Does a Rowing Machine Work Your Abs: Find Out Now!

does a rowing machine work your abs

Fitness activities are essential for keeping a healthy body. Exercising also helps in maintaining a better mental health condition and toned body.

Many people are partial to using exercise equipment. Among various equipment, rowing machines are one the best aerobic exercise machines available.

This low-impact exercise machine involves 83% of all body muscles. Thus, help users build a rigid, strong core. 

In this blog, we will discuss how a rowing machine benefits your abs in detail. If you are thinking of taking up rowing, this article will be helpful for you.

Do Rowing Machines Benefit Abs?

Your body can get the physical benefits of rowing.

For building abs, your exercise needs to engage your core. Additionally, you need to burn your body’s fat layer to make your abs visible.

The rowing machine allows you to achieve both of these benefits.

The rowing motion constantly engages your core during every stroke. This machine helps your whole body to burn fat as well.

Regularly exercising with a rowing machine allows you to build strong abdominal muscles.

Health Benefits of Rowing Machine

Low-impact Machine

A rowing machine utilizes horizontal movements. Therefore, the impact of gravity on the user is minimal while working out with this machine.

If you have difficulties running or jumping, this machine is an excellent fit for you. Additionally, people with arthritis and joint pains can use this machine as well. 

As the users sit down while working out and utilize horizontal motions rather than vertical, rowing machines have relatively low impacts on the body.

woman working out with a rowing machine

Effective Aerobic Exercise

Rowing machines are effectively great for cardio workouts. While working with this machine, it can effectively raise your heart rate and oxygen intake.

You can adjust the resistance of this equipment according to your need. You can lower resistance for faster movements or increase it for longer workouts.

It can build your endurance by impacting almost all major muscle groups of your body.

Upper Body Workout

Rowing machines are great for your upper body workout. The rowing motion needs you to move your upper body very often. You will change your upper body position constantly.

With better upper body movement, you can have a more muscular back and shoulder. It improves your posture and reduces back pain.

How to Exercise with a Rowing Machine

You need to manually learn the rowing motion to workout with a rowing machine. Once you master it, it gets easier to control the movements.

Here, we will describe the process for you to understand easily.

  1. Properly sit on your rowing machine. Strap your shoes with the footplate to avoid accidents. Grab the handlebar firmly with your palms. Your knees should be engaged with your abdomen. This position is called “the catch.”
  1. Push your body backward with your legs. Your upper body should be slightly lean toward your knees at this point.
  1. When your legs reach their whole length, straighten your body and accelerate with your hip. Don’t tug the handle with extra pressure. Let it follow your hand by firmly gripping. The former and this step is called “the drive” combinedly.
  1. Finish with your arms pulling the handle under your chest. Your elbows should be behind your body and spread far. Drive most power from your legs. Lean your body a  bit backward till it’s comfortable for you.  
  1. Now you should go back to your resting position. The sequence should be completely opposite. First, your hands should come in front of your body, decelerate with your hip, and bend your legs.
  1. Resting should take twice the time than engaging time.
  1. While stretching your leg, keep your body lean toward your knees. When pushing with your hip, keep your body at the vertical position, and while pulling with your hands, lean backward slightly. Do the opposite while going to rest.

How to Properly Engage Your Abs While Rowing?

Do not Row Just With Your Hands

Most beginners put too much emphasis on pulling the handle while using a rowing machine. It can cause muscle strain.

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Ideally, when working with a rowing machine, 60% of power should come from legs, 20% from the core and the rest 20% will come from hands.

Keep Your Back Straight Throughout Your Stroke

Keeping your back hunched over or rounded can strain your muscles. Sit straight and engage your core while working out. You can pull your shoulders back to avoid caving forward.

When you are using your core to exercise, it will automatically correct your posture.

Don’t Rush While Rowing

If your back is slamming with your lower body experience jerking, you are using the machine wrong. Take your time while exercising. Make sure your recovery time takes twice as much. 

While you are driving from finish and recovery to catch, focus on engaging your core. Utilize your hips to control acceleration.

Final Words

Rowing machines are excellent workout equipment to have a full-body workout. Your abs get toned, and you can reduce weight as well with this exercise. 

Next time, give your gym’s rowing machine a try. With practice, you can learn to operate it better. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can you get a six-pack from rowing?

Ans: Experts disagree about whether a rowing machine works major or secondary muscle groups in the abdomen area. If you put in the effort, you can achieve your six-pack objective on a rowing machine. When rowing, there are a few strategies to make sure you’re using the right primary muscle group.

Q. Is rowing better than running?

Ans: Running is a great form of exercise, but it really only involves lower body muscles like your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Rowing, however, targets both upper-body and lower-body muscles. Not only does it strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, but it also strengths your abs, biceps, and back.