The Best Burts Bees Eye Cream Review

The Best Burt’s Bees Eye Cream Review of 2021 | FitBabesClub

AA Burts bees eye cream review. Burt’s bees have made quite a name for themselves in the skincare solution and beauty industry. We take a look at some of their Burt’s bees’ sensitive eye cream.

Burt’s Bees Firming Eye Cream Review

A lot of people are very excited about this eye care product and it is not without reason. It is a natural alternative to retinol and it most certainly does not disappoint. 

This type of retinol cream for the eyes has a very normal texture and feeling. There was not much about it that stood out to me in either a negative or a positive way.

One thing that I did notice was that the application process of the cream was a bit difficult. This was due to a plump that was very clumsy and just did not want to dispense the product. However, once the thing was on the face it was pretty easy to use. 

The thing that I absolutely love about this product is that it is natural. And it is made up of very interesting ingredients. Extracts of fruits and Bakuchiol. These things have become very popular in the skincare industry and I have to say. These ingredients are very fun and exciting to use. It is also great that it is not just these ingredients that are present. Also the fact that they work so well together. 

I found that this type of retinol cream worked particularly well in helping to brighten the underside of the eyes. And it was also very effective in plumping up the fine lines that are present around. And also under my eyes. This gave my eyes a much more plump appearance in general. I have to mention that I was very impressed with the whole shebang. 

I would like to reemphasize that this firming under eye cream helped me brighten and plump under my eyes. I would like to use this alternative to retinol once again. 


The feel and texture of this cream is standard when we compare it with other types of eye creams. It is not either very thick or thin. And there was not anything particular that stood out for me that deserves a mention here.


One thing that has to be definitely said here is that the application process of the product was really disappointed. This product normally comes in a bottle that includes a plump (which is normally my most favorite kind of applicator). But the fact of the matter is that this plump did not work that well at all. When using this product, I had to regularly pump the bottle to get anything to come out of the bottle. When it did finally come out, I was disappointed again that what came out was just random.

Drying Time

This alternative to retinol serum, it has to be mentioned, does not completely dry down on the skin. But it generally did not bother me all that much at all. One good thing about the product is that it does not leave any type of residue on the skin. That is gross and nor does it leave the skin feeling sickly. The only thing being that it just never completely absorbs. 


From personal experience, I can tell you that this product does not really have that much of a smell. What it does have a bit of scent of feels, like it is natural. And a bit herbal but there is absolutely no extra fragrance and that is just great. 

Short Term Results

It was genuinely very impressive how fast this product had my eyes looking noticeably brighter. That did leave me feeling genuinely pleased about the product. 

Longer Term Results

After using this product for a while, I noticed that my eyes continued to have that brighter and less tired. One thing that definitely comes to mind is that the lines around my eyes were a lot more plumped up. The area under my eyes also looked much more plump in.

Ingredients Analysis

This product is a natural alternative to retinol and as such it has a plethora of interesting ingredients within it. Some of the most interesting ingredients are bakuchiol, extract of watermelon fruit, and extract of apple fruit. 

First of all, Bakuchiol is the main ingredient that is the alternative to Retinol. It has a reputation of being much more gentle on softer skin while still packing the anti-aging punch. It also has a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that make it excellent for repairing the skin.

After that, we have the extract of watermelon fruit. This is a pretty exciting one and is something that is being used more in the beauty industry. This extract has the potential to do wonders on skin that has been damaged by the sun. Because it has such strong antioxidant properties. One other thing that this is known for is for helping the turnover of cells and also their regeneration. 

And finally we have apple fruit extract. This has many beneficial qualities for the skin. For anti-aging, it is very good for tightening the skin and also to give it a much more firm appearance. 

Burt’s Bees Brightening Eye Treatments

The main function of this product is to brighten. At the same time the fact of the matter is that it can do very little in that regard. What is worse yet is that it contains ingredients that are problematic and which unfortunately makes this a product that we cannot just recommend at all. Despite the fact that there are quite a few emollient oils from plants. Do realize that the Burt’s Bees line is definitely not “all-natural,” and that is particularly the case for this product. 

Let’s get the first things out of the way first. There is absolutely nothing in the cream that would make it ideal for use around the eyes. The ingredients this product contains is very much like that of the moisturizer that the same company offers in its line of Brightening products. There are a plethora of other options that you should probably go for when it comes to caring for the skin around the eyes. 

Other than that, one of the main things that make this product one to avoid in the fact that it includes a certain fragrance. The product also can cause irritation which is another reason to avoid it, and it also contains fragrant plant ingredients that are potentially harmful, including extracts of lemon and orange fruit. This makes absolutely no sense, especially given that this eye renewal cream is meant to be used around the areas of the eyes.

It is worth mentioning that this product does contain some excellent emollient ingredients, for example sunflower seed oil and also apricot kernel oil. This will make the areas of the eye feel moisturized. These oils from the plants mentioned also does have an antioxidant benefit, too, but the fact of the matter remains, your skin deserves only the ingredients that are beneficial not the ones that are problematic. 

The main, and probably the “star,” ingredient in this product is the extract of daisy flower. This is supposed to help with fading dark spots. There is some research that suggests that this extract does have the potential to heal wounds when it was tested on animals. There, however, remains very little independent study that proves its efficacy in treating hyperpigmentation. One other very important thing that we do know is that this plant extract has the ability to cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to marigold and ragweed. 

Lastly, we would like to say that this product has the potential to do much more harm than it can do good. We advise to not use this product at all and check out other products which are much superior to this and are the products that you and your skin deserve, not this harmful and potentially dangerous product. 

  • Has emollient ingredients which are great and help moisturize skin.
  • Potential wound-healing properties due to the presence of daisy flower extract
  • Very little independent research conducted
  • Can be irritating and also aid aging of the skin

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How often do Burt’s bees apply?

Ans: Apply twice a day, before bedtime and middle of the day, it may take 1-3 nights to make its best result.

Q. Is Burt’s Bees Eye Cream good for dark circles?

Ans: Yes, Burts Bees Eye Cream originates from 99% natural elements. It works perfectly on the puffiness of eyelids and reduces dark circles to make you look more beautiful.

Q. Is Burt’s Bees makeup talc-free?

Ans: Yes. All of the products from Burt’s Bees are talc-free. Also free from harmful ingredients like phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances.