5 Best Fitness Trackers for Soccer Players

soccer player fitness tracker

A fitness tracker will help you track your workout, monitor your sleeping habits, and monitor your stress levels. We have come up with some of the best fitness trackers for soccer players that should give visual data of your progress and accomplishments for every training session. This can serve as a motivation to do better the next day.

As a serious athlete, it is important to make the right choice for your fitness tracker as it has a high chance of influencing your fitness journey, helping you navigate your training.

Fitness trackers are essential tools for monitoring every detail of your fitness journey, especially as an athlete. But, with so many fitness trackers in the market, it isn’t easy to know where to start. So, we have compiled a list of the best trackers to make it easier for you to manage your fitness journey.

As you read through the product review, you will notice that we have curated a well-detailed review of each product to bring ease to your choice of the right one.

Best Fitness Tracker for Soccer Players

1. Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with Connected GPS
9.4/10 Our Score

Lintelek fitness tracker is one of the best fitness trackers for serious athletes. This is due to its affordability in comparison to other fitness trackers.

This Fitness Tracker has a 24 hours heart rate monitor, which means it monitors your heart rate even when you are asleep. According to the doctors, it keeps the data recorded on the tracker and raises the alarm when your heart rate reaches the maximum of regular heart rate.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker monitors your sleep every night from 9 pm-9 am. It also records the time of your deep sleep, shallow sleep, and wake up. This tracker helps you have a better arrangement for your bedtime routine.

With its 14 sport modes to track similar exercises, Lintelek Fitness Tracker records your workout time, distance, and heart rate. You can receive all your phone notifications directly to your wrist, including your phone calls and social media prompts.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker has got you covered with its shaker that allows your phone to take a picture in 3 seconds if you are a picture lover. So, you can take a picture of the beautiful sunrise during your jogging.

The battery capacity for this tracker is very powerful as it can last for up to 7 days when it is fully charged. It uses a USB port for charging, which makes charging pretty easy. This is one of the best fitness trackers for soccer players on our list.

2. PLAYR Soccer GPS Tracker – GPS Vest and App to Track and Improve Your Game
9.1/10 Our Score

Playr is a FIFA authorized wearable GPS tracker designed to improve and analyze your performance as a soccer player. A wearable vest is made from a four-way flex and ultra compressive fabric to provide exceptional durability, fit, and comfort.

This is one of the best fitness trackers for soccer players based on its tracker, which is small, lightweight, and wirelessly charged. It has built-in GPS and accelerometer sensors and can calculate your main stats such as total distance, top speed, power plays, sprint distance, load, strength, and heat maps.

Playr transforms your preparation, performance, and recovery with expertise in training and nutrition from Premier League coaches with its easy-to-use mobile application. It also allows you to sync your training sessions, view your performance data which shows you how to improve your game.

With the Playr mobile application, you can train with smart target zones designed by Premier League Coaches to help you in improving your game performance. Inclusive of a heat map that shows you where you have spent the most time, where you achieved the highest speed to improve your tactical awareness.

3. NiceFuse Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Blood Oxygen Saturation Meter Sleep Monitor
8.5/10 Our Score

NiceFuse Smartwatch is a fitness tracker with numerous essential features beneficial to its users. This is a great fitness tracker if you are looking for an all-around health monitor.

One of the most important features of this fitness tracker is the high-precision measurement of blood oxygen monitors. This allows for the accuracy of the pulse wave technology, which monitors the oxygen levels, especially when asleep to make sure it is normal.

It also possesses an ECG monitor for its female users. It also monitors female menstruation to give a timely reminder. This is particularly helpful to female athletes to help them navigate this period of the month.

NiceFuse provides a scientific analysis of your sleep pattern. Sleeping monitoring feature Provide REM Sleeping data, deep sleeping, light Sleeping in the app. This is activated automatically when you finish the first time sync with your smartphone. Then the sleeping data updates within 1~2 hours after you wake up.

It is compatible with both android phones and iPhones.

4. YAMAY Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor
8/10 Our Score

YAMAY fitness tracker is one of the most accurate trackers in the market. It allows you to activate your Gps tracking on your smartphone to track the roads you have traveled via the application.

The fitness tracker has multiple sport modes. It can track your data with multiple sports modes and get fast and easy access to data; including exercise duration, steps, calorie consumption, and more during the exercise.

When you charge your smartwatch for 2.5hrs with the magnetic charger provided, you can enjoy up to 10 days of extra-long battery life. This watch also has 3 levels of brightness for you to choose from, which can be seen clearly in the sunlight.

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A slow vibration alarm clock accompanies its sleep tracker. It automatically measures and monitors your heart rate daily, every 5 minutes.

5. Playermaker UNO Sensor for Soccer Cleats. Improve Your Technical and Ball Control Skills
7.9/10 Our Score

Playermaker is one of the best fitness trackers for athletes. It focuses solely on improving an athlete’s skills in training which enhances their performance in the games.

UNO tracks your touches, ball releases, and possessions with the ball throughout your entire session, which allows you to understand your playing style and improve on it. It helps you know the gap between your dominant and weaker foot,

The smallest and lightweight sensor is worn on the soccer boot and is compatible with every boot type.

The operational battery system lasts up to 10 hours. Uno is compatible with only IOS, which means Android users cannot use it.


1. Compatibility

When buying a fitness tracker, this is an essential factor to look out for. Is the tracker compatible with your mobile phone? Or your laptop? Keep in mind that some fitness trackers only work with Apple’s IOS and others, Android OS.

2. Battery Life

The battery life of your fitness tracker determines how often you have to charge it or replace batteries if it is not rechargeable. Note that the battery life of fitness trackers varies according to how sophisticated the tracker is.

3. Accuracy

It is important to note that fitness trackers are not 100% accurate in measuring health data. You have to understand that fitness trackers cannot be as precise as the equipment used by doctors in the medical field. But, when buying one, look out for a tracker that is almost 100% accurate.

4. Display

Fitness trackers display their data on the watch’s screen and via the application on the mobile device and laptop. You have to review the application which the data syncs into to see if the interface works for you.

5. Water

If you are a swimmer, you have to consider if the fitness tracker you are looking to purchase is waterproof. Some trackers are only fit for heavy sweating and showers, but not for the pool.

6. Style

If you are a stylish athlete, then this is something you should look out for when purchasing a fitness tracker. Many fitness trackers are made to be worn on the wrist, while others are worn as a vest and in other ways. You should lookout for a fitness tracker that makes you comfortable.


Q. Where can I buy a fitness tracker?

Ans: Fitness trackers are available in several online stores like Amazon. They are also available to buy at offline stores.

Q. What fitness tracker should I buy?

Ans: When researching to buy a fitness tracker, you have to decide why you want a fitness tracker and the features you would like the tracker to possess. You can find carefully researched fitness trackers with their details here to help you make a choice.

Q. Which Fitness Tracker is waterproof?

Ans: There are several waterproof fitness trackers in the market.It would help if you were careful to read the features when buying one. This has been detailed for you here.
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