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Stephanie Ferland is an ex-gym trainer whose goal is to help people to achieve their desired fit body by doing effective exercises. She is also the founder of FitGirl Nation and a corporate wellness expert who’s crafted some of the world’s most popular workouts. With just nine and a half years of experience as a professional fitness trainer, Stephanie is often called a “Fit Celebrity.” Meet Stephanie and find out the 3 reasons why she never misses a workout!

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does sweat belts work on your abs
Do Sweat Belts Work? – The Truth About Sweat Belts!

Lets familiarize ourselves with the various types of these belts that are available in the market. There are also a few belts that you can use in which you can change the speed of vibration.

best yoga mat for hardwood floors
Best Yoga Mat for Hardwood Floors

The best yoga mat for hardwood floors will make your home workout routine much more comfortable, whether you perform yoga in your living room or bedroom. Learn more here.

best mini stepper machine exercise
Best Mini Stepper Machine For Home

there are a ton of workout equipment that are available that you can use in order to get a proper workout within the comfort of your own home.

best yoga mats for barre fitness
Best Yoga Mats for Barre Fitness in 2023

One thing that you will most definitely need is a yoga mat that lends proper support and is comfortable to use for long periods of time. In this article, we are going to look at just that, the best yoga mat for Barre Fitness in the market.

best jade yoga mat
Best Jade Yoga Mats Review in 2023

If you are into yoga sessions, then yoga mats are really important for you to perform your yoga activities properly. And the mat needs to be of great quality so that you can smoothly carry on with your yoga without hurting your joints or other body parts.

best yoga mat for back pain
5 Best Yoga Mat For Back Pain in 2023

There are best yoga mats on the market that are perfectly suitable for people with back pain.

red light therapy for sagging skin
Does Red Light Therapy Tighten loose Skin? Let’s Find Out

Does red light therapy for skin tightening sound strange to you? Do you think that is a scam? Well, if this is the case then you are absolutely wrong.

fitness tracker for diabetics
Best Fitness Tracker for Diabetes in 2023

Are you suffering from high blood sugar levels? You can control and track It with these best fitness tracker for diabetics. Read to know more!

what does stepper machine do
What Does Stepper Machine Do : Your Best Workout Machine

The stepper machine, also known as a stepper, is a type of workout machine that simulates climbing stairs. They allow you to remain stationary while exerting energy and keeping fit.

how to exercise with a weight ball
How to Exercise With a Weight Ball : The Ultimate Guideline

An exercise ball helps with improving your body balance by working on the muscles in your body that supports and stabilizes your movements.