Fitbit Inspire 2 Reviews: A Perfect Fitness Tracker for Everyone

fitbit inspire 2 reviews

When you are trying hard to become fit and maintain that fitness, you might feel the need for a tracker to track your fitness levels. There are so many activity trackers currently available in the market that can help you know how many steps you have taken per day, how much you have rested by sitting down, and many more. The Fitbit Inspire 2 device can help you track your activity while offering outstanding performance and a good number of features. Fitbit Inspire is a tracker that offers basic fitness tracking. The inspire series is new. Let’s look at an overview of Fitbit Inspire 2 reviews.

Fitbit Inspire 2 Reviews : Pros and Cons

Display and Design

A curved OLED display dominates the top of this device. The display itself is only 50 percent of the space it occupies. However, it still leaves large bezels at the top and bottom. A more prominent display would be better to make more use of the space. But the text is crisp, and the display delivers ample brightness, even when outside.

On the left, there is a single button for waking up and putting the screen to sleep; also for returning to the main screen and accessing settings. The touchscreen is responsive too.

The plastic build of this device makes for a less premium look. The Fitbit Inspire is waterproof which is excellent as you might end up getting drenched anytime or jump in a pool while still wearing it.

The plastic body tapers in towards the wrist. There are interchangeable straps with a spring pin system allowing for a simple swap to one of the other bands available, including leather and metal options for a more innovative look.

As standard, the Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker comes with a silicone strap. It’s fastened with a pin and loop mechanism that is slightly harder to adjust and not as secure as the buckle fastening.


The Fitbit Inspire is on board with all-day activity and sleep-tracking, as well as female health-tracking. The Inspire has Fitbit’s SmartTrack feature for automatic exercise recognition too.

Activity tracking includes steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and active minutes, while sleep tracking has time awake, time asleep, and time restless. However, there are no advanced sleep stages, and there are no exercise modes on the Inspire either, so you can’t manually force the Inspire to record a bike workout.

Connected GPS, heart-rate monitoring, Guided Breathing sessions, and Cardio Fitness Level, etc., are not provided by this device. It lacks swim tracking, despite the Inspire offering waterproofing to 50 meters. However, Inspire offers smartphone notifications, reminders to move, timers, and alarms, which are beneficial attributes.

Performance and Battery Life

The Fitbit Inspire is an essential activity tracker. It’s a great device as long as your expectations are managed and delivers good performance in all the features it offers, even if the number could be better.

Step counting and distance traveled on the Fitbit Inspire activity tracker are nearly on par with the Apple Watch Series 4, which is excellent because the Apple Watch is four times the price. Meanwhile, Inspire has a calorie burned rate that is underestimated, but the Apple Watch has a heart-rate monitor, which Inspire doesn’t have. Inspire’s automatic exercise recognition works well, and smartphone notifications are good too by mirroring your phone.

Battery performance is also good on this device, offering the full promised five days without a top-up. The device’s charging occurs via a unique magnetic dock, so there’s no Micro-USB or USB Type-C convenience here, as usual with Fitbit.


The Fitbit Inspire tracker connects to the Fitbit app, which is a great one for usability. It’s easy to use and understand and delivers information in a clear and concise format.

If you’re a current Fitbit user, you can switch over to Inspire, as it is nice and straightforward. Also, if you’re moving over from the Flex 2 or Alta, you won’t miss out on any features either, just the swim tracking with the Flex 2. All your past data will still be visible after you set up your new device.

Setting up the device is easy, and you’ll get your grip on the app in no time. Data is shown in the main Dashboard section of the app, and tapping on each metric will allow you to delve a little deeper into the details.

Final Words

The Fitbit Inspire activity tracker offers excellent performance in its features and offers numerous accessories to change the look. Its biggest problem is that it falls short to Inspire HR, which contributes significantly more features, for only a bit more price. The Inspire only offers basic tracking and basic sleep tracking, and it does both well. While it’s better to get the Fitbit Inspire HR instead of Inspire, you can still go for it, as it is a great device all by itself anyway and can help you a lot in tracking your activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does fitbit inspire 2 track heart rate?

Ans: Yes, it monitors your breathing and heart rate variability as you sleep, as well as tracking your heart rate around the clock.

Q. How long does the Fitbit Inspire 2 battery last?

Ans: The battery life of the Inspire 2 is 10 days when completely charged.

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