How Much Space Does an Elliptical Take Up in My House?

elliptical machine dimensions

Mostly, you will find workout equipment in workout stations. However, as we continue advancing, people have started exercising themselves from their homes. Whenever you plan to taste the home experience, there is a need to purchase the devices and use them there.

However, elliptical machine manufacturers design both small and large models. Therefore, before buying an elliptical machine, it is advised to take the right elliptical size option that will fit in your workout room. Now, how much space do you require to install an elliptical in a house?

Space Guidelines

Before purchasing ellipticals, sellers advise measuring their space first to ensure they will have an easy time installing them. Measuring doesn’t necessarily entail the length and width of your room. The ceiling height for the elliptical is also important here. Remember, you will stand on the elliptical trainer and you won’t like instances of hitting the ceiling. Consequently, space around is essential especially for moving around. Now, look at the elliptical space guidelines you should adhere to;

elliptical machine dimensions

Space on Both Side

When entering the workout room, you don’t have to squeeze yourself in the corners. Therefore, you need to look at leaving sufficient space on all sides of the room. The space is also necessary when you want to uninstall or roll off the elliptical after use. On the sides of the workout room, ensure you leave a space of at least 24 inches on all sides.

Space Behind the Elliptical

Mostly, starter elliptical trainer users get involved in accidents when using these devices. Such accidents include things like accidental falling backward while the belt is still on the run. ellipticals have emergency shutting buttons. However, few people remember using these cords when such emergencies arise. Therefore, whenever you forget about the cords, there is a need for space where you will roll to the floor. Space of about six inches is sufficient to leave behind your unit to cover all possible emergencies.

Take an instance the back side is closest to the wall. Probably, you will get into more trouble than if you left rolling space behind. In cases of falling emergencies, most probably you will receive a slam to the wall. Nevertheless, the spinning belt can rub your skin and to some extent burn you. Therefore, ensure there is sufficient space behind where you will roll off whenever accidents occur.

Front Space

Don’t just set space in the back of the elliptical and forget the front. Remember, ellipticals use motors to run. These motors require proper airflow to run effectively and efficiently. Elliptical machine manufacturers recommend leaving the front space mainly for ventilation purposes.

If you leave no space at the front side, there are chances the motor will overheat. This will make it fail and most probably such problems aren’t covered in warranties. Therefore, that space is paramount to maintain the condition of the motor excellent. In the front side, you require space of about 24 inches.


When operating machinery, there are a lot of mishaps you might encounter. The height clearance is of importance when using an elliptical. So, how much space do experts recommend between the ground or floor to the ceiling?

elliptical machine dimensions

Elliptical manufacturers advice buyers to ensure there is at least 8 feet clearance where they intend to install their machines. Therefore, anything below the 8 feet isn’t sufficient to install a elliptical there.

At times, you might purchase an elliptical without an idea of whether it fits your workout room. First, it’s not logic going to the market without having this information. However, if such an instance happens, worry less. You can still find out whether the clearance is enough to install your machine.

Have a friend measure your height and add it to that of the deck of the elliptical. From the sum you get, add 6 inches extra on it. Complete calculations by subtracting the ceiling height. Continue with the installation only if the final figure is 14 inches. Otherwise, you risk hitting the ceiling while exercising.

The Best Place to Install a Elliptical Machine

Finally, where you set up your elliptical matters a lot to what you expect. Any sufficient space is ideal to install a elliptical. Even the bedrooms make the best places for such installation projects.

Currently, we also have foldable models around. You can install them anywhere and fold them for storage after use. At times, installing them in bedrooms might create up congestions. Therefore, you will figure out where they will still do well. Garages and basements also make the right places you can install ellipticals. These sites have sufficient space and excellent ceiling heights. However, ensure you take measurements prior to carrying out the installation.


Buying an elliptical doesn’t mean you are now fit and healthy. Installing it properly means a lot to the results the machine will provide. But before getting the equipment, ensure you have taken measurement of the space you will place your workout equipment. Measure the width, length, and also height from the floor to the ceiling. This information provides ideas about the size of the elliptical to purchase. Our article has provided readers with space guidelines set by experts. Employ it to set your elliptical properly and enjoy your workout sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does an elliptical machine strengthen the stomach muscles?

Ans: No, elliptical machines won’t strengthen your stomach muscle. However, it does tone and strengthens your legs and helps in losing your hips.


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