9 Workout Hacks to Maximize Gains

how to maximize gains

We all struggle with working out, may it be to tone our bodies, strengthen our muscles, or to build our endurance. So, how to maximize gains?

The fact that we ARE struggling is why we get demotivated, and if we don’t, the effort we put in is all lost in alienation and lack of structure. It’s super-efficient. 

I have put in a list of workout hacks you can do to really change your workout game and take it up a notch. These are proven strategies that really do work. So without any further ado, let us get on with the list.

Exercise Hacks

1. Stretch

Stretching is the right way to start off your day. Even if you do not work out. Every athlete, bodybuilder, and fitness trainer will keep a small window open for pre-workout stretches. Consider it as a fitness staple.

The benefits you can hope to achieve are limitless. Firstly, stretching will loosen your limbs up, which will add to your overall flexibility. This is important because most of you have heard of exercise-related injuries. Some of these happen because the muscle tissues were not ‘limb enough.’

Stretching also increases your overall blood circulation. You will notice that after a long period of stretching, you experience a period of boosted energy. It’s simple because of the increased blood flow.

2. Strength Training Before Cardio

The wear and tear of cardio is greater than strength training, so if it’s ideal to start off with some good ol’ lifting and calisthenics.

To put it in layman’s terms, if you start with the strength training first, you will have the increased circulation from stretching beforehand, which will aid you in giving it your best for the strength training. 

Once your muscles are fatigued, you use your heart and lungs to work up every bit of calorie, you can muster and eliminate some stubborn fat. 

I personally would perform cardio before strength, and before long, I lost all the will and motivation to workout. So, when I started off again after a year, I made sure to plan it right, and my consistency and desire to keep at it kept on growing stronger with each passing drill.


For your busy girls, HIIT is the ultimate all-in-one workout program you can invest in if you are low on free time. 

‘HIIT’ stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This gym hack was designed in such a way that you can reap the benefits of cardio, strength training, muscle toning, and endurance building, all at once. 

There are various HIIT workout videos on youtube you can try. These are ‘follow only’ videos and come with the breaks and the reps. So, all you need to do is watch the video and follow it.

4. Eat Frequently, in Small Portions

According to CNN Health, you have to consume 1 pound of protein per pound of body weight in pounds. So, if you are trying to gain muscle, you will be eating a lot. One thing to keep in mind is that overeating also adds to your fat deposit.

So, what you can and SHOULD do is eat 5 meals a day. Each meal should contain about 1/5th of your daily caloric needs. This way, your stomach will shrink, so you won’t end up overeating the future, but at the same time, you are taking in JUST enough macros to see quick results.

Now, for the main and also the most important reason why you should formulate this diet plan is that it’s the most efficient way of burning fat through your diet. So whenever we eat anything, we get some energy in the form of increased metabolism. Now when you do this, multiplied 5 times, you will go through a good enough calorie burn.

Plus, you will be consuming small meals, so the calorie intake won’t be that great, so your overall calorie loss will be good enough.

5. Time your protein and big meals RIGHT AFTER a workout

This is yet another essential bodybuilding hack in enhancing your overall fitness through fat loss and absorbing the right macros in a plentiful amount. 

So, there is a thing called the ‘anabolic window,’ which is basically a 30 minute window that you get RIGHT after your strength training, and that is the best time to consume protein. Basically, the nutritions can transfer from a catabolic state to anabolic. 

Therefore, taking in carbs and protein will maximize protein synthesis and store the lost glycogen.

6. Hydrate

We all know how this is important for every human, it does not matter if they are exercising or not. Drinking water has countless benefits. It aids in taking in all the necessary minerals. 

And when you are working out, or even work a 9-5, it really drives up your metabolism, which results in dehydration. So, you will always need water in plentiful to keep up with the water loss. 

There is also a bonus benefit that will definitely get your attention. It’s that drinking water helps you to increase muscle mass to some extent, which adds to the overall fat burning.

Moreover, it also helps you cool down after a workout and recover your breath.

7. Mix compound and isolation movements

Compound moves are workouts that target multiple muscle groups, and isolation is as you guessed it- engages just ONE muscle/muscle group.

The reason you need to mix and match these is that your body starts getting used to any move that you may do over a long period. So, you will reach a plateau and will not improve from there on out.

However, when you mix it up, you will not reach a plateau before long. This hack for building muscle is really useful because changing your workout plan frequently can be stressful and will cause you to give up.

8. Make a Proper Routine

Timing is the most important factor for everything, no matter what it is. This applies to working out as well. For instance, you do a very productive HIIT workout before dinner. It’s all good until you realize it’s 3 AM in the morning, and you can’t sleep, because metabolism got skyrocketed. So an ideal timing for HIIT would be in the morning to boost your day.

There are other reasons why you have to time your workouts, like if you workout RIGHT after your lunch or even dinner, you may throw up. You will not believe the many guys and girls I have seen burst out puking in the middle of a deadlift. 

There is also the fact that without proper planning, you will either overwork a specific muscle group or underwork, and this will lead to an imbalance. And, you can go on unguided for so long before giving up. 

9. Embrace Your Vanity

At last but not least, submit to your own narcissism. After all, if you don’t like how you look, no amount of compliments showering or achievement will open your eyes. And never really feeling more attractive will hinder any motivation reinforcing your will to workout.

So, look at the mirror, scope out the attractive on you, take it in, and let it out in the gym.

Now that you know the essential life hacks for working out, feel free to check out this Core Power Protein Review and see if it’s the right shake for you to see those lean muscles form.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it easier to build muscle with surplus body weight?

Ans: For a fat person, it’s easier to build muscle fast. Because building muscle requires surplus calories, skinny people don’t have that, they have to gain weight first.

Q. Should I bulk or cut first?

Ans: First, you should bulk up, because at least 4 months you have to maintain a minimum surplus and then begin the gradual cut slowly.