5 Best Pre Workout Routine to Maximize Results

Best Pre Workout Routine

A pre-workout stretch routine is as important as your daily workout routine. It sets the tone for a better result before and after a workout. The lack of it can lead to injury and causes unwanted muscle strains that are preventable.

Pre-workout is more than warm-ups. Here are six things you can do to maximize your workout effort.


Dehydration affects your performance. As little as five percent dehydration can decrease your output to thirty percent, and this is something you don’t want to do, especially if you are working hard to get the body you want. 

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, it is advised that you take 20 ounces of water before workout but avoid drinking too much as this can cause stomach ache. The lack of hydration can trigger cramps. 

You will be sweating. Thus, it is necessary to fill up your hydration before exercise. Being hydrated will keep your energy up and keeps you going. It is important to continue hydrating throughout the day.  

Eat Properly

Eat properly before every workout because you will need fuel for your body. Do not go on an empty stomach. For those who often feel stomach discomfort eating before a workout. Go for a light snack. 

Eating before your workout helps with the recovery of the body. According to experts, low fiber and fast-acting carbohydrates will help maintain sugar level during exercising and sufficient protein and healthy fat post-workout recovery. Examples are peanut butter or chicken sandwich with cheese.

However, it is essential to avoid greasy food as this can cause stomach upset. Suppose you’re running out of time, do not skip a meal. Even a simple snack like a spoon of peanut butter or apple and cheese thirty minutes before your workout is sufficient to keep the body going. No fuel means no energy to support your workout.

Don’t skip warm-up

A good warm-up before a workout prepares your body and prevents injury when doing an intense workout. It also improves circulation and prevents cardiac abnormalities. It also improves your range of motion and slowly raises your body temperature. 

No matter how short your intense routine, do not skip warming up. You can choose short five-minute aerobic movements or use a foam roller to warm up and stretch those muscles. The foam roller helps “detangle” the muscles in the body, which allows for a better range of movement later. A dynamic warm-up is also good if you want to focus on specific muscle groups. 

Warm Up routine

Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential for your body to work and perform well. Getting enough rest is not just about good muscle recovery after an intense workout; it is also important pre-workout. Inadequate sleep affects your metabolism, energy level, and hormones. Sleeping is as crucial as working out. 

The ideal hours would be eight but get at least six to seven hours of sleep prior to your workout for maximum results. When the body is tired, the fat burner role of exercising will not be effective. Your working our goal is futile when you are not getting enough sleep. Try to create sleep rituals like aromatherapy, listening to calm music, deep breathing, etc., to help induce better sleep. 

With today’s lifestyle, lack of sleep is inevitable. However, when you are working out, schedule your routine around days that are less busy, where you can get the rest you need. Working out when your body is tired will only lead to more exhaustion, thus defeating the purpose of exercising. 

Wear the right clothing

Wearing proper workout clothes and gear can maximize the result. Exercising requires various movements, which means you need clothing that can provide enough support while not restricting mobility. Clothes or shoes that are too tight or too loose can lead to injuries. 

Yoga may not require you to wear shoes or a sports bra, but if you are doing high-impact exercises such as boxing or running, you will need a bra that will provide sufficient support and the right running shoes for comfort and prevention of foot injury. 

Comfort may be petty, but it can influence how you feel about your workout. The better you feel, the longer you’ll stay with your routine. It is important to understand that expensive gears and clothing don’t equal comfort. There are a lot of local brands out there that are on par with the branded ones. 


Preparation can make a big difference in a workout routine. Just like any endeavours, non-preparation will not lead to the maximum result. It would help if you were proactive to get the result you want. Working out is not just about your time at the gym; it’s the lifestyle you are willing to change and establish to get a better version of yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Does pre workout build muscle?

Ans: Pre-exercise provides an energy boost and aid in endurance, allowing you to get more out of your workouts.

Q. Are pre-workout supplements bad for your health?

Ans: The effects of pre-workout formulations on energy levels and exercise performance have made them popular among fitness enthusiasts. However, adverse effects such as headaches, skin issues, tingling, and stomach distress are possible.
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