11 Tasty & Healthy Summer Meals You Can Try

healthy summer meals

Summer food is all about fresh, locally-grown produce, no matter what year it is. But sometimes, ideas come along that you didn’t even consider might happen. Let’s look at some trending healthy summer meals bucket list ideas that must be checked out.

11 Foods Predicted to Be “In” This Summer

  • Grilled Watermelon – This may seem strange, but it really does work. The texture is changed substantially and it kind of looks like raw steak, but it’s still sweet and delicious. With the addition of seasoning, it’s the perfect sweet, salty, and fresh food to eat in summer.
  • Jackfruit BBQ – There is a fruit called jackfruit that you can use to make the most delicious and meaty-tasting BBQ. Nowadays you can buy jackfruit BBQ at stores like Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Wholefoods.
  • Rose-Infused Delights – With June 9th being National Rose Day, it’s a good day to prepare any rose-infused delights you can. From tea to water, to ice cream, the possibilities are endless when it comes to roses.
  • Meal Bowls – Part of the easy way to eat today is to eat everything in a bowl, even if it’s not soup. One Green Planet has rounded up ten recipes that show that the best summer meals come in bowls. All their recipes are top-notch and delicious.
  • Keto Delights – Lots of people are trying to eat keto diets, so it just goes to show that there will also be many keto foods in this summer: from the basics like chicken wings to dips made from roasted chicken. It’s all in.
  • More Vegan Goodness – Just like the keto diet has taken off, so has the vegan plant-based diet, and that is not going out of style anytime soon. More people are becoming vegan every day than at any other time in history. And why not; the food industry is coming through with so many wonderful choices that it’s easy now.
  • Cold Locally-Brewed Beer – There are more local breweries than there used to be. Small, locally-owned beer breweries are always creating amazing concoctions for their local audience. Go to a beer tasting, and maybe even try brewing your own.
  • All You Can Eat Buffets – Okay, this seems weird, but it’s true. People love going to all-you-can-eat bars, but you’re going to see more specialties than the “everything” type of bars. For example, restaurants like Sweet Tomatoes® Salad Bar restaurants are becoming even more popular as people work hard yet want to grab something healthy and light in the summer.
  • Food Delivery – This is not just getting dinner delivered from a fast food place. Healthy food boxes, healthy prepared meals from a personal chef, and ordering individual grocery items and having them delivered is getting a lot more popular.
  • Infused Teas and Water – People are into drinking water today, more than ever. Water is good for you, but people love mixing it up. Drinking infused water and tea is a good answer if you want something new.
  • Radishes – Sounds weird, but radishes are making a comeback. And there is more to do with a radish than putting it in your salad. These 35 radish recipes can get you started on creating amazing radish-inspired dishes.

This summer, the main thing is to open your horizons and try new things. If you see something you never heard of at a party, go ahead and try it. It might be your new favorite thing.

Summer Barbeque Ideas for Everyone

Grilled Chicken With Mushrooms

Having a summer BBQ is a fun way to bring people together. Whether neighbors, work for colleagues, or family – a BBQ in the summer is the ideal way to do it. It’s the casual atmosphere, the games you play, and the food you eat which will bring you all together and create amazing happy memories.

With all the different diets out there that everyone is on these days, it’s so hard to know what to serve. But this summer BBQ menu is sure to please anyone who comes, and it’ll be easy to put together too.

Summer BBQ Menu

healthy summer meals

The components of the menu are the same no matter what time of year you have a BBQ, but the results will be different due to the hot weather and the awesome variety of plant food that is available.

BBQ Checklist: Things You Need for a BBQ Menu

  • Appetizers and snacks
  • Main protein
  • Veggie sides
  • Starchy sides
  • Dessert
  • Drinks

The easiest thing to do about this is to state in your invitations that you’ll supply the main protein, water, and a variety of juice and soda. Then let everyone bring something that you choose for them to bring.

Just tell them in the invite something like, “Please bring enough 7-layer dip to feed four people.” Alternatively, in the case of a 7-layer dip, you can ask each person to bring part of the recipe and make it together at the event.

Let’s fill out this menu more by adding a few items under each category. There are links to recipes too, but you can always use your own. Just use this to get some ideas for your own menu.

Appetizers and Snacks

healthy summer meals

7-Layer Dip

  • Here is a good 7-layer dip recipe from MinimalistBaker.com. It’s easy to put together and perfect to feed to anyone. No one will miss the meat. Don’t tell anyone it’s “vegan” and no one will even care.
  • For those who need a low-carb option, here is a great recipe from IBreatheImHungry.com. This recipe is full of flavor and very creative. It’s a little harder to make, but it’s laid out easily here.
  • Chips for a dip – Ask people to bring a variety of chips to share with others.
  • Veggies for the dip – Ask people to bring a variety of veggie trays for the different dips.

Main Protein

  • Hot Dogs – You can use any type of hot dog that you want to, but to make a hot dog extra special, ensure that you have all the fixings to go with it so people can make theirs how they like it. Also provide a mixture of beef, turkey, pork, and vegan choices.
  • Hamburgers – The same thing can be done for your hamburgers. Offer traditional types but also offer choices like Beyond Meat, which is a vegan option that truly looks like and tastes like a beef burger.

Veggie Sides

Spinach Strawberry Salad

You can make this easy on the day of the event or even the day before. However, don’t add any dressing until you are ready to serve it to avoid any over-wilting of the salad. This recipe from AllRecipes.com is simple and easy to do.

Starchy Sides

healthy summer meals

Potato Salad

This potato salad recipe from girlandthekitchen.com is vegan but don’t tell anyone because it is full of flavor, and due to its mustard-based dressing it won’t go bad as quickly as the more mayonnaise-centered choices. Even so, remember to set your bowl of this deliciousness over ice to keep it cold.

Deviled Eggs

Since you left out the eggs in the potato salad to account for your non-egg eating friends (while keeping the flavor), it’s nice to add some deviled eggs to the BBQ choices. These low-carb-friendly deviled eggs from thatlowcarblife.com are to die for.

Regardless of the seasons, you can try these foods for weight loss and full of nutrition.


Strawberry Shortcake

This strawberry shortcake sheet cake makes it easy to serve shortcake to your entire crowd at your BBQ this summer. This easy-to-follow and delicious recipe here from sixsistersstuff.com makes it a summer must-have.

Vanilla Ice Cream

This one is simple because you can just buy the ice cream. Consider trying a vegan option so that your vegan friends can enjoy it too. Don’t worry, today’s vegan ice creams taste so good you won’t miss anything. Try So Delicious Dairy Free Cashew Milk ice cream, and you’ll be amazed at the creamy goodness.


healthy summer meals
  • Infused Water – Set up a container for self-serve with ice, water, and cucumber slices. Alternatively, you can use any fruit that you’d like to make the water more beautiful to look at as well as tastier to drink.
  • Soda – Put a variety of small cans or bottles in ice so that everyone can get a cold one and not waste as much. The smaller cans or bottles will also be easier to carry for everyone. They can always get more.
  • Infused Tea – Make some tea and add slices of lemon or oranges to the tea with lots of ice and let everyone self-serve. A tip to make iced tea taste the best is to follow brewing instructions and use lots of ice.

You can also let everyone bring their own drinks too. If you want to include alcoholic drinks, ask on your invitation request that everyone brings their own bottle (BYOB) to share with others at the party.

Now that you have your menu, it’s time to get the invitations out so that you can get a headcount, know what people are bringing, and set everything up. Your summer BBQ is going to be amazing with these ideas.

Must avoid these 14 foods for natural weight loss.

7 Ways Weather Affects Our Food Choices

summer food ideasWhile we all love cuddling up with a nice bowl of hot soup during the winter, everyone looks forward to summer and garden-fresh food. Even though most people living in modern society can now get whatever food they want all year long, we still gravitate toward certain summertime foods. Let’s look at such a list of summer meal ideas that you’re probably craving and why.

  • Food to Stay Cool – In the summer months, your body naturally wants to cool itself down by eating things that help. Most of the food that is craved in the summer has a real reason for being wanted, such as the need for more energy and more hydration. Food like watermelon is full of energy-giving natural sugars plus lots of water.
  • Sweet Energetic Food – You’ll notice that in the summer you start craving more sweet food. One reason is that pretty much all produce is naturally a little sweet. This is what our body is made to eat during the summer, so that’s why we crave it. When you are craving sweets, instead of eating something processed, try a bowl (or two) of strawberries and some infused water.
  • Ice cream – There is a myth that more ice cream is eaten in the winter. In fact, more ice cream is eaten in the summer because it’s hot and we crave sweet, wet food to stay energetic and hydrated as mentioned. Plus, eating ice cream outside is best because it avoids sticky messes.
  • Fresh Produce – Most of us naturally start craving more produce. Sometimes we mistake this as a craving for candy or sweets, but it is really your body telling you to eat more raw fresh produce. Try eating a chopped salad with carrots, cucumbers, apples, and different types of lettuce, and you’ll soon realize this is exactly what you want and need.
  • Delicious Healthy Starchy Meals – We’re not talking about eating a bunch of processed food, but most people do crave more starchy meals such as French fries in the summer. Thankfully you can change to something healthy for your summer meals when you realize why you’re craving those things. Try adding brown rice or quinoa to your meals and salads.
  • Lightly Sweetened Fruit-Based Drinks – Everyone is always looking for something more interesting than water to drink. It’s true you should stick to fresh filtered water for the most part. However, you can make your water more interesting by infusing it with lemon, lime, cherries, strawberries, lavender, and even cucumbers. Try mixing it up to get different flavors.
  • Food That Smells Delicious – In the summer we are attracted to food that smells good. The main reason is that in the summer your sense of smell is heightened by nature, originally to help you avoid predators and find good food. Just smell the air when you open an orange, bite into an apple, or cut into a watermelon.

In the summer, your body will naturally move away from comfort food toward eating lighter, sweeter, water-filled food. The main reason is that when it gets hot, your body needs more moisture and energy. The water gives the hydration, and the sugar (whether from fruit or elsewhere) provides the energy.

Preserving Fruits for Summer

healthy summer meals

The summer is a great time for growing. It offers unique flavors and treats including berries, apples, citrus, and melons. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could enjoy these delicious fruits well into the fall and winter months? You can. Here are four ways to extend summer foods well into the fall.

#1 Dehydrate Your Fruit

Dehydrated fruit is fantastic as a snack. You can also add it to things like cereal, bread, muffins, and even sprinkle it on salads. You can make fruit leathers this way too by pureeing the fruit and then spreading it on a tray to dry. There are three main methods you can use to dehydrate fruit including:

  • Sun Drying – This works well if you live in a hot climate where it is commonly sunny and warmer than 100 degrees. Position cleaned, washed fruit on a tray or foil, and leave in the hot sun for four 100 degrees or hotter days.
  • Oven Drying – Because most fruits take 16-26 hours to dry, this is an expensive way to dry fruit. However, if you choose to oven-dry you simply place your oven at 135 degrees Fahrenheit, prop the oven door open and let the fruit dry.
  • Electric Dehydrating – this is the most energy-efficient and generally tasty way to dehydrate fruit. Electric dehydrators can be purchased online or in a kitchen store.

#2 Jams & Jellies

What’s better than fresh berry jam?  Not much. You can make fresh jams and jellies with or without canning. In fact, you can make a basic jam in your kitchen in an hour and pop it in the freezer. No canning necessary.

#3 Freezing Fruit

If you want to be able to use the fruit in the future without drying it or making it into a jam or jelly, then your next best option is to freeze it. The process is simple, you need washed berries, a baking sheet or other flat sheet and storage bags, or a vacuum sealer.

Wash the berries. Place them on a baking sheet and spread them out so they’re not touching or clumped together. Position them in the freezer. When they’re frozen, put them in an airtight bag and you’re good to go.

#4 Canning

Canning is another option. It’s a bit more complicated than freezing or dehydrating. However, you can make some amazing spreads, jams, and jellies that will last for years to come.

There’s no reason to be sad when summer fades into fall. You can enjoy summer fruits all year round. With a little preparation and a plan, your summer fruit harvest can be enjoyed for months.

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