Melissa Weimer

Melissa Weimer is a nutrition expert who has helped thousands of people to create a healthy diet for weight loss and to maintain a good health. Weimer is the author of “Your Body’s Role in Weight Loss,” a healthy lifestyle book that you can use as a template to lose weight.

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increase high-intensity workout
How to Slowly Increase the Intensity of Your Workouts Over Time

If you’re starting a new workout routine, gradually increase the intensity to avoid injury and stay healthy. Find out how to slowly increase the intensity of your workouts over time.

BARBELL Clamps for Weightlifting
Top Reasons to Use Barbell Clamps When You’re Powerlifting

Barbell clamps are essential for weightlifting, and they are necessary for safety. They are easy to use and prevent injuries. Lets find out how.

chocoalate protein shake ingredients
What Are the Ideal Protein Shake Ingredients for Weight Loss?

The Ideal Protein Chocolate Shake is used as a supplement that can help you a…

Does Protein Shake Make You Taller – True or Myth?

Food cannot make a person grow taller once they have achieved their full potential height. Nutrition, on the other hand, can aid in early growth and development.

how often should you run on a treadmill
How Often Should You Run on a Treadmill

Treadmills are an extremely effective device for performing cardiovascular exercises. Read on to know how often should you run on a treadmill.

is core power protein shake healthy
Is Core Power Protein Shake Healthy? Here is Your Answer!

Protein shake can boost metabolism, reduce hunger, and keep you satisfied for longer. So, the question is – Is Core Power Protein Shake Healthy? Let’s find it out!

exercise mat to reduce noise
5 Best Exercise Mat To Reduce Noise in 2023

If you want to exercise at your home without making any noise on the floor, and not disturb your family members while they are sleeping or busy with other tasks, then using a noise-reducing exercise mat is the perfect solution for you.

Barre fitness
What is Barre Fitness : Complete Guide

Barre has been on the rise in the health and fitness industry for quite some…