How to Charge Gear 2 Without Cradle

how to charge gear 2 without cradle

The Samsung Gear 2 is a lighter, slimmer, and more refined version of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This version comes with a number of new features that the previous version didn’t have, like an inbuilt sensor for measuring heart rate. At the same time, the Gear 2 irons out some of the Galaxy Gear’s shortcomings.

The Gear 2 device has become highly popular worldwide after its release, and the Tizen OS of Samsung has played an important role in it. Samsung has added some genuine functions of smartwatches to the Gear 2, such as receiving notifications, sending messages, running apps, etc. Even though it’s a great smartwatch with an elegant design, it only works with a handful of Samsung smartphone models and nothing else. So, you’ll need a Samsung device in advance to use the Gear 2. 

How to Charge Samsung Galaxy Watch Without Charger

Samsung Gear 2 comes with a charging cradle, and you will need to set the device inside the cradle to recharge it. If anything happens to the charging cradle that you got with the device, you won’t be able to get any other replacement from the Samsung Store. This device isn’t known to be compatible with other charging methods, so you’ll have to contact Samsung support for help. That being said, you can try galaxy watch wireless charging. 

For charging your Gear 2 device without the charging cradle, you’ll need a Qi wireless charging device. As the Gear 2 device lacks physical charging ports, there isn’t any option to connect USB chargers or other chargers. So, the only option is to charge it wirelessly. 

If you have lost your charging cradle, there are two options for you. These are-

Option 1: Using a Compatible Qi Charging Station

As Samsung smartwatches in general use the Qi wireless charging standard, you can charge your Samsung smartwatch with any compatible Qi charging station or charging pad. Third-party chargers might not work with your device, even when those chargers use the Qi standard. If they work, you’ll have to monitor for excess heat. 

For charging your watch with a Qi charging station, you’ll have to-

  • Place your Gear 2 device on a Qi wireless charger.
  • Then keep repositioning your device as necessary until the watch starts getting charged.
  • Remove the bands of your watch if necessary. The bands can create problems in the watch sitting on the surface of the charging station.

Option 2: Using a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone that Supports PowerShare

You can charge your Samsung smartwatch using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone if it supports PowerShare. A few smartphones are capable of reversing the process of getting charged from a Qi wireless charging station. These smartphones can charge other devices through this reversing process, like smartwatches. Some Samsung Galaxy Smartphones come with the PowerShare feature of Samsung, and it allows to charge devices from the phones, especially Galaxy smartwatches.

If you have a phone with the PowerShare feature, you can try charging your Gear 2 using that option. For doing so, you’ll have to.

  • Charging Your Smartphone to 30 percent at least.
  • Then open the quick settings option by swiping down on the screen
  • Then press the wireless PowerShare option
  • After that, place your phone on a flat surface face down
  • Then place your smartwatch on the phone’s back
  • Keep repositioning and rotating your watch until the charging starts.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of getting the Gear 2. The Gear 2 is a decent smartwatch that you can go for, as it will provide you with different special features, including access to the Tizen OS of Samsung. On the other hand, it comes with some disadvantages too. Let’s have a look at them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Gear 2

Like all other smartwatches, the Gear 2 comes with a charging cradle that you’ll have to use for recharging the device. The cradle provides the Gear 2 with enough power to run for around 2/3 days with a full recharge. However, the charging cradle isn’t something indestructible. It might get broken due to carelessness or other reasons, or it can get lost as it’s something that you might have to carry with you to different places. Or, you might forget to carry it with you to somewhere you went with your Gear 2 device. So, you might ask if you can charge your Gear 2 without the charging cradle. We will talk about that in this article.

But first, let’s get to know a bit more about different aspects of the Gear 2, such as the battery life, advantages and disadvantages of using it, etc.

Pros of Gear 2

  • Round and Smart Design
  • Polished Tizen OS
  • Innovative Rotating Bezel
  • Beautiful Display
  • Heart-Rate Monitor
  • Works as an activity tracker
  • Works with standard watchbands
  • Comfortable to Use

Cons of Gear 2

  • High Price
  • It doesn’t have many apps
  • Only compatible with Samsung devices
  • The camera is useless primarily
  • Slow Voice Control
  • It doesn’t have many customization options

Battery Life of Gear 2

The battery life of Gear 2 has improved a lot from the Galaxy Gear device. There are conflicting reports about the battery life of this device. While Samsung claims that with typical usage, the device will last 2-2 days comfortably after getting it fully recharged, many users claim otherwise. They say that it doesn’t last for even 2 full days, let alone another full day with one full recharge. That’s why the Gear 2 has to be recharged every other day, which is a lot compared to many other smartwatches. 

For charging the Gear 2, you will need to use a cradle that hooks onto the watch’s back instead of its strap. The design decision is slightly curious and annoying too. It would be a lot easier for the users if they could just plug the micro USB charging cable into the face of the watch directly instead of trying to fit the watch into the charging cradle every time the device needs charging. 

That brings us to the question of whether the Gear 2 can be charged without the charger cradle or not.

Final Words

It’s best if you can keep charging your Gear 2 device with the charging cradle that comes with it. The Gear 2 charges appropriately only with the cradle, and other chargers don’t work well much in this regard. But since it’s not easy to get your cradle replaced from Samsung stores if you lose it or something happens to it, you’ll have to try charging your Gear 2 through other options. And you can go for the aforementioned options for charging your Gear 2 device and see if they work. If they don’t, you must contact Samsung Customer Support and find a replacement cradle for your Gear 2.

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