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Best Home Exercise Equipment for Bad Knees

Many people worldwide face bad knee problems, impacting their fitness routine. However, with proper exercise equipment, one can safely maintain their fitness routine without hurting their knee in their home’s comfort.

Any low-impact exercise machines are suitable for people with bad knees. Proper cushioning helps a lot in this manner. Here you can get information about the 5 best home exercise equipment for bad knees. 

1. Rowing Machines

First of all, for a full-body, low-impact exercise, rowing machines are the best exercise equipment. One can easily bring their heart rate up without stressing their joints.

Most rowing machines come with adjustable resistance levels. Therefore, it is possible to set the resistance to make the workout easy or intense accordingly.

If you have a bad knee, it is highly recommended to get one with padded footrests and seats. This padding helps reduce extra stress from body joints, keeping the bad knee out of harm’s way. 

You should choose a rowing machine that mimics fluid and natural movement for the most benefit. Magnetic and water-resistance rowing machines are the best in this manner.

2. Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is the perfect exercise equipment for most people with knee pain, especially those recovering from knee injuries. With this machine, one can conduct cardio exercises without impacting the body joints.

The circular and smooth motion of the elliptical machine is suitable for anyone who is not suffering from a throbbing inflammation in their knee. The built-in handles offer stability and support. Also, it is possible to customize the resistance to have an excellent workout routine without hurting the joints further.

However, ellipticals are weight-bearing machines as one needs to stand while exercising. Thus, pushing the pedals can stress their knees and worsen the injury. Therefore, if you are recovering from a knee injury, don’t use this machine for at least 72 hours.

3. Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is another brilliant exercise machine that helps reduce stress from the knee. These bikes offer large and well-cushioned seats to prevent stressing joints. Also, recumbent bike paddles are significantly closer to the ground, making them easier to push than traditional exercise bikes.

Like all other equipment mentioned above, recumbent bikes offer customizable resistance. Thus, one can avoid hurting their knees simply by adjusting the most suitable workout intensity. 

For additional benefits, getting a recumbent bike with an upper-body resistance band is recommended. It helps the user to train their whole body without getting additional equipment for their bike. 

4. Stair Stepper

If you have less-than-perfect knees, a stair stepper is one of the best exercise machines you can have. This machine uses low-impact movements that are easy on the joints for cardio exercise

Stair steppers mimic the movement of shallow lunges without balance issues and added pressure. It also helps in improving mobility and motion range. This motion also helps the joints to stay flexible and lubricated.

When the joints are properly lubricated, one can see a significant reduction in knee pain. However, asking a doctor or fitness professional before getting a stair stepper for your home exercise is recommended. 

5. 2-in-1 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Among other popular options, the 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainer can be excellent for people with bad knees. It offers a low-impact workout while protecting your joints.

The elliptical motion is almost the same as running or walking. In addition, you can use the machine as a stationary bike by sitting down. 

This allows you to take a break when your joints start to hurt after standing exercises. Also, you can avoid repetitive movements to avoid swelling and knee pain.

Magnetic cross trainers are the most smooth among other 2-in-1 elliptical cross trainers. It will help conduct fluid motion and significantly reduce impacts on your joints.

Considerations While Choosing Exercise Equipment for Bad Knees

One solution may not be suitable for everyone when choosing an exercise machine. Therefore, there are several factors that can help in determining the best option for you. Let’s look at these factors in brief:

Exercise Type

For low-impact cardio exercises, rowing and elliptical machines are the best options to choose from. However, a recumbent bike offering variable resistance is the best choice if you are looking for strength training exercises.


Padding significantly helps to reduce impacts on joints. Therefore, if you are concerned about bad knees, your equipment should offer you the best cushioning possible.

Paddings minimize the impacts of workouts and protect the knees from staying active. Thus, one can easily use a well-padded machine for exercising without making the pain worse. 


The grip is a crucial component while working out. With the wrong type of grip, joint pain, inflammation, falls, and slips can happen anytime. 

Thus, look for a nonslip, firm grip machine to reduce impacts on the joints.

Type of Knee Movement

Adjusting your workout routine depending on the knee pain type is possible. Avoid knee movements that enhance knee pain.

Many internet blogs state that up-down movement puts more stress on joints. However, repeated and circular movements can also make the condition worse depending on the knee condition. Thus, it is crucial to consult a doctor before taking up any exercise.


When looking for exercise machines, adjustability is a crucial factor. Something working for one person may not work for another. Everyone has different needs for knee support. 

To avoid such a problem, you should choose an exercise machine that can be adjusted to fit your comfort. 

Bottom Line

So, here are the exercise machines and factors you should consider if you are concerned about bad knees. All these exercises can uphold your fitness routine without harming your knees further when properly calibrated for you.

If you are looking for ways to improve your fitness without worsening your knee condition, make sure to try them. Consult a doctor or fitness trainer to get adequate help before taking up any new exercise regimen.