3 Best Exercises at Home for Everyone

best exercises at home

These best exercises at home can bring great benefits to you.

  1. Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises
  2. Bodyweight Chest Exercises
  3. Bodyweight Leg Exercises

Workouts and exercise are essential to improving health and fitness.

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

Source: Real Muscle

The following three exercises are excellent bodyweight shoulder exercises which you can do at home.

  1. The Pike Push-Up
  2. The Wall Walk-Up
  3. The Side Plank with Lateral Raise

1) The Pike Push-Up

The pike push-up is an alternative to the standard push-up; it is a useful bodyweight exercise for shoulders.

Adding the pike push-up to your workout routines is an excellent method of stimulating the anterior deltoid muscles and several other supporting muscle groups.

2) The Wall Walk-Up

Another excellent bodyweight shoulder exercise is the wall walk-up; it activates most deltoid muscle groups and various other assisting muscles.

The wall walk-up could be another shoulder exercise to add to your home workouts.

3) The Side Plank With Lateral Raise

A great shoulder exercise is the side plank with lateral raise; it mostly stimulates the side deltoid and numerous other supporting muscle groups.

Including this bodyweight shoulder exercise into your home workouts can help improve shoulder strength and size.

Bodyweight Chest Exercises

Source: MensJournal

The following chest exercises are bodyweight exercises; meaning they can be done anywhere and added into your home workouts.

They are all variations of other exercises.

  1. The Medicine Ball Push-Up
  2. The Standard Push-Up
  3. The Star Plank

1) The Medicine Ball Push-Up

The medicine ball push-up is an alternative to the standard push-up; it is another valuable bodyweight chest exercise.

Including this push-up in your home workouts is a great way to add variation, the medicine ball provides an unstable surface providing more stimulation to the chest muscle.

2) The Standard Push-Up

Another excellent bodyweight chest exercise is the standard push-up; it activates most pectoral muscle groups.

It is one of the most extensively used exercises and is very useful.

For these reasons; the standard push-up could be an excellent addition to your home workouts.

3) The Star Plank

A unique chest exercise is the star plank; it is a variation of the standard plank and activates the chest muscles differently.

Because of this, the star plank is an excellent addition to most home workouts without equipment.

Best Bodyweight Chest Exercises

Bodyweight Leg Exercises

Source: MensJournal

It’s important not to miss leg day, even when you’re not at the gym.

The following exercises are bodyweight leg exercises.

  1. The Bodyweight Squat
  2. The Jump Squat
  3. The Bodyweight Lunge

1) The Bodyweight Squat

The bodyweight squat is essentially a standard home workout without weights.

You can add the bodyweight squat to your home workouts for an overall leg workout, activating the quads, hamstrings, glutes and other muscle groups.

2) The Jump Squat

Another excellent bodyweight legs exercise is called the jump squat.

It is a standard bodyweight squat with a jump included.

The jump squat adds variation and another layer of resistance into the exercise, making it a great addition to most home workouts.

3) The Bodyweight Lunge

The bodyweight lunge is a lunge but using only your bodyweight.

It is a simple but effective legs exercise which you can add to your home workout routines.


Can you train at home and still get the same benefits as training in a gym?

The answer is yes, but with some limitations.

Training at home can offer several advantages over training at a gym, but there are also disadvantages to home workouts.

The advantages of home workouts are as follows:

  • Not feel pressured in front of other people.
  • You can go at your own pace.

The disadvantages of home workouts are:

  • You can be more easily distracted.
  • Less variety in exercises.
  • Less resistance due to using bodyweight exercises.

Also, if you want extra resistance, you can use:

  • Dumbbell
  • Barbells
  • Water Jugs
  • Resistance Bands
  • Weighted Backpacks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is workout at home Effective?

Ans: Yes, to put it succinctly. If you’re willing to put in a little time and effort, a home workout can be just as good as going to the gym. Others, on the other hand, find the idea of going to the gym intimidating and prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home.

Q. Should I do cardio or weights first?

Ans: Since cardio depletes your energy supply for strength training and fatigues your muscles after your most strenuous workout, the majority of fitness experts recommend doing cardio after weight training.

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