How to Lose Fat: 6 Home Workouts for Natural Fat Loss

weight loss exercise

When you’re working out several times a week to get fit and lose weight, you want fat burning exercises at home routine that offers maximum results in the minimum amount of time. Researchers from Southern Illinois University say, as little as 15-20 minutes of resistance exercise can help to flatten your belly in 45 days.

So why wait? Speed up your weight loss with these fat burning exercises at home

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Star jump is a form of plyometrics or jump exercises. It helps to build explosive power. The purpose of the star jump is to extend the limbs, attain the maximum height and develop power throughout the torso. It’s one of the best fat burning exercises at home.

Star Jump as fat burning exercises at home

How to Do it.

a. Stand with knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart on a flat surface. Your arms should be slightly bent at your sides.

b. Bend your knees to get into a squat position and jump vertically as high as you can.

c. Extend your legs and arms fully out to your sides. Bring your arms and legs inward near your body as you begin to descend from the jump.

d. Land softly on the ground with your knees bent. Repeat the same process.

e. Have the target to do it for 30 sec.


one of the greatest fat burning exercises at home for abdominals at home you can try to build strong abdominal muscles. If you can perform it correctly and regularly crunches can help to improve your balance too. This home workout will help you lose fat naturally.

fat burning exercises at home with ab-crunches

How to Do it.

a. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

b. Place your hands by your ears.

c. Lift your head and curl your shoulders off the floor. To maintain correct posture keep the lower back on the floor and keep a space the size of your closed fist between your chest and chin.

d. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. Aim to take at least 2 seconds to lift up and 2 seconds to return to the floor.

e. Your target should be 15/20 reps.

3.Slalom Jumps

Slalom jumps are one of those excellent lower body stretching exercises you can try at home. It strengthens your thigh and calf muscles. This exercise will also help you to improve your balance.

fat burning exercises at home with Slalom Jump

How to Do it.

a. Stand with feet together.

b. Jump to your left/right about one shoulder width.

c. As you land jump back again to your start position.

d. Repeat this as quickly as you can.

e. Have the target to do it for 30 sec.

4.Bicep Curl.

It helps you to build strong and huge biceps. In turn, it will help you perform hard work more easily than the average man. It will also cause a natural fat loss to your belly.

bicep curl

How to Do it.

a. In a standing position grab a pair of dumbbells on either side of you with palms facing forward.

b. Keep your elbows close to your body. Now, bend your arms to bring your hands up to chest level and then back down.

c. Keep your back straight at all times.

d. Target minimum 20 reps.

5. Squat Thrusts. 

Squat thrusts are also known as burpees. The truth is, squat thrusts are a very challenging exercise that makes them so effective. You get the benefits of both cardio and strength training, by squat thrusts exercise. Research says squat thrust exercise doesn’t only burn more calories but also increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). EPOC causes you to continue to burn even more calories after you stop exercising. It is one of the best home workouts for fat loss.

Squat Thrust

How to Do it.

a. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides.

b. Go lower in a squat position with hands on the floor.

c. Jump your legs backward so that they are almost straight.

d. Then jump them back into a squatting position.

e. Return to the standing position.

d. Target should be for 1 min.

6.Triceps’ Extension.

The triceps extension is a single-joint exercise that targets the triceps (muscles on the back of your upper arm). Benefits of the triceps extension exercise include its isolation effect, convenience, and variety.


How to Do it?

a. Stand holding one dumbbell by two hands above your head with palms facing each other.

b. Slowly bend your arms at your elbows to lower the dumbbells behind your head until your forearms are parallel with the floor.

c. Slowly return to the starting position.

d. Try to keep your upper arms as still as possible at all times.

e.Target minimum 18/20 reps.

One very important factor to consider before you are starting the package for natural fat loss is that you should take a 10/15 brisk walk or jog in the beginning. The targets are a suggestion for the beginner and a standard one. You should set or increase your own target regularly basing on your stamina and fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does body wrap flatten my stomach?

Ans: You may feel you lose stomach fat by a body wrap, but it happens just because of water loss. There is no case of stomach flatten by wrapping.

Q. Can massage break up belly fat?

Ans: Massage boosts metabolism and blood circulation in a body that helps to relax the sore muscles after a heavy workout. It works on reducing the dimpling of the skin that comes with the accumulation of fat.
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