Stephanie Ferland

Stephanie Ferland is an ex-gym trainer whose goal is to help people to achieve their desired fit body by doing effective exercises. She is also the founder of FitGirl Nation and a corporate wellness expert who’s crafted some of the world’s most popular workouts. With just nine and a half years of experience as a professional fitness trainer, Stephanie is often called a “Fit Celebrity.” Meet Stephanie and find out the 3 reasons why she never misses a workout!

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How Technology is Making Fitness Easier and More Efficient

Fitness Industry is immutable to the evolution of technology. Fitness is much easier and more efficient with collaboration.

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5 Best Fitness Tracker for Seniors in 2023

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Top 5 Best Fitness Tracker for Poor Eyesight

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How to Charge Fitbit without a Charger: Some Surprising Hacks!

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Premier Protein Shakes Reviews in 2023

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Tips for Moving Home Gym Equipment: Safe and Effective Ways

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