How to Lose Belly Fat for Teens: 5 Useful Tips

How to Lose belly fat for teen

If you are reading this, then you are probably an anxious teenager, scrolling pages after pages. Trying to find out how to lose belly fat for teens for the upcoming date or maybe even for a social cause. Now whatever your reason may be, you are struggling to lose bodyweight, and that’s a fact. You have tried out everything, starting from an exercise focused routine to all the weird diets you came across on Twitter. You can feel the muscles growing underneath the fat, but it’s never really quite visible. The awkward curves keep on getting wider and bigger the more you workout. Worry not!

As a growing teenager, I was borderline obese, and life was not easy. I was victimized by body shame and never got around to the whole boyfriend experience. My pants were always too tight and buying clothes my size was a real challenge. Not to mention the constant tiring from a minimal amount of work. I was still trying out designer diets, fasting programs, and did an insane amount of training, all kinds, from cardio to strength to cross fit. I went through a lot of tough times because of my body weight and learned plenty from my struggles and mistakes. I want you to seriously try these out for at least a month and then decide if the following plan is actually working out for you or not.

1. Replace sugar with something equally sweet

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No teen can genuinely feel alive without his/her morning cuppa StarBucks. Other than Insta snaps, sugar on its own is very addictive and something we are super dependent on.

Sugar rich food and drinks are as delightful as they are dense with calories. Type II diabetes, fatty liver disease, brain, and heart conditions are guaranteed if you keep sugar in your daily diet.

Try substituting sugar with honey and fruits. Get more fresh smoothies. If you are a sucker for baked food, then put in honey and chopped fruits in your baking to enjoy it while you cut out sugar. According to statistics, people who have cut out sugar lost weight quite dramatically.

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2. Eat Healthy Fat

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Yes, you read correctly. Eat more fat, the right kind. You may wonder how one might lose fat by consuming more fat, and you would be right to think so. So, I will give you a quick science101. Fats are mainly of 4 types. And not all are bad.

With healthy fat, you can experience benefits like a warmer body, more energy, less cranky, and at last but not least, LESS FAT. Having a healthy source of fat means to have access to more energy for your body to do its daily work, and that includes burning fat. Avocadoes, fatty fish, nuts, vegetable oil, and cheese. This is the best way to burn fat.

3. Have a simple & effective exercise plan

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I am sure you all went through an extreme cardio phase when your strength training failed to scale you down to your desired size. Everything in life comes with a balance, or you have to balance it out. But I am sure that too didn’t pan out.

Start off with a low impact 30-minute cardio session in the morning on an empty stomach. Have breakfast right after to reap the most benefits. I would suggest doing Burpees, Lunges, Jumping rope, or running. I would suggest you do all of these with equal frequency within the 30 min cardio sesh. Then do basic bodyweight training- Push up, Squat, Pull Up, Chin Up, and HandStand. Do these thrice every week. Divide up the exercises within that 30-minute window, however.

4. Cut down Stress

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Stress is the devil’s henchman. Stress is not only harming your thought process and emotional state, but it greatly aids in the storing of fat.

Having stress will skyrocket your cortisol hormones, which in turn will leave you hungry and a few munchies in and voila! You gained weight.

Exercise and meditation can go a long way. Most of your favorite celebrities depend on these to get them by. If you feel like you need professional help, then visit your school’s counselor, they can help more than you think.

Sleep is perhaps the most essential part of our lives. Without sleep, you can not think or function properly, which makes you tired, cranky, and weak. It also contributes significantly to fat. Make sure to get in 8 hours of sleep or more.

5. Avoid Scam Deals and diets

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You have already come across your fair share of fad diets and the expensive workout programs. Still, they never seem to help you lose your gut, and if they do, they require a lot of time, money, or dedication.

Everyone is desperate to lose weight. Googling all day long ‘how to lose belly fat for teenage girls’ won’t leave you with any less fat.

In this world of health crisis and body image issues, we all find solace in fad diets that give us hope of a slimmer tomorrow. You have broken your heart and your wallet buying into these scams. The only good thing that came out of your past failure is that now you know better.

Teenage years are your last chance to hit a growth spurt and having any form of imbalance in your diet, or physical activities can halt that growth. So, never follow diet plans that demand you to go extreme rituals like being on a liquid diet all month long, and it even gets as absurd as living off of the water.

Losing belly fat is all about burning more calories than you consume. If you starve yourself or overtire yourself, your metabolism dials down, and the natural fat burning process of your body decreases.


Life is short, so try to have as much fun as you possibly can without jeopardizing yourself in any way. The more you grow, the more hectic life gets.

Parties, competitions, romance, and extracurriculars take up most of an average teenager’s busy schedule. You don’t feel like putting in too much time and energy into losing bodyweight alone, so just follow this list and go on about your everyday shenanigans without having to do extra.

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