Best Treadmill Workouts for Soccer Players in 2023: Train Like a Pro

best treadmill workouts for soccer players

Fitness is a must for athletes, and if you are a soccer player, there’s no way you could miss out on your workout sessions. So, to ensure you stay fit and active, treadmill workouts can be one of the best ways to enhance your stamina. 

Treadmill workouts include treadmill warm-up, fitness test, Tabata workout, etc. These are considered the best exercises for football fitness can help you optimize your stamina and help you stay boosted and fit. Many sports experts state that treadmill workouts can benefit soccer players if they are consistent and regular with these exercises. 

Below are some of the best treadmill workouts for soccer players for enhanced and better fitness results. 

Best Treadmill Workouts for Soccer Players 

This section will let you know about some of the best treadmill workouts that you can try at your gym or at home. 

1. Multi-Directional Warm-Up 

Treadmill warm-up is an effective way to get your heart rate pumping and increase your blood flow. Although most treadmills are designed for straight movement workouts, advanced treadmills can benefit you with multi-directional warm-ups to ensure all your body parts are moving and active. 

Here’s how these multi-directional treadmills work: 

  • Set your treadmill to 3.5 mph and at a 2% grade
  • Keep walking 
  • Afterward, switch Backpedal, Slide Shuffle (both left and right), and start walking again.
  • Slowly switch to different variations and movements, ensuring your entire body is moving and active.

Duration of exercise: 5 x 15 seconds on every variation

2. Tempo Runs 

These runs are the easiest methods to improve your overall conditioning. This treadmill workout method will even challenge your fitness and energy levels. Although, overdoing it may increase the risks of injury. So, we strongly recommend setting your treadmill incline at around 2% grade. 

Here’s how these treadmill workouts work: 

  • Set your treadmill at a 2% incline grade
  • Sprint at around 70 to 80 percent of your maximum speed 
  • Ensure that you maintain a smooth sprint and don’t rush 
  • Initially, start at 7 to 8 mph and gradually increase your speed with fitness improvement
  • Increase your sets by two every week

Duration of exercise: 6 to 20 x 15 secs followed by 30 seconds of recovery rest

3. Sport-Specific Workout 

One of the significant issues most athletes face is that jogging on an ordinary treadmill only allows you to run straight on it. However, advanced treadmills allow you to specify your workout sessions depending on your sports. This feature can be beneficial if you focus on improving a specific portion of your workout session. 

Here’s how these treadmill workouts work: 

  • You can select your workout duration that’s similar to your sports
  • The rest time can also be selected depending on the break time of your sports
  • You can also generate intervals using the work: rest ratio
  • Repeat your exercise for 5 to 10 sets

4. Down and Up Mountain Exercise

The workout gets challenging as you progress with your incline workout sessions. Through up and down mountain workouts on your treadmill can help you improve more on your fitness and give you the ideal improvement you need. 

It also helps you identify your core improvement areas and focus on those segments to bring in more results. 

Here’s how this treadmill workout helps: 

  • Set your treadmill for a specific sprint speed and at a 2% grade
  • Sprint or jog for around 30 seconds
  • Take rest for 30 seconds and gradually increase the grade to 1%
  • Keep repeating the process at a 10% grade
  • After you reach 10%, start reducing this grade every set until you get to 2%
  • If you want your session to be more challenging, increase your speed

5. Tabata Workout Sessions

Tabata workout sessions are an ideal exercise option for treadmills. It’s a four-minute exercise that aids you to have more aerobic endurance than an hour sub-mix exercise, like sprinting or jogging. This exercise even improves the anaerobic conditioning that is essential for intense exercises and movements. 

Here’s how this treadmill workout works: 

  • Set your treadmill at 90% of the maximum sprinting speed. However, ensure that you maintain the sprint for around 20 seconds straight without giving any break or gap.
  • After that, rest for around 10 seconds. 
  • Keep repeating for a total of 8 sets.

Bottom Line

Workout sessions are essential for soccer players to stay fit and improve their game. So, modern treadmill workout sessions can provide the athletes with the required fitness that they need. Therefore, we suggest you choose those treadmills that can provide you with the best fitness exercises without any mix-sub workout sessions like jogging or sprinting.

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