Best Yoga Mats For Barre Fitness

best yoga mat for barre

 If you take a quick scroll through the #barre feed on Instagram, you will be able to see all kinds of people taking part in the exercise and fitness trend. But, not unlike many people, you may be wondering, what exactly is barre fitness and how does it work? To put it simply, it is a type of low-impact exercise that serves three exercise functions: it can combine the movement and grace of ballet, the strengthening that pilates provides, and the stretching you get in yoga. All of these things are achieved within just 45 minutes of class

The actual “barre” you find in classes is used to help you use it as a prop for balancing purposes. This will leave you with a lot of headroom to focus on exercises of the isometric kind. The movements may not be too extravagant but trust us when we say this; there is no way you will not feel the burn. 

Another significant advantage of this type of exercise is that you don’t need that much equipment to do the exercises. But one thing that you will most definitely need is a yoga mat that lends proper support and is comfortable to use for long periods. In this article, we will look at just that, the best yoga mat for Barre Fitness in the market. 

Gaiam Yoga Exercise & Fitness Mat

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This is a 6 mm Gaiam print mat made for yoga, and it is probably the best known and best-selling yoga mat in the market. Almost anyone and everyone who is into yoga or home workout has one of these mats. The material it is made from is a kind of non-toxic PVC. It is very lightweight, and it provides a lot of decent cushioning. Another big advantage of this mat is that it is available in an extensive variety of color options. 

There are several things that you will like about this particular mat. For one thing, it is very affordable. Also, the huge number of options available in the market will mean that everyone will find something that will suit their needs. One last thing to mention is that it is also thick enough for proper cushioning for even the joints that are more sensitive. 

What’s so special about it? 

  • Variety of Print Design Options
  • Low price
  • Low maintenance

BalanceFrom GoYoga Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga

This basic yoga mat is very thick and also very cushioned.  It is so thick that it almost feels like a pad, but it still has an amazing grip so that you can move along with it if you like. Once you start using it, you will not have to worry about your knees during particularly intense leg workouts. Your wrists will also be able to stay comfortably in place when you do planks, a thing that usually does not happen with just regular varieties of yoga mats.  If you are really into doing serious yoga, then this mat might not be suitable for you as you may find it difficult to do the more challenging poses. You will probably need something that will give you better stability with regard to the floor. 

On the other hand, if you want to get in a proper workout, this is the right mat for your needs. When you purchase this mat, you will not be buying just another yoga mat that starts to wear and tear after a bit of use- these last for a very long time. 

What’s So Special About It?

  • It is affordable
  • The cushioning is thick
  • It is easy to clean
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed

What we don’t like about it?

  • It may be too short for a lot of people
  • It stretches and also squeaks

BalanceFrom GoYoga Anti-Tear Exercise Yoga Mat

BalanceFrom GoYoga Fitbabesclub

It is the best yoga mat for beginners and casual yogis to go for a mat within a budget, so long as you are not sacrificing functionality. This particular brand of Yoga mat has a lot of similarities with the one by Gaiam. They are both the same size, with the BalanceFrom being just about a millimeter thicker. 

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This particular Yoga mat is also made from lightweight and high density foam, and they also have double-sided non-slip surfaces. It may not have the specific durability or cache of the more expensive ones, but the fact of the matter is that you can replace this mat six times and still end up paying less than the more premium versions. 

What’s So Special about it?

  • Good for beginners and casual yogis
  • Affordable
  • Non-slip double-sided surfaces

What we don’t like about it?

  • Not that durable

Grouper Thick Yoga Mat

Grouper Thick Yoga Mat

When it comes to yoga mats that are lightweight but highly durable, this particular brand produces top-rated yoga mats, which are the best available in the market right now. Another great thing about this particular product is that it is a very eco-friendly yoga mat, and it has been designed especially for people who demand greater flexibility.

This yoga mat is entirely non-toxic and one that your body can get as friendly as it wants with it. It is also made so that it can help your body generate a lot more heat, and the heat is then retained as well. 

What’s So Special About It?

  • High quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Slip-resistant
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Proper shock absorption
  • Suitable for adults
  • Lightweight

What we don’t like about it?

  • Too slick
  • Puncture marks can become visible

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is the ideal thickness for a barre mat?

Ans: Pick a mat for barre training at least 4mm thick. After that, you can determine if you want something more cushioned from there.

Q. What should I look for when buying a fitness mat?

Ans: You should choose a Lightweight and easy-to-roll mat. If you frequently carry it to the gym, lightweight mats will help prevent shoulder and back fatigue.