5 Best Fitness Trackers for Seniors

Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors

A fitness tracker is a wearable electronic device created to monitor and record a person’s physical activity. It detects the information regarding a person’s heart rate, sleep pattern, steps- walking, running, jogging, calorie consumption, swimming laps, and other vital metrics. Finding the best fitness tracker for seniors might prove to be a difficult task. This is because their preference would be different from that of a young person. Buying a fitness tracker for an older person would require extensive research into the features, especially for health tracking.

When buying a fitness tracker for a senior, you have to consider the brightness of the screen, the tracker’s display, and basic usability. Ask questions like is it user-friendly? Does the tracker display basic information on the screen? Its accuracy? Does it emit any form of sound?

This seems like a lot of research to be done, and it can get very tasking. This is why we have put together this article to help you make an informed decision when buying a fitness tracker for a senior.

We have carried out well-detailed research on these products, which has informed the product review below to make buying the best fitness tracker for seniors easy.

Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors

1. Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek fitness tracker is one of the best fitness trackers for seniors. This is due to its affordability in comparison to other fitness trackers.

This Fitness Tracker has a 24 hours heart rate monitor, which means it monitors your heart rate even when you are asleep. According to the doctors, it keeps the data recorded on the tracker and raises the alarm when your heart rate reaches the maximum of average heart rate. This is majorly important for a senior citizen.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker monitors your sleep every night from 9 pm-9 am. It also records the time of your deep sleep, shallow sleep and wake up. This tracker helps you have a better arrangement for your bedtime routine, which is very important for the elderly.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker records your workout time, distance and your heart rate. You can receive all your phone notifications directly to your wrist, including your phone calls and messages.

The battery capacity for this tracker is robust as it can last for up to 7 days when it is fully charged. It uses a USB port for charging, making charging pretty easy and works perfectly for a senior.

2. LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Step Calorie Counter Sleep Monitor

Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors

The LETSCOM fitness monitor allows you to view the recorded vital metrics easily and faster with its large display screen. It shows the day of the week, steps traveled, calories burned, and phone notifications. This is particularly useful to senior citizens with poor eyesight as it helps them see this information efficiently. It is safe to say LETSCOM is the best fitness tracker for poor eyesight.

It has a great battery life with a battery strength of 210mAh that can last up to 10 days after a 2.5-hour charge. This battery life can automatically record and monitor your heart rate and sleep pattern to help you better understand your health status.

It allows for smart functions like wrist sensors, breathing guides, alarm notifications, sedentary alerts, and relaxation guides, and silent alarms to wake you up from sleep.

3. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

Best Fitbit for Nurses

The Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker has a battery that lasts up to 5 days without charge, with daily use. A senior person would value this battery life since they would not constantly panic about charging the watch.

This tracker constantly monitors heart rate for 24hours every day of the week. It actively monitors the user’s heart rate when resting and while exercising. It also picks up on the rate of calories burned too.

Even it keeps track of when you go to sleep, when you wake up, and when you fall asleep. This tracker assists you in better organizing your bedtime routine. Fitbit fitness tracker uses a GPS to monitor pace and distance.

4. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors

When the wrist is raised, the automatic lighting up of the screen is such a beneficial feature to the elderly. It reduces the need to tap on the screen to see prompts.

This tracker also accurately monitors the heart rate and the quality of sleep. This is an essential feature for the seniors as they need to have detailed information about their heart rate, which can be helpful for a doctor’s appointment.

It tracks the daily fitness routine of an individual, monitoring the walking distance covered, calories burned, steps etc. It also acts as a prompt to notify you when you have been sitting for too long.

5. Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker with Connected GPS

Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors

The heart rate monitor is majorly necessary for seniors. Lintelek Fitness Tracker has a heart rate monitor that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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It saves the data on the tracker and sounds an alert when the heart rate exceeds the limit of standard heart rate, as determined by doctors. This is essential for older people.

Lintelek Fitness Tracker keeps track of your exercise time, distance, and heart rate. Both phone alerts, including phone calls and texts, can be received directly on your hand.

This tracker’s battery life is impressive, as it can last for up to 7 days when fully charged. It charges through a USB port, which makes charging a breeze.

Lintelek enables GPS tracking to monitor speed and distance.


1. Battery life

When getting a fitness tracker for a senior, you have to consider that they most likely would forget to plug the tracker for charging. This means you need to get a fitness tracker with solid battery life.

2. Water Resistance

You have to be careful buying a water-resistant fitness tracker for an older person. This means that the tracker is strong enough to resist heaving, sweating, showers, and minimal swimming.

3. Screen Readability

This is the primary feature to put in mind when buying a fitness tracker for a senior. They have to read the details on the screen, so the fitness tracker should have a large display screen and bold fonts.

4. Simple Design

Fitness trackers are made in different designs. You have to buy a comfortable fitness tracker for you, provide accurate data, and is compatible with your mobile device.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. Where can I buy a fitness tracker?

Ans: Fitness trackers are available in several online stores like Amazon. They are also available to buy at offline stores.

Q. Which Fitness Tracker is best for an elderly person?

Ans: There are several fitness trackers good for seniors. Read more here to learn about the features and pricing to determine which one works best for you.

Q. Which Fitness Tracker has a GPS monitoring system?

Ans: Recently, with technological advancements, many fitness trackers have come with a GPS monitoring system. You can find detailed information about these trackers here.