5 Best Stress Monitor Apps for Apple Watch in 2023

best stress monitor apps for apple watch

It is a common problem to be exposed to stress in our everyday life, especially among students and workers. The stress monitor app is an app that helps to detect your stress level. The app helps detect changes in your heart rate to examine how stressed you are.

After thorough research in the market to bring out the best for you, here we will discuss the 5 best stress monitor apps available for your Apple Watch. 

Best Stress Monitor Apps for Apple Watch

Let’s discuss the features of these products.

1. Heart Rate and Stress Monitor -Wang Fan


  • Powerful Personal Health Assistant
  • Real-Time pulse detect without Apple Watch
  • Real-time monitoring of physical and mental health
  • No subscription required 

Wang Fan Heart Rate and Stress monitor app has a 4.5-star rating (out of 5) and is a great app to track your progress. It connects with other Apple Health data and provides individual results on your Apple Watch.

This app will help you pay attention to heart rate, psychological pressure, and exercise status. It will help you stay away from depression and calculate your overall stress level.

 It will help you manage your work, time, and overall health in your everyday life. It will read your health data through Healthkit, including heart rate, resting heart rate, activity energy, etc., and use them to study the trend of your heart.

Yoloha Unity Cork Yoga Mat
4.5/10 Our Score
  • Tracks a wide range of data
  • In-depth analysis
  • Cannot provide professional health advice.
  • Cannot replace professional instruments

2. ActiveAce Stress Monitor For Watch


  •  Personal Stress Data with actionable guidance
  •  Weekly Stress highlights
  •  Track Activity and Sleep for building resilience
  •  Apple Health Integration for ongoing monitoring
  •  Easy hints from advanced science research

ActiveAce Stress Monitor For Watch has a 4.5-star rating (out of 5) and is a great app to manage your stress levels. It is specially designed for apple watch users, and it provides proper feedback to the users.

It analyzes the weekly data and shares crucial data and trends on your stress, well-being, and physical and mental health. It has a heat-map calendar where users can keep an eye on more and less stressful days, weeks, and months.

You will also add your day-to-day emotions and mood to see how it corresponds with other data. This stress monitoring app can calculate your scores based on your Apple Health data and advanced algorithms.

ActiveAce Stress Monitor For Watch
4.5/10 Our Score
  • Daily stress management score
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking
  • Improves sleep schedule
  • It does not provide any diagnosis
  • Only estimated results

3. Welltory: Heart Rate Monitor


  • Checks Pulse and Blood Pressure
  •  Sync up to 120+ data sources
  •  Provides detailed reports
  • Analyze workouts

Welltory: The heart Rate Monitor app is used by 3 million people and has a rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5). It does the magic on measurements by tracking check-ups 24/7 without any hassle and has excellent reviews from users.

It provides heart rate variability results with 33 stats on your Apple Watch explained in detail for the users’ benefit. As it can analyze your workout routine, it will also help you to stop overdoing workouts so that you do not feel exhausted throughout the day.

The app has clinical advancements and can recommend dealing with panic attacks, chronic stress, insomnia, etc., and will update your daily reports. Also, the app was reviewed in the Men’s Health Magazine in 2020.

Welltory- Heart Rate Monitor
4.6/10 Our Score
  • Diagnostics available
  • Connects to different gadgets
  • Health alerts
  • Breathing practices
  • Some features might not work without subscriptions
  • Subscriptions can be expensive

4. HRV Tracker for Watch


  •  Track long term trend
  •  Family sharing
  •  Monitors activity, sleep and rest

Apple Watch HRV Tracker has a 4.4-star rating (out of 5) and is designed to track accurate heart rate to monitor stress levels, and is considered one of the best stress monitoring apps. It makes spotting differences in your HRV easy by monitoring the measurements in the background and displays immediate notifications after your HRV drops under or rises above your desired levels.

The app allows you to detect possible changes in your measurements by using the comparison graphs available on your Apple watch. HRV Tracker can also calculate estimated sleep hours per night if no data is available.

 You can easily choose to use a custom activity score that highlights the intensity of daily activity with the app. Moreover, it will keep you informed about your stress level due to workload and also help to improve your sleep quality, and help in practicing mindfulness.

HRV Tracker for Watch
4.4/10 Our Score
  • Alerts through notifications
  • Can browse the last seven days’ HRV measurements
  • Relevant daily metrics
  • Some users complained that it does not provide additional information
  • One of the users whined about its ability actually to generate an HRVto generate an HRV

5. Breathe app


  • Notifications to remind you to start a breathing session
  • Follow the animation as it is increased with each inhale and decreases with each exhales.
  • Change the length of the Breathe session.

Breathe app has an overall rating of 3.9-stars (out of 5). It helps to learn about breathing to ease up your stress. The app helps you brush up your overall mental and physical health by relaxing inhalation and exhalation cycles.

Through the help of this app, you will be able to customize your breathing duration in between one to five minutes and four to ten breaths. You will notice significant changes in your stress level and thoroughly enjoy the app as it is only designed for Apple Watches.

Breathe App
3.9/10 Our Score
  • Guides to proper breathing techniques
  • Improves breathing
  • Reduce stress and improve health
  • Only for Apple watch and cannot be used on smartphones

Things to Consider Installing the Best Stress Monitor Apps for Apple Watch

Your stress monitor app must provide you with accurate data without any glitches so that you can keep track of your stress levels and know when to relax.

When using the app on your Apple Watch, you need to ensure that it provides you with reasonable satisfaction. Here is a list of features that you will need to look for when purchasing the stress monitor app for the Apple Watch.

  • Measure Heart Rate: The primary function of a stress monitoring app is to make sure that it provides exact and detailed information about the heart rate data. As a result, it is mandatory to select the best app that supports your Apple Watch and provides valuable statistics.
  • Set goals for development: The app should help you set your desired goal and suggest a better enhancement to reduce your stress levels in the long run.
  • Analyze the stress-related factor: Stress occurs due to internal and external factors. The factors include pessimism, uncertainty, being under pressure in the environment, job, relationships, facing challenges, sudden changes, etc. The app should identify all of it to make your life better.
  • Health Measurement: The app should recognize common symptoms to help you manage stress. It needs to evaluate your overall health issues related to stress. It should measure the BP, track your weight, suggest your diets, and other details.

Bottom Line

The apps mentioned above could help you manage your stress level with proper guidance and relevant data. If you are in your initial stage and want to manage the stress level before it goes out of hand, connecting these apps with your Apple Watch can help you and guide you.

However, these are only statistics based on your information, and they can only guide you to what to do and what not to. No apps can give you professional health advice or replace professional therapists or counselors.

It is always better to visit doctors and seek medical assistance and consult with them if the stress level is relatively high and has the possibility of causing damage to your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to check stress levels on an apple watch?

Ans: You can follow these steps:
1. Press and hold the side button to view your power reserve. 
2. Swipe up on the power reserve screen to see your stress level. 
3. The stress level is displayed as a percentage.
 4. If your stress level is high, you can take steps to reduce your stress.

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