How to Prevent Your Hands from Slipping on Yoga Mat?

how to prevent hands slipping on yoga mat

Hand slipping on yoga mats is quite common among many yoga practitioners, and this can also prevent you from performing effective yoga positions. So, how to prevent hand slipping on yoga mat? 

Hand position, mat flipping, alignment revision, and using a yoga mat towel or a grip gel are some ways to prevent the hand from slipping on a yoga mat. You can also use a mat scrub for better hand and mat traction. 

In this blog, you’ll know all the ins and outs of the ways you can prevent your hands from slipping on your yoga mats. 

How to Prevent Hand Slipping on Yoga Mat?

In this section, our fitness experts will explain how to prevent your hand from slipping on your yoga mat and practice your positions more effectively. 

Hand Position

Weight-bearing poses like Downward Dog or Chaturanga Dandasana will be more difficult and “slippery” if your hands aren’t in the right place. Wrist pain may also happen in the long run. 

People in yoga call this technique “Hand Lock” or “Hasta Bandha,” and it helps people get the right-hand grip in their poses and even helps their wrists stay strong.

You can do this Hasta Bandha, by following these steps.

Step-1: Spread the fingers as far apart to make your hand surface bigger. This will help you balance and grip in weight-bearing poses.

Step-2: Ensure the middle finger of each palm faces forward and is perfectly aligned with the wrist.

Step-3: Fingertips, the palm’s top, and the palm’s heel should all be in contact with the mat simultaneously.

Step-4: Keep these contact points in mind as you grip the mat. 

Step-5: The arch of your hand should not be very heavy or tight. Instead, keep it flexible to feel the middle of the palm. 

Make Adjustments to Your Hand Alignment

Make sure the hands and feet are where they should be and that your core is fully engaged when you do Downward Dog. Make sure to use the Hasta Bandha that was mentioned above.

You can also do this with your feet. You should spread your toes and ensure your feet’ balls are firmly on the ground while the arches of your feet are raised.

Flip Your Mat.

Not all mats are the same, so this piece of advice won’t work for all of them! But if your mat is made of two different materials, like cork and natural rubber, you might want to try flipping your mat to see if your hands stop slipping when you touch it.

Use Yoga Mat Towel

When you do hot yoga, you want to make your mat more slippery so that you can keep your balance. To do this, you cover your mat with a yoga mat towel, which is also called a “hot yoga towel.”

A yoga mat towel is a must-have for people who get sweaty hands and feet and want to make yoga more comfortable.

To keep your hands clean when things get hot and sweaty, you can keep a small microfiber hand towel close by.

Give Proper Scrub to Your Mat

People who buy new yoga mats often look for cheap ways to make their mats more slippery and keep their hands from sliding. Salt and vinegar are your best friends.

Here’s a simple way to break in your new yoga mat and make it more slippery with sea salt:

  • Mix sea salt and warm water and sprinkle it on your mat.
  • You can use a cotton washcloth or a stiff-bristled brush if you want to clean it.
  • Clean the salt scrub off of your yoga mat and let it air dry so it can be reused.

This method can help break down the first layer, making it easier for you to stay in your poses and not slip.

Have some vinegar, but no sea salt? You can use that instead. If you want to break in your yoga mat, you can use it as well. The acid in the vinegar will help remove the greasy film from the surface, but it will be gentle enough not to damage the mat. This is how:

  • You should make a 50/50 mix of both when you mix white vinegar and water. To make your spray smell a little bit better, add 2 to 4 drops of essential oil to the bottle.
  • Then, think about tea tree oil, which has been shown to have some antibacterial properties.
  • In a spray bottle, put the mixture you want to use and spray it all over your yoga mat.
  • Then, spread it out with a sponge.

Don’t use paper or paper towels if you want to clean up. They will break down into the mat and make a mess.

Use Gloves and Grip Socks to Prevent Slipping

Another way to keep from slipping is to wear grippy socks and gloves. These yoga accessories usually have grippy dots or are lined with natural rubber to keep your hands and feet from slipping. This improves the grip and keeps your hands and feet from slipping, even during the most difficult yoga pose.

Bottom Line

Hands slipping on a yoga mat may cause severe hand injury or muscle strains. So, knowing how to prevent your hand from slipping can aid you in doing more effective yoga practices. Moreover, choosing the right yoga mat with proper traction can also prevent you from slipping over the yoga mat.

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