unplug your device from the electronic outlet before cleaning
  • Remove the cap from nodes before starting cleaning. Depending on the device model, the cap removing procedure can vary
  • Clean the nodes according to the instruction manual that comes with the device. Some devices can be cleaned with mild soap and water. You will need to use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer for some devices.
  • Clean the device before and after every use
  • Wipe the whole device with wet wipes or a damp cloth. Make sure your device is completely dry before using it
  • Make sure to use the proper cleaning procedure mentioned in the user manual. Use the recommended liquid to avoid any complications
  • Make sure the power cord does not get tangled
  • Make sure to check for damage frequently to avoid accidents

Bottom Line

Palm massagers are great devices for getting a massage conveniently. However, you need to use it accordingly to get the best results. Also, proper maintenance is the key to keeping your device operational for the long haul. 

If you follow the above-mentioned procedures, you can get the best massage experience and keep your device in excellent shape for years to come.

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