5 Best Fitbit Band for Sensitive Skin That Keep Rashes Away

best fitbit bands for sensitive skin

Fitbit trackers come with a huge number of benefits, such as measuring your heart rate, daily steps, and so much more. People can nowadays also take pictures, make phone calls, and even pay bills with these trackers. But they can cause some problems when it comes to people who have sensitive skin, as the wristbands of these fitness trackers can cause irritation or other skin problems to them.

In this article, we will talk about 5 Fitbit fitness tracker wristbands that are made of either silicone or cloth and are great for sensitive skins. 

Best Fitbit Band for Sensitive Skin

Let’s have a look at these expert-recommended Fitbit tracker bands.

Welltin 2 Pack BandsWelltin 2 Pack Bands
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HAPAW Nylon BandsHAPAW Nylon Bands
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KIMILAR Woven BandKIMILAR Woven Band
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Fitbit Versa Family Accessory BandFitbit Versa Family Accessory Band
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GHIJKL Sports BandGHIJKL Sports Band
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1. The Welltin Woven Fabric Strap

The Welltin Woven Fabric Strap works great with the Fitbit Versa. This band works great for sensitive skin, as it helps prevent chafing or other unpleasant symptoms that might occur after using other ordinary bands.

You will be able to clean this strap easily after every workout session. They dry really fast after getting washed. 

It is properly and thickly woven, so you won’t have to worry about the fabric fraying. It is highly durable, also resistant to daily wear and tears. The strap will stay securely on your Fitbit tracker. The band is really comfortable to wear. It fits well on both large and small wrists. 

Top Attributes

  • Breathable and Soft Fabric
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to attach to the Fitbit tracker
  • Detaches from the tracker without any effort
  • Comes with two extra springs
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fits all wrist sizes properly

2. Best for Fitbit: Hapaw Nylon Band

The Hapaw Nylon band is made of premium quality nylon and is highly lightweight. This band is compatible with multiple models of Fitbit fitness trackers. This band is really comfortable to use, and not only that, but it also features a velcro closure that will help you to adjust the band very easily. 

The band will allow your wrist to breathe with its highly breathable design. It features fine craftwork, and the nylon provides enough softness. It’s also durable and skin-friendly. This band comes with a unique and exclusive style.

Top Attributes

  • Compatible with Different Fitbit Models
  • Highly Breathable Design
  • Premium Material
  • Fine Craft Work
  • Soft, Skin-Friendly
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Quick and Easy Adjustment
  • Unique and Exclusive Style 

3. The Kimilar Woven Band

The Kimilar Woven Band will go really well with your everyday style. It can fit well with your style sense, and the humble design of this band looks appropriate with every outfit. This band is appropriate for all types of people.

You can use it for sports, fashion, or whatever you want. The sensitive skin watch works well with this woven strap. It is made with a soft fabric that isn’t itchy at all. It won’t irritate your skin even if you keep it on for a long time. 

This band is also really convenient to wear as it comes with a special for installing and removing it from your tracker. It is highly suited for some of the best Fitbit versa bands for sensitive skin. 

Top Attributes

  • Soft and breathable woven fabric
  • Appropriate for all types of people and occasions
  • Comes with a stainless steel-made adjustable buckle
  • Has spring pins for connecting the band to the tracker
  • Hypoallergenic and nickel-free clasp
  • Light Material
  • Has convenient installation tools
  • Considered best fitness tracker for sensitive skin

4. The Fitbit Versa Family Accessory Band

The Fitbit Versa Family Accessory Band is an original band of Fitbit. It is perfect to wear while exercising. This band is made of breathable and soft silicone. It is also highly stylish. Most importantly, it works great for sensitive skin, as there are holes in the band that make it breathable. This prevents chafing of any sort under the strap.

Also, it is water-resistant, so it won’t get ruined while you are in the shower, or are washing your hands. The strap looks really sporty and will go well with all your workout clothes of yours. 

As this band is made by Fitbit, it perfectly fits various Fitbit models and can be affixed easily. It fits securely and easily with the trackers.

Top Attributes

  • Official Fitbit Band
  • Stylish and Breathable
  • Water-Resistant
  • Sporty Look
  • Can be attached easily to trackers
  • Skin doesn’t get chafed by the Silicone
  • Great for sensitive skin

5. GHIJKL Sports Band: Compatible with Fitbit Charge 2

The GHIJKL Sports Bands are highly compatible with the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker, along with many other Fitbit tracker models. They are really comfortable to wear, and they are made of high quality, durable, and breathable material.

Most importantly, they come in a great and unique style that will make you choose them easily. They also come in a wide range of colors so that you can choose a color easily, and match with your outfit, or mood. You can match your Fitbit band easily with your everyday lifestyle. 

Top Attributes

  • High-Quality Material
  • Comfortable and Breathable
  • Highly Durable
  • Vibrant and Beautiful Colors
  • Unique Style
  • Highly Compatible with Fitbit Trackers

Why You Need A Unique Type of Fitbit Band for Your Sensitive Skin

Skin irritation or allergic reaction can stand in the way of them having a proper Fitbit tracker experience. That’s why they need to find the best Fitbit band for sensitive skin. 

Many people have sensitive skin, and their skin reacts badly to specific stuff when they come in contact with their skin. Fitbit tracker bands can cause patchy, red, and itchy skin, which occurs on the skin that remains underneath the band of the Fitbit tracker when the tracker is worn.

These problems can be caused by the debris that gets trapped under the band, but they can occur due to specific materials that are used in some of the Fitbit trackers such as nickel. 

While Fitbit trackers can often contain nickel or other potentially harmful chemicals that are known to often cause different skin issues, like allergic dermatitis or other allergic reactions, the main problem seems to be the bands that are used to wear them.

If you have sensitive skin and are facing skin problems like rashes, itching, etc. due to wearing your Fitbit fitness tracker, it’s better to use a different Fitbit tracker with a different type of band.

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Buying Guide: Consideration Before Selecting the Fitbit Band

You will need to change the original Fitbit teacher bands and replace them with the bands that are good for your sensitive skin.

It’s better to go for silicone bands, as silicone is good as a material for straps for sensitive skin. But there are some people whose skin reacts to silicone. Then they will have to resort to the cloth or nylon-made tracker bands. 

You can go for fabric, leather, or woven bands. They work well for sensitive skin and keep the skin from getting irritations, itchy, or rashes.

It’s better to steer clear of the rubber-made ones, as rubber can cause these problems even more. The fabric or the material of your band highly matters when it comes to keeping your skin safe and providing you with a great experience of using your fitness tracker. Otherwise, you will face various problems, even dermatitis.

You can also try adopting other measures like wearing your tracker loose, cleaning your Fitbit tracker regularly, using a barrier cream moisturizer on your wrists, wearing your Fitbit tracker on your other wrist from time to time, etc. 

Final Words

Fitbit trackers have become a daily companion for many people these days as they help in many different things regarding fitness. These trackers help to keep fitness by measuring heart rate, work rate, etc. They don’t help with measuring fitness and work rate levels, these days they also help with numerous essential activities like sending texts, phone calls, etc.

As they have become essentials for many people, it’s important that they get the best experience out of using these Fitbit trackers, and can use them with total comfort.

That’s why it’s important for people with sensitive skin to go for different bands that will help them have the necessary comfort for their skin as well as the best user experience. Since the usual bands of Fitbit trackers aren’t made for people with sensitive skin, they will need to go in a different direction and choose a different type of band for wearing their tracker.

All the aforementioned Fitbit tracker bands are great options for sensitive skin, as they have premium and high-quality material that provide comfort and safety to sensitive skin.

So, you can choose one easily from the list based on its compatibility with your tracker and your preference. You will have a great experience without any doubt.