13 Botox Alternatives: How to Make Younger Looking Skin


Most of you are here browsing the internet in your free time to find botox alternatives in the form of a substitute for Botox alternative cream or perhaps a super diet, maybe even a workout plan. Whatever it is you are looking for, it can surely mean you know why you may wish to not rely on it for rejuvenation. Maybe, you are seeking counsel to confirm if you should go with it or find alternatives in case it isn’t the best option for you.

But for those of you who don’t know what Botox is, and to help you all understand why and how the Botox alternatives work, let me take you guys through a quick tour so you can decide for yourself if you wish to go through with it. So, without any further ado, let me take you on a quick 101 tour through everything you have to know about Botox to help you decide.

Botox Is it a cream? Is it surgery?

NO. Botox is an injectable neurotoxin protein called the Botunilum. It is injected into your forehead and around your eyes. What it does is prevents any further change to your face. In simple terms, it ‘prevents’ and does not ‘restore.’ It has a few other applications outside of cosmetics, but the junking of the facelift narcos has shot up drastically in the past decade, especially among women aged 22 to 40.

According to CNN  Health, there are a lot of cons about Botox that you don’t see in popular cultures, like Botox not wholly removing the wrinkles you already have but prevent future wrinkles and paralyzes the muscle around your eyes and forehead. There is the duration of how long it will stay before you have to get one again-around 4 months longest and it does not come cheap. In addition to all the unwanted side effects, just like all things, if you do too much of it, it will ruin the purpose for you to do it in the first place and accelerate your aging significantly.

I will now elaborate on the best alternatives to botox for wrinkles that I dug out from interviews, health gurus and friends, and Botox users, both current and ex.

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Botox Alternatives look young
1. Acupuncture

This is an ancient method of exploring your spirituality and releasing negative energy. It has also been regarded as ‘effective’ by the World Health Organization (WHO). Acupuncture has been in practice for millenniums, originating in the Asian region, and something with a history that heavy is not the only reassuring points about Acupuncture, there are various others that we can benefit from.

Despite the skepticism acupuncture received by critics, it has its fair share of benefits. It is the best alternative to Botox injections and quickly the best alternative for surgery as well. The research is going well, and the only reason it is not guaranteed to be 100% reliable is that there has not been enough research on the matter. The best part about acupuncture is that it’s not just limited to your face, but you can apply it all over your body. It will significantly improve your skin in many ways, not only limited to brightening it and will help you feel great about it as well, it is a high mood lifter and you can couple it with meditation and achieve Zen.

2. Fillers

Fillers are possibly the exact substitute for Botox, cousins per se. These are injectables too. One of the few significant differences between the two is the significant gap between the cost of getting fillers and Botox. You can get fillers for a portion of the amount you would pay for Botox. Injectable fillers are probably the fastest acting, wrinkle erasing solution. You inject and fill out the hollow parts.

Fillers come with a wide range of variety, spanning from collagen-based wrinkle fillers to the synthetic ones and many more. However, fillers come with their fair share of incidents, as well. First off, fillers have a lot of side effects, and few can be fatal. Secondly, never go for the unusually low-priced ones. Better safe than sorry. There have been cases of injecting the wrong thing instead of botulinum, but the same can be said about these fillers as well since injectables.

The duration of fillers can vary from a couple of months to over a year. It has been observed that the more you use fillers, the less of it you need. However, fillers come with their number of cons as well, so go for the best filler, ask your dermatologist.

3. Face Exercise

They say exercise can make you young in the heart and the soul. Then the same should apply to your face as well. There’s a new happening go-to method that’s popping up all over the face care world, and it goes by the name FaceXercise. It is as natural as it can be with a tool to aid in the procedure. They use the science of suction to promote blood flow in your face and regulate collagen.

You do not have to invest in expensive methods to prevent further wrinkling naturally. You can do face exercises at home. There are various workouts designed for the muscles in your face, and they work. I, myself, tried a few for a much different reason, and it worked out well for me.

When you are thinking of facial exercises, you don’t have to burden yourself with the task of scouring the internet for heavy-duty hardcore workouts. A face exercise can be as simple as smiling with super widened grins. Or massage your face to promote better blood flow. But I will provide a few facial expressions or facial workout for you to try and hold, to better define your look.

Cheeky Face

You push out air from your mouth, but instead of blowing it out, you hold it in, so the sides of your face resemble a pufferfish. Do not overexert yourself.

Pull-Over Brows

This one is simple, press with your index fingers over your eyebrow and slightly pull the skin upwards so that it feels tight. Keep on doing it for 30 seconds. Pause. Repeat.

Pull Down Eyes

It’s known better over the internet as the flirty eyes. Modern terminology never fails to send in the message all clear. As the name suggests, use your index to press slightly and pull down your eye bags until they feel tight.

Try out different motions and presses and stretches to feel the most wrinkle vulnerable areas. Keep on trying, and you will figure out the rhythm of the ever-young techniques.

4. Lifestyle

You know this one. We all do. Making small changes in your lifestyle can completely alter your entire being to something entirely different. We, humans, are enslaved by our habits, and the only way out of this cycle is if we make the right changes in our daily activities.

Start using UV protective gear; try taking the longer route for more shade. Try practicing proper hygiene. It may not seem like it, but health is one of the key factors behind the condition of your skin, as clean and hydrated you keep them, the better your chances of not getting wrinkles super-fast, of course, there are countless other factors, but all the small things lead up to the big bad thing. Get in the habit of carrying an umbrella and waking up early to beat the traffic, so you don’t have to take the risk of exposing yourself to the direct UV ray emitting heat. Change up your diet, and do anything and everything that benefits your skin.

It won’t be easy or fast. You will have to put in a lot of mental power to follow a routine, and once you get used to it, the maintenance of incorporating these positive changes into your daily rituals can only help you and your beautiful skin. And not just for skin only, you can alter just about anything, customize your routine according to your specific needs.

5. Face Patches

There a lot of patch-based alternatives when it comes to replacing Botox, a trending patch that entered the industry not too long ago, and a lot of people are turning to the use of Frownies to get rid of your frowns.

We develop wrinkles for the repeated movement that takes place under our skin. So, what Botox does is stop the muscles by paralyzing them. Hence it is more preventive than it is restorative.

The natural substitute- Frownies are small papers, that are square-shaped, with one side shiny. You put it on and keep it there. It will just freeze the muscle tissues so you can get the same effect as Botox, only natural and not expensive.

6. Photos

Some say that this is the new Botox and certainly one of the safe looking and easily one of the best Botox alternatives that work. It’s a form of cryotherapy. The procedure is roughly 20 minutes long. They freeze your skin to prevent any further signs of aging by spraying liquid nitrogen on the aging areas of your face. No harmful toxins are used to tighten your muscles underneath your skin. I would personally feel safe with this, unlike Botox, which always gave me shivers. It is the same as the previous alternative here, but they use different chemicals.

7. Vitamins

This may seem redundant when compared to the likes of Botox needles and expensive procedures, but Vitamins play a more significant role than most of us can grasp.

The first to get blamed is the sun, when the concern shifts to skin health. And it is very accurate. However, the sunlight is abundant with Vitamin D, well technically, it helps you produce Vitamin D. This is one of the most beneficial and crucial aids to skin health, if not the most. It is speculated that you should walk around 10-15 minutes under the morning sun to kickstart the Vitamin D production.

Then there is Vitamin C. It’s in plentiful in the tangiest and citrusy food we love to eat and drink. The daily dosage of your sour vitamin is 90mg/day for an average weighing adult male. It should not be too difficult since we can find Vitamin C in almost everything and everywhere.

Ever heard of Vitamin E? You should if you ever used sunscreen or other skin care products, not all but most. Some of the brands boast about it being one of the key ingredients to give you photoprotection. And they are telling the truth. The primary function of Vitamin E is to shield your skin against the damage caused by the UV Rays from the sun. Vitamin E is also used to help with skin inflammation.

At last but not least, in the slightest, we present you- Vitamin K. It’s massively underrated, but dermatologists know of its true potential next to the above 4 vitamins. It is so useful for your skin that its primary use is to heal scar and help treat various other conditions of the skin.

All these Vitamins can be found plentifully in topical creams, supplements and fruits, and veggies.

8. Facial Creams

This one is a no-brainer. As I like to call them – Botox alternative Cream. These facial creams are the first form of skincare we invented and grew up hearing about them and seeing them. But then there is the worry of there being endless supplies of creams and the scariest part is that most of them don’t work that well. However, familiarizing yourself with specific ingredients that aid in skin health can help you filter out the good ones from the bad. Look for creams with the vitamins mentioned above- C/D/K/E, cell regulators, and anything rich with anti-oxidants.

I have a secret technique for filtering out the good from the bad- REVIEWS. Always check the reviews, not the ones that are limited to a few. Statistics never lie. You also have to keep in mind that some botox lotions do not go well with certain skin types. Best to ask a dermatologist for a suggestion.

9. Chemical Peels

There is a myth about all things chemical killing you, no matter what it is. Even the basic over the counter drugs are abundant with side effects. Nevertheless, these chemical peels do work, and you can get them at a medical station. That takes away the fear of the potential damage the chemicals may cause.

The first thing about chemical peels is that you should most definitely consult a doctor before opting for a chemical peel as it may counteract the effect of another drug you may be taking.

It is a simple in and out procedure. What they do is induce blisters on your face by putting a solution on the deep cleaned face, which forms a blister, which is then peeled off. There are immediate reactions and adverse effects; you will experience from 4 to 7 days after the procedure.

10. Collagen Wave

This one is a unique method for rejuvenating the skin on your face. The more you do it, the younger-looking your skin gets. This particular procedure is scarce and mostly practiced in the UK. A lot of people fly into the United Kingdom JUST for a collagen wave.

So, what the collagen wave does is emit radiofrequency energy to your skin to tighten the tissue underneath. Collagen wave gives your face a much younger and a more toned look.

11. HIFU

Also known as High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Don’t let the smart-sounding name scare you. It’s a noninvasive therapeutic procedure that uses ultrasound to vibrate and raise the temperature of the tissue under the skin of your face, which in turn tightens the muscle and gives you a nice firm look.

Unfortunately for some, Ultherapy is a bit on the pricey side of botox alternatives, but quick and simple and almost no pain in the process. HIFU is also used to destroy tissues like tumors.

12. MIST

The term is abbreviated, which stands for Minimally Invasive Stromal Transfer. The celebrity surgeon Dr. Marc Mani from Beverly Hills came up with this very recently. I will simplify the abbreviation of something you guys will understand. It is the injecting of stem cells underneath and in your skin. In doing so, the skin is staying healthy in the long run and not to mention the softening of the skin and the enhanced blood flow. The only downside to this procedure is how expensive it is.

13. Microneedling

This one comes with needles as well and hurts more than one would want it to. This procedure uses derma roller’s small needles to prick the skin so it can clear away the dead skin on your face, and it promotes new collagen and skin tissue as it regenerates softer.

Microneedling is known to have scar-removing properties. It is time, and cost-effective, non-invasive, and its efficacy is noticeable from the first session. However, if you do have certain skin conditions like heavy acne on your face, you may have to opt-out of it.

Things to practice for healthy skin

We are looking for alternatives without really fixing the most harmful habits that speed up the aging process. These basic homemade botox practises can contribute more than some of these gimmicks we chase after:

  • Put on SPF on your face. They come in many forms and shapes, from powder to lotion to just essential sunscreen packs with varying SPF for your particular use or skin type. Sunscreen will always be your best friend if you are the outgoing type, always keep one around, especially during travel.
  • Try sporting shades with big rims to reduce the exposure to UV Ray on your face by minimalizing as much space as you possibly can. Go for the polarized glasses; it’s one of the best tools to barricade yourself from the sun.
  • Wear hats or caps with big radiuses. They will shade you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, with their big shadows covering your face.
  • Try wearing full-sleeved shirts to shield your upper limbs from the sun completely.
  • Drink plenty of water. Firstly, hydration is more important to us than food. Consequently, we cannot live without either, but the benefits of hydration are countless, and it is crucial to not just our survival but the state of our health as well and how we feel. Water is not the only source for hydration, and if you face difficulty drinking a lot of water for whatever reason, you can try looking into anti-oxidant rich food, which is mostly fruits or have sparkling water or whatever your cup of H20
  • Wash your face every chance you get. Do not fall asleep with makeup on or after getting in from outside. Always exfoliate, even if it’s clean and fresh sweat from the morning walk, as your sweat pores get blocked, which will be something to worry about more than aging as it can form a vast number of skin problems like developing pimples and having a bad case of whiteheads and blackheads and much more.
  • Use anti-aging creams. They work. Try the night and the day creams as well. It’s more than just a corporate scheme. They have their sequence of ingredients that start kicking in when you use them at the suggested time.
  • A healthy diet, filled with greens, will make you healthy holistically. Not just your skin but your heart and your mind as well. However, try avoiding spices, as they do affect your skin to some extent.

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  • Great post. I was thinking to do botox but I was confused. The article has cleared my confusion. I am thinking not to do botox and want to choose botox alternatives. I am hoping that I will get some good results by following these tips.

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