Ensure vs Premier Protein Shake Reviews- Which One is Better?

ensure vs premier protein shake

Both Ensure and Premier Protein shakes have been the favorite supplements of many fitness concerns. Although, both these supplements have differences that you need to know. 

For instance, these protein supplements have differences in sugar contents, taste, corn maltodextrin, and many more. They also vary in price and even quality to some extent.  

This review will show you how these supplements vary and which one you should pick for yourself. 

Ensure Vs Premier Protein Shake

Here in this section, you’ll have a detailed review of these two drinks and know how they differentiate. 

Corn Maltodextrin

Artificial sugar is now found in many processed foods. This can cause bad bacteria to grow that can lead to different side effects like damaged intestines and inflammation. 

Ensure protein drink contains artificial sugaring to make the drink tastier. However, compared to the quantity of Ensure protein, Premier Protein shake has less artificial sugaring, making it healthier. 


Sugar digests carbohydrates and also plays a key role in making your drink taste sweeter and pleasant. However, excess sugar can lead to tooth decay, high blood pressure, and even metabolic disorders. 

Reducing the amount of sugar intake can aid in weight loss and contribute to general health. Ensure Protein shakes contain approximately 22 grams for each serving (American Health Association limits the use to 25-36 grams daily to stay healthy). 

Whereas Premier Protein shake has no additional sugar in it, making it a healthy protein supplement for everyone. 

Nutritional Loss

Although many proteins shake aid with your weight management, they can even cause beneficial nutrition loss. Therefore, no protein shakes can entirely be replaceable for meals. 

Both Premier and Ensure Protein shakes cause nutritional deficiencies (if taken as an entire meal replacement) which can help you lose weight, but take away the necessary nutrients from your body. 

Weight Management

Weight management plays a significant role in protein shakes. However, not all protein supplements have this quality due to the addition of artificial ingredients and sugar. 

So, as a fitness concern, you must choose protein shakes that can contribute to your weight management. 

Premier Protein shake is an amazing protein supplement with no added sugar and helps you monitor calorie intake. Compared to Ensure Protein, Premier is considered one of the best for weight management as it also has fewer calories than any meal or protein shake. 

Protein Quantity

Protein quality is important for any protein shakes. However, excess protein intake can also have detrimental effects on your health. Unless your physician has approved you, it isn’t recommended to increase protein intake. 

Ensure Protein shake has a protein limitation in its drink compared to Premier Protein. So, if you want to consume protein supplements with less protein quantity then Ensure can be your choice here. 

Why Choose and Consume Protein Shakes? 

If You Want to Lose Weight 

Many people who want to lose weight drink protein shakes to aid them in staying fit and active and cutting down on their hunger while getting the nutrients they require. Moreover, high-quality protein shakes help you to stay full and active for a considerable amount of time, which means you won’t need to eat much and increase your weight. That’s not  Protein shakes can also be used to replace unhealthy food and snacks. 

To Help Bulk Muscles

You can build muscle and gain muscle weight by having the right amount of protein intake.  Any weight gain serving protein shakes has enough calories and protein to help you make your muscles bulkier and increase mass. In this case, Premier Protein shakes can be the ideal choice for you as it’s rich in protein and can give you all the necessary bulk that you need for your muscles. 

Fitness Enthusiasts

People who work out a lot usually drink protein shakes to compensate for the loss of protein they might have worn after a workout. They sometimes drink protein shakes before they work out to give them energy for their workout at the gym. The shake helps them stay energized and even regain the lost energy during their workout sessions.

Bottom Line

So, if you are a fitness enthusiast and want to keep yourself fit then taking in protein shakes can be a great way to enhance your fitness and muscles. However, choosing the right protein shake is a must if you also want to stay healthy. Our fitness experts recommend that you go for Premier Protein shakes as they are considered healthier than any other regular protein shakes.

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