How Does Fitbit Track Yoga for All Devices? A Complete Walkthrough

how does fitbit track yoga

If you are enthusiastic about yoga and want to track your progress with your Fitbit, it can pose several problems. In this post, we will discuss how you can track yoga with your Fitbit.

You will need to log your yoga progress on most Fitbit devices manually. This login process can change depending on the device your Fitbit is connected with. You can also use the dashboard to track your yoga routine.

Tracking Yoga with Your Fitbit

As expressed earlier, depending on the device your Fitbit is connected to, you will need to follow a slightly different process to log the exercise in the Fitbit app manually. Here are the detailed processes:

How to Log Yoga on Fitbit or Dashboard

Fitbit dashboard is accessible through the Fitbit app and is a free feature. Here all your activity is tracked so that you can focus on improving your overall health and fitness. By getting a good knowledge of this dashboard, you can improve your Fitbit device’s effectiveness.

To log yoga data in the Fitbit manually by this dashboard, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • First, log into the dashboard using any device you are using.
  • At the top of the page, you will see three dots. Clicking there will open a new menu.
  • Select Log from the new menu, then choose Activities 
  • You will find a new page to choose a common activity or search for one. Choose Yoga from the common activity list.
  • Now, enter the details of your activity 
  • Click Log to record your manually added activity.
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Manually Log Yoga from iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads are quite popular devices currently. If your Fitbit is connected with an Apple device, you can follow the following steps to log yoga data manually:

  • Open your Fitbit app dashboard
  • Tap the +icon to open a new menu. Then select Track Exercise from the menu
  • A new page will open. Now you tap Log to start logging your exercise routine.
  • Select yoga from recent activity. You can also search for it on this page.
  • Now, enter your activity details and tap Add for logging your yoga progress.

Manually Log Yoga from Android Phones

Android has been quite a popular operating system for its open-source software. Google has been using this operating system on their Google Pixel smartphones and got massive positive reviews among the users. 

To log your Yoga data on your Fitbit through Android, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Open the Android Fitbit app dashboard
  • Tap the +icon to open a new menu. Then select Track Exercise from the menu
  • Now, tap the stopwatch icon. The icon is in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap Log Previous to start entering your activity details.
  • After entering activity details, tap Log it to record your progress. 

Check out the complete fitbit yoga apps list on their official site.

Manually Log Yoga from Windows 10 Devices

Windows 10 has been a great operating system and is adored by many users worldwide. If you have associated your Fitbit with your Windows 10 device, you will need to follow the following procedure to log manual exercise:

  • Enter the Fitbit app, log in to enter the dashboard
  • Tap the exercise tile
  • Now tap + icon
  • Search for yoga or select it from recent activity
  • Enter activity detains, and press confirm to log it in your Fitbit application

Benefits of Tracking Yoga Session with Fitbit

Fitbit tracks your vitality to let you know your health condition and where you need improvements. However, exercises like yoga and pilates are not step-based exercises; you will need to log them in manually.

By tracking your yoga session with Fitbit, you can:

  1. Get a Detailed Analysis of Your Workout Sessions:

 Blindly following a yoga routine may not be the best thing you can do for your workout routine. With proper analysis of the routine, you will be able to personalize it according to your unique requirements.

Fitbit tracks your heart rate, calorie burn during your yoga session. Thus, you can get a sense of what improvements you are making and where you need to put more work.

2. Bring Necessary Adjustments to Your Yoga Routine

For the optimum body image you want for yourself, you will need to have a proper workout routine with utmost precision. With yoga, you will need to hold your breath while necessary and strike the proper pose for gaining maximum benefits. 

When you track your yoga routine with Fitbit, you will get accurate data about your heart rate, calorie burn, inclination, and others. Therefore, you can conduct necessary adjustments to your routine.

These adjustments will allow you to grab the best benefits from your workout, keep you healthy, and tone your body properly. 

Bottom Line

Fitbits are equipped with the necessary technology to track your yoga routine. However, you will need to choose the option from your Fitbit application manually for tracking yoga.

By following the procedures mentioned above, you can easily track your yoga routine with your Fitbit. It will help you track your vitality properly and allow you to make necessary adjustments to your routine. 

Carefully add yoga to your Fitbit and track your vitality for the best health benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a yoga app for Fitbit?

Ans. With a premium membership of the Fitbit app, you can unlock yoga workouts.

Q. Does Fitbit 4 track yoga?

Ans. The Fitbit 4 has ‘Active Zone Minutes,’ a personalized standard vitality tracker that can track any activity, including yoga.

Q. Can Fitbit Charge 2 track yoga?

Ans. Fitbit Charge 2 has “multisport tracking” that can track almost all kinds of exercise, including yoga. Here’s a helpful article: from our vault; you can thank us later.

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