How to Treat an Excruciating Tooth Pain

how to treat an excruciating tooth pain

No dental problem is ever pleasant. Whether it is a root canal issue or wisdom teeth, anything and everything to do with your dental structure needs careful attention. If not, it can affect your mouth space, which will make it challenging for you to eat, drink or speak. Have you ever witnessed toothache? If yes, you know how intolerable it is. Mostly because toothache doesn’t stay fixated on the gum and tooth region, instead, it gets spread to your neck, ears, head, and shoulder region as well. As a result, you have to take good care of it and ensure that you choose the correct treatment. 

Enduring toothache and its hazards

On most occasions, an excruciating toothache doesn’t start all at once. It graduates to higher levels one step at a time. Sometimes, a toothache causes minimal discomfort and vanishes on its own. At other times, the toothache can increase significantly and affect your daily lifestyle. For instance, you might find eating or speaking challenging, making you feel irritated and helpless. There are times, your toothache might increase when you sleep on a certain side. Hence, when you find that you have been witnessing a prolonged toothache, make sure that you don’t sit on it, thinking it will get healed on its own. Instead, go ahead and get an appointment from an emergency doctor. To know more, you can check out emergency dentistry for tooth pain in Plainview, NY

Treating extreme toothache

You might not have anything severe with your dental or overall health, but it always makes sense to get a medical opinion and rule out serious causes that are causing the pain. If you have had a history of toothache that comes and vanishes on its own, it’s essential that you get speaking with an emergency dentist. Also, when you have a toothache, it is necessary to treat it in a way that it reduces gradually with time and doesn’t come back. Are you wondering how to do so? If yes, here are a few guidelines that can help you. 

  1. Check with a dentist

If you have been suffering from toothache for a while now, the emergency dentist is who you should talk to at the earliest. They can take a scan of your tooth structure through the x-ray and check for the root cause of the pain. Often these pains are the earlier signs of tooth decay or cavities. Hence, the dentist can suggest preventive ways to enable you to tackle the pain and ensure that it doesn’t aggravate anything fatal. You should stay away from it. 

Other than that, the emergency dentist can also suggest some medicine that can help bring down the pain to a considerable extent. That way, you will have the scope to feel better when the pain reduces. It will enable you to go about your day without feeling any discomfort. 

  1. Gargle with salt and water

There are several reasons for toothache and gum pain. One of the most crucial reasons is that your gums and teeth might have bacteria and germ build-up that, when not addressed, might lead to the development of cavities. Gargling with salt and water mixed together in a balanced proportion has helped several people to feel relief from the pain. It doesn’t happen the first time you gargle. It can take a few days. Also, when you do this, you gradually get rid of the bacteria and germs that people have. Hence, your teeth and dental structure is becoming healthy. 

  1. Don’t bite onto foods with hard surface

It is not a permanent solution, but it can help bring the pain down considerably. If you already have a toothache and are eating hard nuts and crackers, you will increase the pain. Hence, make sure that you don’t do this at any cost. Also, once the pain is reducing, you shouldn’t indulge in nuts and hard surface foods until your dentist suggests you do so. Healing entirely from toothache is essential before you eat nuts and other food that has a hard surface. 

  1. Check for cavities

Cavities are notorious and can lead to toothache that is challenging to withstand. So, check with the emergency dentist whether it’s cavities that is causing the pain. If the pain is due to cavities, make sure that you treat it at the earliest. Here a dentist will drill and remove the cavities. They will make a dental filling and cover up the drilled portion so that it looks like a natural tooth. Also, you might be asked to refrain from hot and cold foods for a while to ensure that the teeth heal well. 

  1.  Pain relievers work well

At times toothache could result from minor gum bacteria, which won’t cause much harm. Hence, here the emergency dentist will suggest you some pain relievers. Here it would help if you used the pain relievers so that you can get relief from the pain to a considerable extent. Sometimes, you might be given pain killers that will ensure that your pain comes down. But if you notice that the pain is surfacing after you leave the medicine, you should get back to the dentist and understand why. 

Toothache is common, and everyone has faced it. Having said that, the reasons for toothache can vary. If you don’t address the toothache at the onset, it can result in tooth decay in the coming months. Other than the guidelines mentioned here, you can also choose natural treatments, like drinking rosemary tree or squishing with peppermint oil that helps to kill the bacteria and germs present in your mouth. Fenugreek tea and clove oil are also good remedies that you can choose to reduce your toothache. But suppose you find that your toothache is accompanied by other physical discomforts like fever and headache, in that case, you need to check with the dentist and ask for a medical intervention to heal yourself better. A dentist can only suggest the best solution for long-term benefits.

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