Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Exercises For Curves?

exercises for curves

It does not matter if you are a pro or a newbie looking to start out; there is no end to how fit you can get. The more you train, the stronger you get, and then the human body starts reaching its plateau.

However, if you increase the intensity and change up the motion pattern of your exercises, I promise you, there will be no bodily limitations that you can not exceed. 

I formulated the following drill to get your body curve fit enough to be able to survive basic military training. These are one of the best exercises for curves for women of any age.

Stretch & Warm-Up 

Wake up.

Get fresh and start limbering up. Some say that stretching before any form of physical exertion is the key to avoiding injuries. It’s equivalent to lubricating your machine before turning the ky and revving it.

Now that you are all loosened up, we will start the day off with a moderate workout warm-up.

The sets and reps will be the same for all the warm-up moves.


Do 2 Sets.

Each Set should contain 40 seconds of repetitive motion.

a) High Knees x 1 minute

Don’t get scared if you aren’t familiar with the name, it’s a simple jogging move. Just jog on the same spot, and make sure to bring your knee as high as you can. Hence, the name.

b) Standing Lunges x 14 

Instead of doing a full range motion, stand and dive down into the right form, and get back up again. That’s it.

c) Push-Ups x 20

You will want to keep a bottle of this around when you are working out, for fast recovery and also to quench your thirst.

Women Warming Up

The Drill

Day 1:

a) Jump Rope x 1000

This will be a basic jump rope. If you can’t do 1000 reps, then try to skip for 5 minutes straight, at a comfortable pace.

b) Jump Squats x 12

I know this will be super hard, but try to work with vertigo and the strong urge to puke. 

c) Clap Push Up x 6

You will need some endurance and pectoral strength to pull this off. 

d) Bicycle x 20

Do the bicycle for abs, where you lie down, hold the back of your head with your hands, and try to pull in 1 knee towards the opposite elbow. Then repeat on the other side.

e) Leg Lift Toe Touch x 15

This, too, is an ab abolisher. Just lie down on your back, with your fours straightened one with the floor. Now, lift your legs up in a uniform manner, and then use your core to pull yourself up. Then descend back into the starting position.

All right, you made it through the 1st round, and I promise the next 2 days are gonna be all about relaxing. Do all the workouts to get curves one after the other the break not exceeding 15 seconds. Now the 5 back-to-back exercises for curves will be counted as 1 single set. Do 4 sets.

Day 2 & 3

As I promised in the previous day, today and tomorrow are gonna be 2 easy days.

Walk at any pace you are comfortable with for at least 90 minutes. Be sure to stretch your lower limbs fully RIGHT before you start walking. Take a hot shower, have no carb, and eat a lot of protein. 

Day 4

a) Pre-workout stretches (Full Body) 

b) Warm-up.

c) Run-Jog-Walk

Go for a 5-mile run, with power walking in between the breaks. On your way back home, if you are too tired to run, then jog your way home, and then slowly walk for breaks

d) Shuffle x 5 rotations(back and forth)

Do agility Shuffle. Set up 2 points, and then jump laterally from one end to the other. Shuffle back again.

e) Chin Up x 10

That’s all! You are set for the day, eat your protein, and relax.

Women Working Out

Day 5

This is the last day. So you and I will have to make the most of it. We will target most of your muscle groups, and make sure you have the necessary endurance, strength and mental tolerance to move up to our Navy SEAL circuit on our next fitness article.

I will list down the reps and the exercises for curves. These are all exercises you are familiar with, so you won’t be needing the short description.

a) Warm-Up

b) Jumping Jack x 25

c) Squats x 12

d) Spider-man Pushups x 15

e) Farmer’s Walk x 2 minutes

f) Chest Dips x 7

g) Overhead Extensions x 25

Bottom Line

The circuit may prove to be a tad bit difficult for you if you are a complete beginner. 

In that case, I would suggest you do the less intense moves at the beginning and go easy on the intensity as well. So if you start slow, you can still follow the curve workout routine and develop even further by the end of the 5th day.

Another reason to do the less serious moves first is to avoid any potential injury, and also to not lose motivation. 

Similarly, if you try to do the most intense moves at the beginning, you may reach your limit halfway through the moves, and the lack of fulfillment might take away your motivation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you lose your curves if you lose weight?

Ans: Although a weight-loss strategy will alter your body to some extent, you won’t lose your curves.

Q. How do I get a flat stomach without losing curves?

Ans: Strength training is beneficial to maintain your desired curve. At least two strength-training workouts each week should comprise eight to ten specific exercises for curves targeting the major muscle groups, with eight to 12 repetitions of each. The muscle you get will help you regain some curves that you lost when you dropped weight.

Reference: Cosmopolitan

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