How to Treat Neck Pain After C-Section – 7 Effective Ways!

how to treat neck pain after c section

Severe or mild neck pain is a frequent complaint among many people. Neck muscles can get strained due to bad posture – whether you’re hunching over your mobile or even leaning on your workbench. Moreover, osteoarthritis can also be a significant cause of neck pain.

Neck discomfort after a C-section among mothers is pretty natural. In such cases, it’s highly recommended to consult a physician immediately to prevent any significant issues. 

Now, neck pain after C-section is often considered pretty painful for mothers, especially when they have much to do like breastfeeding their infant, looking after them, and more.

So, due to this neck pain, mothers can’t comfortably do their work in feeding and caring for the infants. 

Therefore, in this article, you’ll know about all the ways of treatment of neck pain after c section.

What Can I Do to Help with My Neck Pain?

During childbirth, back and neck discomfort can be due to anxiety, even more, if you are still healing from surgery.

Mothers undoubtedly feel some sort of discomfort because of the surgical incision, and as a result, this can lead to neck pain. 

Neck pain is pretty standard after C-section, so in this section, you’ll look at some of the ways by which you can feel better from your neck pain after a C-section.   

Try not to bend over when lifting and picking up your baby.

Maintain an awareness of your posture. Try to avoid bending, especially when you are lifting your infant.  

Always keep a straight back and bend your knees when lifting your baby from the cradle. If you’re experiencing pain, ask your partner or other family members to help you place the baby in the cot or stroller. 

The first few weeks after the C-section, you need to be careful with how you maintain yourself. Too much stress and work can increase both your neck and back pain. Therefore, for the first few weeks seek help and assistance from others to avoid increasing neck pain after delivery.

Back straight while breastfeeding

This can help relieve strain on your neck and spine, preventing or even alleviating back and neck pain. 

Make sure to find a comfortable feeding location for your baby. This will eventually reduce the pain in your neck. Moreover, when you can breastfeed your baby, you’ll feel more relaxed and stay pretty comfortable while looking after your infant. 

In such cases, you can also seek the help of your partner to be your helping hand while you breastfeed. For instance, you can ask him to provide you with a pillow behind your neck or even place a warm towel behind your neck so that you can ease the neck pain while you breastfeed. 

Hot bath

A steamy hot bath can help you to reduce a lot of your muscle stress and severe neck pain after pregnancy. 

Moreover, steamy heat can also help blood circulation, hence lowering inflammation and neck and back pain.  

However, C-section is a surgical procedure, and most doctors refrain mothers from steamy baths. If your healthcare professional gives you the all-clear permission to take the hot bath, then you surely can take it. 

Yet, if your doctor didn’t permit you to take a hot bath, you can still use hot pads and put them on your neck to ease the stressful pain in your neck. 

Gentle exercises

Exercises can be an excellent cure for neck pain as it helps your still muscles loosen, giving you relief. 

However, you should start your exercises after receiving clearance from your healthcare professional. You can begin with simple, gentle workouts such as yoga. 

This helps develop the abdominal muscles and even alleviates back and neck muscular stress. 

Moreover, taking a short stroll can help enhance blood circulation. This may also help you to reduce severe neck pain. 

It’s highly recommended that you seek exercise advice from your doctor and ask them which kind of exercises you should strictly follow and avoid. Since after C-section, it’s highly advisable not to perform heavy and stressful exercises. 


Rest is a must after you have gone through C-section. The excessive movement might aggravate back and neck pain.

Moreover, when you take proper rest, your muscles tend to stay more relaxed and feel more comfortable. After C-section, your back, neck, and another group of muscles go through a lot of stress. So, in such cases, proper rest is a must. 

Therefore, avoid standing for long, especially when your neck is achy. Allow your back and neck to rest and mend. An excessive activity might only increase the pain. 

Sleep is how your body restores itself, and looking after your infant frequently results in you not receiving enough sleep. So, ask your partner to look after the infant for some time while you take some energy restoring sleep. 


Gentle and smooth massage can be one of the best remedies to ease muscle and neck pain. 

Moreover, getting a back massage can help you feel better. Massages can help to alleviate muscle stress and boost circulation. 

Even a massage from your partner or a professional can indeed help a lot. Although, try not to make this a habit, as then the effects might not be felt. However, gentle and a few minutes of massage sessions would be enough to ease your neck muscles and make you feel better. 

Take pain medication.

Medications can be your last source of remedy. However, do make sure to consult your physician regarding appropriate medications you should take, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

Some medications can have adverse effects, especially when breastfeeding your infant.  

Generally, doctors suggest acetaminophen and ibuprofen during breastfeeding. Furthermore, ensure that you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage as mentioned on your prescription or package.

Final Takeaway

There are many kinds of issues that mothers can face after a C-section, and neck pain is one of the most common issues. However, following the mentioned suggestions above would be enough to cure your neck pain. 

Moreover, it’s not something you need to worry about as these pains are not fatal and don’t last for a long time. 

Yet, if you still face issues with your neck, make sure to consult with your doctor for better treatment suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long does it take for nerves to heal after C-section?

Ans: This can result in numbness that lasts for weeks or months until the nerves recover from the temporary loss of nerve transmission. The issue usually resolves in 6-12 weeks, although there are times when it may take longer.

Q: Does drinking water help with nerve pain?

Ans: Water should be a part of everyone’s diet, but it’s especially important for nerve pain sufferers. To minimize inflammation and avoid stimulating pain receptors, it’s vital to stay hydrated throughout the day.