Complete Guide on How to Massage Your Neck with Tennis Balls

how to massage your neck with a tennis ball

If you have a desk job, developing neck pain is one of the common problems you can face. If you want to have an immediate solution, you can construct an easy neck massager with two tennis balls and a sock to treat your neck pain.

When two tennis balls are taped together, it creates a groove for your spine to sit. Therefore, you can easily work your knotted muscles by rolling the ball on your neck area within a short time. Let’s discuss the process in detail.

Neck Massage with Tennis Ball

You will need two tennis balls and a sock or tape to construct your DIY neck massager. All you need to do is tape the balls together with a tape or put the balls in the sock and knot the open end of the sock to keep the balls in place.

Now you have your own homemade neck massager. Every component of this massager is available near you, and it is easier to construct the whole thing. 

Once you have your massager, you can start massaging your neck. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Lie straight on your back on a flat surface. Bend your legs and keep your shoulders steady on the ground.
  • Put the tennis balls behind your neck at the base of your skull. Make sure your spine sits between the two balls.
  • Once you are in position, you move your neck in a nodding motion. First, extend your neck by bringing your chin closer to your chest, then slowly shrink your neck by moving your chin far from your chest. 
  • Continue to breathe the entire time of your massage. Don’t make sudden movements; rather, use slow and precise movements for your massage.
  • Once you have repeated this motion 5 – 10 times, move the balls farther down the neck and place them at the center of your neck.
  • Repeat the above-mentioned nodding motion a few times.
  • You may find massaging the middle of the neck a bit painful. So, be gentle while you are making the nodding motion.
  • Once you repeat the motion for a few minutes, put the balls at the base of your neck, putting your spine in the middle.
  • Lie still for a minute to put pressure on your spine. Breath gently the entire time. Let your spine open up a bit.
  • Once you are comfortable in this position, you will feel your muscles gently sinking. Now start moving your head from side to side gently.
  • Repeat this motion for a minute. You can now retire this massage with a simple breathing exercise.

Tennis Ball Therapy for Back Pain

Tennis ball therapy is a simple and effective way to relieve back pain. It is a form of self-massage that can be done anywhere, at any time. All you need is a tennis ball and a few minutes.

The first step is to find a comfortable position. You can sit or lie down, whichever is most comfortable for you. Then, place the tennis ball between your back and a wall, or between your back and the floor.

Slowly move your body so that the tennis ball massages the sore area. You can do this for as long as you like, but make sure to keep the pressure moderate.

Advantages of Neck Massage with Tennis Ball

When you have a desk job or put too much stress on your neck, the muscle around your neck hardens. Therefore, blood cannot circulate properly around your neck. It can cause mild to tremendous neck pain.

When you are massaging your neck, your muscles can reduce the extra tension, and blood circulation improves. Therefore, pressure in your head is reduced, and you will feel less stress. A study with migraine patients has shown that neck massage can dramatically reduce headaches after a neck massage.

Other than that, you can gain the following benefits from neck massage:

  • Better flexibility
  • Increased Endorphin production to reduce pain
  • Rapid recovery from injuries and sports activities
  • Better immune system
  • Improved circulation system
  • Reduced temporary and chronic back pain and inflammation
  • Reduced stress and calm mind

In this method of back massaging, you can utilize common household materials to get relief from pain. All those materials are easily available near you, and you can get instant relief from pain with this method.

Neck Massager Alternatives

Bottom Line

As most jobs nowadays have shifted online, many of you are staying in front of screens for the entire time of your work. It can easily influence your neck pain and threaten overall health. If not taken proper care of, you can develop severe chronic pain in the future.

Tennis balls are easier to find around you, and you can easily carry them around with you. Therefore, you can administer a massage for your neck whenever you feel uncomfortable or experience knotting in your spine. 

When you follow the above-mentioned procedure, you can easily get rid of neck pain and get back to your daily life with better energy and less stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are tennis balls good for massage?

Ans. Tennis balls act like foam rollers to help relieve your neck and back pain. It can help soften tissues, release muscle tension, improve circulation and flexibility, and relieve trapped nerves.

Q. How do tennis balls help knots?

Ans. When two tennis balls are taped together, it generates a groove to host your spine. When you put the tennis ball behind your neck and put pressure on it, the groove protects your spine from extra pressure and allows your muscles to lose knotting and relax.

Q. How often can you use tennis balls to massage your neck?

Ans. If you feel your muscles need relaxing, you can repeat your tennis ball neck massage twice a day. You can follow up with gentle muscle stretching. However, don’t overdo it to avoid muscle fatigue.

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