How to Charge Fitbit without Charger : Some Surprising Hacks!

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Fitbit is a great device that can help us with our fitness and track information about our vitality. These devices are convenient to use and also quite stylish. However, charging a Fitbit can be a hassle sometimes, if you don’t have a charger around. So, we have decided to help you out with this problem. Today we will discuss how to charge your Fitbit without a charger. Stay with us till the end to know all the exciting hacks.

Different Types of Fitbit Chargers

Before we dive into the details, first, you need to know about the different types of Fitbit chargers. Usually, there are two types of chargers for Fitbit: charging cable and charging cradle. You can attach it to the charger or any charging source with the cable, and your Fitbit starts charging. On the other hand, if your Fitbit needs a charging cradle, you need to place it on the cradle to charge them properly. You can google the model name of your Fitbit and find out the kind of charger you need.

Can You Charge a Fitbit without a Charger?

Different Fitbits last for different periods after being charged once. Some may last a day, and some will last for a week, depending on the frequency of use. However long the charge lasts, you will need to charge your device once in a while before using it. If you have a charger, then it’s pretty okay to charge it with it. Also, it is recommended as well. But, you can lose your charger, or it can stop working for some reason. Then what should you do? Indeed, you can buy a new one, or you can use some other methods available to you right at your home. 

How to Charge Fitbit without Charger

Here we are going to mention three methods to help you charge your Fitbit without a charger. Use whichever suits you the most.

USB Ports

The most common problem you face when you have a charging cable attached to your charger is the port stops working or cannot supply enough power to charge the tracker. So in such cases, you can use your desktop or even laptop USB ports to charge your Fitbit. 

If your Fitbit doesn’t come with a charger, but you can plug the cable with any USB charger, you can use any USB wall charger to charge your Fitbit. It may charge your Fitbit faster and most efficiently than your desktop. This is one of the most effective DIY Fitbit charger methods.

Cleaning the Fitbit’s charging contacts can provide you with a solution as well. These charging contacts often get dirty and cannot contact the charger. You can use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab and clean the contact until they are shiny again. If the cotton swab doesn’t clean the contacts, you can use a thumbtack to scrape the dirt from the contact. Also, check the cable if it needs to be clean. 

Sometimes you may need to reset the tracker to charge our Fitbit properly. The process may vary depending on the device you have. 

Remove the Fitbit tracker from the Wristband or Clip

Some Fitbit models will require detaching from the wristband or from the clip to get charged. Once again, how you should remove the band depends on the device model you possess. Once you remove the wristband or the clip, find out where the charging cables are and plug the charger there. You can google the model to complete this step efficiently. 

The charging cable can then be plugged into a computer USB or UL-certified wall charger. However, remember, a charging cable is different from a sync cable, and a charging cable will not sync data from the Fitbit to your computer.

Monitor the battery level to know if your tracker is charging or not. The different model indicates charging differently. So know how your model indicates charging. Once the charging is done, remove the plug and attach the wristband or clip for use as usual. 

Use a Replaceable Battery

If you don’t have a computer and want to learn how to charge a Fitbit without a computer, a replaceable battery is a good option. Some Fitbit models use a replaceable battery as well. Often the dashboard shows how much battery life is remaining. Also, there may be an indicator light to show it’s time to replace the battery. You will need a 3V CR2025 coin battery which is available in almost any battery and electronic shop.

After purchasing the battery, you need to open the back of your Fitbit with the help of a tool or coin. After opening:

  • remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. 
  • Make sure it is inserted in the right direction. 
  • Then replace the back of the battery, lock it in place and sync your tracker to restore the fitness data. 

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Fitbit?

Most fitness trackers will be fully charged within two hours or less. Some models will take much less time than that. The devices will also indicate how long it will take to charge fully. However, if you have connected it with a wall charger, it may take much less time. 

What to Do if Your Fitbit isn’t Charging Properly?

You can follow all the procedures, and yet, your Fitbit may not charge properly. In such cases, the following methods may help you:

  • Make sure you are using the correct methods and connecting with the right charging ports.
  • If you are using a computer to charge your device, make sure it is turned on.
  • Clean the connectivity ends appropriately.
  • Make sure your Fitbit is dry before charging. 
  • Make sure the port you connected to charge your device is working correctly. Often, some ports may be turned off for safety. This is often the case in public charging spots.


After reviewing all the methods of how to charge a Fitbit without a charger, we can safely say that a USB port or desktop charger is the most convenient method to charge the device without a charger. All three methods can work very well for charging your Fitbit. However, the USB port is the safest and easiest among all of them. You will always have a computer or laptop with you and you can see the charging progress while getting your work done on the device. So, if you ask us, we will recommend the first method. On the other hand, the other techniques can cause a hassle, but you can master them when you try once or twice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I know my Fitbit is charging?

When your device starts charging, a solid battery icon shows; when your device is fully charged, a solid battery icon with a smile emerges.

Q. Can you charge a Fitbit with a phone charger?

Yes, just like you charge your iPhone or iPad. Fitbit cable is the only option. You can use the USB port. However the watch’s connector is different.

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