7 Superb Benefits of Working Out With People

superb benefits of working out with people

Working out with a motivational pack can significantly up your fitness game. A study revealed that 95% of people who worked out with friends end up completing a weight-loss program successfully. Quite a boost, right? If you’re ready to up your fitness game and you’re looking for leverage, working out with a group may just be the solution for you.

To make things clearer for you, we talked to fitness experts and asked them to enlist the main benefits of working out with a group. They are as follows:

Strengthens your commitment

How committed are you to your fitness goal?

Did you find it hard to answer the question? If you find it hard to answer the question, then you need to up your level of commitment. The best way to do this is by working with a group. Working with a group will allow you to be more consistent. The more consistent you are, the more committed you would be. And higher your level of commitment, the higher your chances of achieving your fitness goals! 

People show up and do their work when they know that other people are watching them. 

People also don’t tend to quit when surrounded by positive peer pressure. If you’re having a hard time committing to a fitness routine, please do consider working out with a group. 

Internal Motivation

Working with a group will unleash the fire in you to push yourself harder. It’s the most natural consequence of being part of a group dynamic. This is because no one wants to be the weakest link when one is part of a group dynamic. Hence, a group member would strive to excel and put an extra effort into everything. 

This phenomenon was revealed in a study published by the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. The study showed that participants who did planks with a partner performed better than those who did planks on their own. Another study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine even revealed that working out with someone or a team results in improved performance and doubled workout time.

Unleashes the competitive energy in you

A healthy level of competitive energy is always good. And you’d have it if you’d work out with a group. Positive competitiveness will motivate you to work out longer and push yourself harder. Working out with a group will allow you to see what others are capable of, you will easily be inspired and motivated to do the same, if not better. A study by Kansas State University proved this when it revealed that people who exercise with a group workout 200% more long and intense when they perceive that someone is performing better than them. If you’re looking to work out with a group or a partner, you should check out Sculpt and Flow Fitness. They offer numerous workout packages that will allow you to work out with your group of friends while being guided by a coach. You could also avail of one-on-one training with a personal coach. 

Double the endorphins

You will also end up getting happier if you’d work out with a group. People release double the amount of endorphin when they work out with others because they also get to socialize with others. Working with a group will have you smiling, socializing, and relating to others. The sense of community will boost your mood and well-being. So much so that your body will release double the number of endorphins compared to when you’re simply working out on your own. 

Workout diversification

Working out with others will also allow you to explore more kinds of workouts. A partner of any member of your workout group can easily be your spotter at any given time. With one, you’d be able to do advanced and complex routines without having to wonder if you’re doing everything correctly. Working out with a group will allow you to easily have partner-assisted pull-ups and medicine ball toss sit-ups anytime. 

Working Diversification

Solid Support

You will have your own set of cheerleaders if you’d work out with a group. Your workout partner or group members will be able to encourage you every step of the way. People who are new to working out with a group find themselves pleasantly surprised at how much they can actually do simply because they have people around them who encourage them and cheer for them. Working out with a group creates a strong bond and sense of community because there is something special about struggling, grinding, fighting, and sweating together towards a goal. The sense of camaraderie in a group workout dynamic is superb. So much so that apart from support, your workout group will also make you more accountable and committed to your goals.

External Motivation

External motivation is important when you have days when you feel like your internal motivation is not enough. Working out with a group provides a sense of community that offers solid external motivation. Words of encouragement from others will keep you committed and on track. Cheers of support from your workout group will keep you boosted and energized. You will always feel inspired because you’d always be surrounded by people who are also working on the same fitness goal. You won’t feel alone and isolated because each and everyone in your group fully understands everything that you’re going through.

Group Workout During the Pandemic

Working out with a group is still possible during the pandemic. You can opt to work out together online. Working outdoors with a group is ideal. You can also create a social bubble to ensure everyone’s safety.