10 Most Practical Tips: How to Remember Yoga Sequences

yoga sequences

Yoga is one of the most effective forms of exercise, as it comes with a huge number of benefits. Conducting different yoga moves regularly can help you keep fit. But it can’t be challenging to perform yoga regularly if you can’t remember the sequences of the yoga moves you want to perform. 

You might want to know how to remember yoga sequences and perform them accordingly while doing yoga. We will talk about how you can do so throughout this article. 

There are different strategies you can go for to memorize the yoga flow sequences. If you are a usual performer of yoga or a yoga teacher that has to demonstrate sequences for their apprentices, memorizing the sequences of yoga should be of great importance to you.

You can quickly go for practical strategies like practice, visualization, and reputation to memorize yoga sequences. There are other strategies out there too, and we will talk about all these throughout the article. 

how to remember yoga sequence

Steps on How to Remember Yoga Sequences

Let’s look at the top 10 sequence strategy tips for yoga sequences.

1. Practicing

You can achieve perfection for anything through practice. It is applicable in the case of memorizing yoga sequences too. The more you will actively participate in practice sessions about specific yoga sequences, the more you will remember what move comes after what. You must keep practicing the sequences you want to remember, as it will help you memorize them.

You can find a similar situation with dancing. The sense of dancing has similarities to yoga sequences. A dancer goes through rehearsals constantly to practice their dance routine for their upcoming days. By actively practicing, they make their bodies remember the dance routine, dance moves, or sequences.

In the same way, the more you go through yoga practice sessions actively, the more the entire sequence will be remembered by your body. It will become muscle memory, as it will be appropriately ingrained into every nerve. 

2. Visualizing An Entire Sequence

Things can get more imaginable through proper and frequent visualization. The more you visualize something, the more you will be able to imagine it properly while conducting it yourself. For applying this strategy, you will simply have to form images of different postures in your mind that are included in the specific yoga sequences you want to memorize. Visualization will allow you to create imaginable and vivid stories to help you memorize specific information, such as yoga sequences. 

By visualization of the specific sequences in your head, you will make it easy to remember yoga sequences. For that, you can just visualize your own body getting into a specific posture of the yoga sequences physically. Then hold that thought while you breathe in and out, and then visualize getting out of that pose for transitioning to the next posture of the sequence. 

For your convenience, you can include the feel, the people, in fact, the whole setting if you want. It will help you memorize the yoga sequences even more strongly. 

3. Saying It Out Loud or Writing It Down

According to numerous studies, writing something that someone wants to learn and memorize eagerly helps them deeply encode that information. It’s because there is a direct connection between your brain and head. So, you can try writing down the yoga sequence you want to memorize. You can outline the sequence steps first while writing them down and adding other notes later. 

For instance, the simple anatomy of a yoga session can include integration, grounding, postures, salutations, and savasana. You can quickly write that down and add specific parts of the sequence later in between. You can try writing these in small flashcards, as they come convenient in situations like these.

You can also try saying the steps of the sequences aloud while writing them down. It will be further helpful in keeping the information in your head. Also, reading the writings now and then will help you actively engage with the sequences, and you will remember them even more. 

4. Using Mnemonics

Mnemonics are a system to make any information more unforgettable. One of the most used forms of mnemonics is taking the first letter of each word of a sentence or phrase or something similar that you want to memorize and putting them into another sentence consisting of the same letters.

5. Recording and Listening to the Sequence

Listening to a recorded yoga sequence helps you get more practice for ingraining the methods. You can keep listening to the recording of specific yoga sequences while you are doing your chores, sitting idly in your living room, or driving. You will be able to memorize sequences very well by doing this.

6. Teaching the Sequence

You can try teaching the yoga sequence that you memorize to a fellow yoga performer or a friend. You will memorize the sequences well by performing them for your apprentice.

7. Varying Your Yoga Routine

You can try varying your yoga routine. This strategy can be highly effective in making you remember your yoga sequence. If you practice the sequence in various ways, it will get more ingrained in your body and mind. You might find an even better strategy to perform your sequence than the one you were initially trying. This way, you can find out which method works best for you and quickly memorize your yoga sequence. 

8. Breaking the Sequences into Chunks

When we try to memorize a phone number, instead of memorizing it all at once, we first break it into small chunks and then memorize it to remember the whole number. You can do the same thing while trying to memorize yoga sequences. You can break a sequence into smaller portions and then memorize the portions individually to memorize the whole sequence finally. 

Yoga sequences can be broken down into mini segments easily. Breaking them into small segments can also provide you with the chance to work closely on the sections you are facing a difficult time remembering. 

9. Relating to Memories

You can try relating your yoga sequences to something from your memory. It can be beneficial to relate them to things that you already know. Isolating the material you want to memorize can make it difficult to remember. You can try linking them to other connections to have a better chance at memorizing them.

If you can’t find anything from your memories to connect them to, you can make up fun scenarios that remind you of the sequences. As some of the postures have names of certain animals, you can try remembering them through that. 

10. Focusing on the Moment

When trying to memorize a yoga sequence, remove all the things from around you that can be distracting. Take out the people, sounds, everything. Then slowly start performing your yoga sequence. It’s essential that you feel the flow of the postures and movements in your body. It’s essential to feel the rhythm.

By taking time to feel the movements and rhythm of the sequence, you get closer to acknowledging your spirit and body. By going with the flow more and more, you will feel the sequences more in your body. You will be able to memorize your chosen sequences even more. 

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult memorizing a yoga sequence and then performing it properly while you are at a yoga class or just performing yoga for your fitness. The techniques mentioned above will help you remember the sequences easily. Make sure to choose the technique that seems the most helpful to you so that you can quickly memorize your preferred sequences. Also, you can try out different strategies to find out which one suits you best.

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